Shannon: Door 3, Chapter 4

Shannon has taken steps to ensure that she will not die of old age and will always retain her youth.  Now she is guaranteed to live forever, or until some unfortunate accident takes her out.

Shannon and Caleb are flirting around with the flirting.  Caleb wants to flirt and then kiss Shannon, and then he wants to buy a wash tub.  Instead of the wash tub, they get the washer and dryer and three laundry baskets.  If they are going to do laundry, they are going to do laundry.

Then he wants a hot tub.  Caleb did come with the materialistic trait, and it shows.  He also brought the simoleons to back it up.

They also have a new basement where they can retreat when they need to get away.

Oh yeah, he also wanted the climbing wall.

Winterfest has come, and this would have been Shannon’s birthday, but now it is just Winterfest.  They get a permanent Winterfest display, because who has time to decorate and undecorate and redecorate every year.

Vlad comes calling on Shannon and then realizes she is no longer a valid target and he leaves.

Shannon and Caleb are still adjusting to living together.  They are working on their own whims and haven’t started working on things they can do together.  Yet.  He is watching cooking shows on TV while she works on her logic skill.

Just reminding Shannon and Caleb that Shannon is still flammable, so get out of the sun.

They finally rolled the whim to woohoo.  They are not trying for baby but risky is turned on so the dice have been rolled.

After the woohoo, Shannon is finally in a flirty mood and begins to paint flirty paintings.  She painted two before the mood wore off, then she just painted.  Her whim was to level painting so she completed four paintings total.

When Caleb wakes up, he watches her paint while he drinks his plasma.  This is a household of good vampires so they won’t be feeding on others.

Caleb wanted the washer and dryer so it seems only fitting that he has the whim to do laundry.

While Caleb already has a gold holiday, Shannon is still working on hers.  She doesn’t want to have to cook a grand feast so she is trying to do enough of the other traditions to get gold without it.  Caleb likes the earphones that she gives him.

Getting back to what started this storyline – Shannon is still working on her 5/5 skills.  Vampire Lore is still at level 4 and she needs to continue leveling it now.  Once it gets to level 5, then her next step is to get her second career to level 3, and she is currently level 2, Quality Assurance.

The draw of the coffee pot is strong.  The instant it was placed, Caleb was there to make coffee.

Shannon heads out to check on her bees – they extend the roof line to cover the bees so she is protected as long as she doesn’t wander away from the bees.  They are dormant and irritated.

Very irritated.

Father Winter shows up in the evening and brings more presents.

Shannon asks for a present and finally gets a gold holiday.

Father Winter has a present for Caleb also.

Then they stand around and socialize.  Surprisingly it wasn’t awkward, although it could have been, because Caleb and Shannon would be flirting, and then Father Winter would be jolly.  Then they would all laugh.

Caleb is also drawn to the laundry.  Shannon follows him for a kiss (and Father Winter followed to watch before finally leaving).



They are both on the bat and right there with the extinguisher.  Lesson learned – incense can start a fire – don’t set it next to the computer.

After the fire, they both wanted to workout, so they spent time on the machines.  Caleb quit long before Shannon.

Shannon was on an endurance run and is really enjoying this life so far.

She realized that it will be time for work soon and her energy level is almost gone.  Since she has to go out into the sun, she needs to build up her strength to survive.  There is only so much I can do to help her, she will be responsible for getting herself into the house, or for rolling a whim so I can get her into the house when she comes home.  She hasn’t learned enough yet to develop a resistance to the sun.

Even though she comes home at 7 pm, and it is dark outside, she is still smoking and suffering.  But she gives me a whim that I can work with.

She wants to level up mixology so she is at the bar now trying to figure out how to mix drinks.

They are staring at the empty easel.  Just staring at it.

Shannon gathers her swarm and sends them to woo Caleb while he is taking a bath.

Then they both take a sauna.  They are playful from playing video games and then they have to go to work.  No one dies.

I wasn’t sure Shannon was going to survive coming home today as she showed burning in the sun all day while at work and her vampire energy was sucked away.  She had none left to use.  But with judicious use of pause and a search the “open umbrella” and she should be fairly safe now when outside as I believe she will use the umbrella whenever she goes outside.

Caleb is outside meeting new sims as he needs to have more friends if he hopes to complete his aspiration.  Currently he wants to make a friend and meet another vampire.

A random kiss here and there

They run into each other in the bedroom and sit to chat.  Shannon has the whim to tell a dirty joke.

One thing leads to another and now she has the whim for hot tub woohoo.  The whims to woohoo are randomly rolled, but they come up about once a day.

For some reason, the only way Shannon would get into the hot tub was to skinny dip.  Caleb was okay to just get in.  Once they were in the hot tub, then they were both up for the woohoo.

Shannon had the whim to increase her charisma, so she bought the Great Kisser trait because it really is the best way to build charisma.  Then she started kissing Caleb.  Caleb was happy to kiss her back.

Since she couldn’t kiss him back to back without it getting boring so she had to alternate other actions in between.

After completing the whim, she decided to be mischievous and shocked Caleb while shaking his hand.

Then Caleb rolled the whim to woohoo in the sauna.  They have now had the woohoo everywhere except in the coffin.

Shannon has had the whim to build a snowpal since winter began and they finally have snow.  It is the last day of winter, but they are getting to build a snowpal.

New Year’s Eve arrives and Shannon is ready to celebrate.

She works on programming while Caleb hangs out with her to chat.

When Shannon levels up programming she completes her resolution.

Next on her list of whims is to level painting and mischief.  As she heads to the easel, she dares Caleb to go streaking.

The one thing about a vampire that goes streaking, a vampire that can turn into a bat… they poof into and out of existence so they are not actually running around naked.



They almost missed the countdown, but they made it in time for midnight.

Caleb tries to help Shannon by applying a mite treatment to the bees however the bees aren’t that thrilled.

Then Caleb notices the climbing wall that he wanted, but has never used, is broken.

Shannon and Caleb celebrate the New Year, the first day of spring, with the news that they are going to have a baby.

Scoring: Nope


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