Shannon: Door 3, Chapter 5

Caleb has found the climbing wall.  For the five minutes it isn’t broken.  They need to figure out how to get it inside, but it requires taller walls than the house has currently.

Shannon is enjoying herself and dancing.

She wants to level handiness so it is time to begin upgrading bathroom items.

After handiness, she moves on to comedy.  She rolls a lot of whims for skills.

She heads out to repair the climbing wall again, but she doesn’t finish because it is still raining.

Instead she takes time to talk to Sergio and meet several other sims that are walking by.  Then she poofs off to bed.

Caleb is trying to make friends, and he calls Gavin over and adds him to the list of Yes.  Once Gavin is on the list, it is too late to call anyone else over so Caleb goes off to do other things.

Only a neat freak would attempt to mop up a puddle on natural ground.  Gavin.

Caleb really likes doing laundry.  He might be interesting in an ISBI.

Shannon is constantly trying to repair the climbing wall, in the rain.  This is dangerous.

Constantly repairing.  Very dangerous.  The only thing saving her at the moment, is the fact that she is pregnant.  I believe she is safe from accidental death, or at least some of them because she hasn’t be sizzling in the sun and even through she was shocked by the broken electronics in the rain she never received the dazed moodlet.

They finally build a tall room to house the climbing wall and then she still can’t get it repaired so they replace it with a new one.

Back inside the safe house, Shannon is now working on mischief by sending chain letters to the elderly and trolling the forums.

Caleb gives her some vampire training when she wakes up and she becomes a Minor Vampire. She picks up her first weakness, Guilty Drinker, along with Garlic Immunity.

Caleb comes home wiped out.  He messes with the bees and then heads to bed.

Shannon comes home and never mind – she is definitely feeling the heat even though she is pregnant.  Some days she does, some days she doesn’t.  Random, but unreliable.

After several hours of labor, Shannon gives birth to a son, Liam Vatore.

She moves him into the living room so he will be in the middle of all of the action and Caleb freaks out.

When Shannon comes home with a promotion to level 4, Ace Engineer, it is time for her to switch to her next career for her aspiration goals.  She started as an Astronaut and is now Tech Guru.  For her third career, she chooses… Criminal, and she starts at level 1 Tough Gal.  It has nighttime hours and that will hopefully keep her from bursting into flames when she comes home from work and just stands outside.

Liam would like someone’s attention, please.  Caleb is sleeping and Shannon is standing outside basking in the glory of her promotion and then her new career.

Shannon’s new job requires mischief actions, which she fulfills with some forum trolling.  That and the clean laundry makes her Very Playful.  She never gets hysterical though.  I was watching.

She has had the whim to woohoo with Caleb for awhile, but with risky a possibility she waited until Caleb also wanted to woohoo.  When they both had the whim, they had woohoo.  She will only take pregnancy tests if they are trying for a baby.

She rolls the whim to level charisma so she puts her Great Kisser trait to use and she kisses her way to charisma level 8.

Then she has the whim to woohoo again after all that kissing, so what the hell, why not.  Afterwards, they synchronize their vampire hands.

Shannon wakes Caleb up to let him know that she is going to have another baby.

Upstairs, it is time for Liam to become an independent toddler.  Hopefully his independence is helpful.

Liam stands there for awhile, waiting on inspiration to strike and a whim to form.  It takes awhile.

He decides to play outside on the playground but as he does he realizes he passed the TV and decides he would rather watch TV instead.

He heads back inside to watch TV but by the time he gets there, Caleb has turned it off and left the room.  Liam sits and looks at the TV for awhile.

Then he actually gets the whim to use the potty, just in time because he was starting to use his diaper.

Then he bounces over to the stuffed animal.

Caleb and Shannon are both cleaning up the bathroom because toddlers really do makes big messes.

Liam knows he made a mess and it makes him really sad.  He also hasn’t talked to anyone yet since he became a toddler.

Caleb makes grilled cheese sandwiches and just in time because Liam is hungry.

Shannon sits and talks with him while he is eating and that finally cheers him up.

She plays with him for awhile, but both she and Caleb has to go to work, so she reads him to sleep and then hires a nanny to watch him while they are gone.

The nanny stays close to Liam while he is sleeping.

But Liam doesn’t sleep through the night.  He wakes up when Shannon gets home and runs out to meet her.  She is so exhausted that she barely acknowledges he is there before she poofs downstairs to sleep.

The nanny hangs around though so Caleb and Shannon can sleep.  Liam has a list of things he wants to do – first he wants a story, then he wants to eat and he wants to play with the blocks.  There are lots of things to do.

Scoring: Nope


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