Shannon: Door 3, Chapter 3

Shannon levels up logic for a whim and then wants to research on a computer at a library, which I didn’t read very well – so she is researching vampires at home.

Now Shannon is doing her research at the library.  She decides to research parenting, just in case she gets the opportunity to be a parent this time around.

Shannon steals the lamp from the library successfully making that her biggest steal so far.

Back home Caleb comes by and they play chess for awhile.  Not long enough to do anything significant with her logic skill, but for one game actually.  I forget that when they play a game it is just a game and not unending play.

They sat and talked for hours after they finished their game, until Shannon was hungry and tired and Caleb decided to go home.  They never rolled a whim to do anything else.

Shannon went somewhere and when she came home, she met Mara outside.  She gave her a sippy cup of milk and then went to pay the bills and something else.  I totally spaced out and forgot what she did because I am still watching The Crown (season 2).

Shannon makes it through another day of work in the astronaut career, barely making it home but not making it to bed.

The next day she is feeling sick but isn’t sick enough to have a rash or anything specific.

Liberty calls and invites her over again, this time she has the last name of Dreamer and she is living in San Myshuno.

She is wondering where Isaac is and then she notices the two shadows on the floor…  Isaac is a child now and he must be at school.

She also finds Liberty’s new baby in the bedroom, Latisha Kim.

She has the whim to level up mischief and a few mischief actions with Liberty takes care of that wish.

As before, Shannon hangs out at Liberty’s house until it is time to go to work.  Liberty goes to work earlier than Shannon so she left first.

Shannon is now level 5, Low-Orbit Specialist.  She hasn’t changed jobs yet for two reasons – she still needs 5 skills at level 5, and she hasn’t rolled a whim to change jobs.

Harvestfest comes and Shannon begins with a whim to make grilled chicken.  She does so without a fire.

Then she makes the gnomes happy – three gnomes for just her, and she gets them all on the first attempt.  They drop seed packs all day and then they stop with the holiday ends.

She continues to bond with the bees and just about maxes out her friendship bar with them before she has to go to work again.

Shannon comes home for the first time feeling trapped.  It isn’t a whim to change jobs, but it is the suggestion that maybe it is time to find a new job.  She needs one more skill to have 5 at 5 so this is close enough and she takes her second job in the Tech Guru career.  She is now a Live Chat Support Agent, level 1.

After changing jobs, she stops Dominic on the street and strikes up a conversation.  Poor Dominic looks like he really wants to get away.

This time around, Shannon has been making repairs when they are noticed because she has been working on skills, so her items haven’t stayed broken for very long.  If she completes her aspiration, she will need to have six skills at level 8.  She does roll whims to level skills regularly so she is randomly skilling based upon whatever her whim is today.

She has maxed out her relationship with the bees – the only relationship she has maxed out.  She collects a swarm and then sends them out to see what they will collect.

They bring her back a present – Ol’ Gabby, one of the MySims trophies that she sells for §25.

Then she grabs something to eat and pops her first “feeling smothered”.  She has literally not seen Caleb since he became her boyfriend, but she is feeling smothered.  She doesn’t have a whim to break up or to see anyone else and it isn’t required for her aspiration, so she will take no action at this time.  It is also 2 am so he won’t come over anyway, at the moment.

She is throwing up all kinds of cooking whims this time around.  Her kids from her first life sure would have appreciated this.

Brawl Day sneaked up on Shannon and she tried her best.  Three fights with Moira didn’t give her a gold holiday.

They called it a draw and everyone went home.  Whatever.

Shannon spends the night playing computer games before sleeping the morning away.  Sounds like my son.

Then she has the whim to be funny to someone and Nancy happens to be walking by so she is the unlucky target.

Then she heads inside to clean up the dirty dishes she keeps stealing from work.

Shannon wished to meet someone new and then she wished for a sauna.  She gets the sauna, but I am paying attention this time and I don’t send her to use it, I just add it to the house.

Liberty invites herself over so that she can take out the trash.

Then she plays on Shannon’s computer for awhile.  After Shannon goes to bed, Liberty leaves.

Shannon’s next whim is to read about vampires, so she buys the first book and begins reading about vampire lore.

Seriously?  Geez, Shannon.

Shannon heads right on over to see Caleb because he isn’t coming to her in the middle of the day, and this is one of the best whims she has rolled.  Probably not the one I really wanted to see, but this is Shannon’s life.

Caleb is agreeable and he doesn’t waste any time in beginning the process.

Shannon shares the blood and begins her transformation.


The next whim she rolls is to get married to Caleb.  She is rolling the big whims now.  This one is pinned since their relationship isn’t quite high enough yet.  And she still is feeling smothered,

Well that escalated quickly.  When I said before that their relationship built quickly, it wasn’t an exaggeration.

He said yes on the first proposal.

Well, no time like the present – they have a quickie wedding and elope right there in Caleb’s living room.  And then Caleb sells everything he owns and moves in with Shannon.

Caleb joins the household with several perks already – Command, Vampire Creation (obviously), Supernatural Speed, and Perfect Sun Resistance (he won’t burst into flames).  He also has Guilty Drinker.  His traits are Foodie, Materialistic, and Ambitious, and he has the Good Vampire aspiration.  He doesn’t have a career yet, but it will probably be Culinary since he is rolling food related whims already.  But we’ll wait to see if he rolls a whim first.

By the time Caleb wakes up I changed my mind again.  He needs to be busy and not staying home all day (Ambitious), so he calls and takes a job in the Culinary career.  He also spends the rest of the power points he had accumulated before joining the family and picked up the mist and bat forms, tamed thirst, garlic immunity, detect personality, and eternally welcome.  I missed that he also had the fitful sleep weakness when he moved in.  He had to take another two weaknesses, so he took nightmarish sleep and can only sleep in coffins.  Since he will generally never sleep, this seems a fair trade-off.

The house gets a little bit of an expansion when Caleb moves in but mostly just making the kitchen and living area larger and upgrading in the bathroom.  She finally has a tub that will allow her to take a mud bath and a bath with soaks.  They also have a bar now.

Shannon is cold but I am waiting to put in their thermostat because I don’t think she will be aware of the temperature changes once she becomes a vampire.

Shannon keeps trying to socialize with Caleb but every time she does she is hit with wave of discomfort as the transformation process progresses.

They both want to star gaze, so they star gaze.

Caleb works on his aspiration while Shannon is at work.  He reads the books on vampire lore.

And reads some more.

Then he goes for a jog and takes his umbrella even though he is immune to the rays of the sun.  That reminds me to make add an umbrella stand to the house and make sure Shannon has an umbrella selected also.

Then he does a dance workout, and makes me laugh.

Shannon’s time has come.

Not too bad, but she is definitely getting a makeover.  And the transformation came 13 minutes before the day of her adult birthday.  She will remain a young adult, but just barely.

Scoring: Nope


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