Shannon: Door 3, Chapter 6

I have decided that since Shannon is now immortal, this door will officially end when her first born (Liam) becomes a Young Adult.  If she doesn’t do something stupid and dies before that time.  When we left off, Shannon and Caleb had a toddler and another nooboo on the way.  They also still have the nanny, who Caleb dismisses once he is done with his plasma.

After getting rid of the nanny, Caleb plays with Liam while I figure out what I can and can’t do in this challenge.

Caleb changed Liam’s diaper against Liam’s wishes, but stinky boy needed to be changed.

Okay, a rules refresher.  This challenge is predicated on following Shannon’s wishes and fulfilling whims.  While it is not ISBI – everyone can be controlled – direction is kept to a minimum and should be fulfill a whim, aspiration, or career.  Caleb obliged with a cute picture as he had the whim to hug Liam.

Shannon pops in to check on the boys and she is upset about something that is dirty.  I see nothing.

While Shannon and Caleb flitter off to do “something fun”, Liam is left to fend for himself for breakfast.  That isn’t a problem, because Liam in Independent.

After eating he begins talking to the nanny.  The nanny is not here.  But, he is clearly speaking with the nanny according to his queue.  His next action is something to do with the toilet.

{checked options to make sure seasons are set correctly – 7 days for this challenge – they are}

Caleb wants to talk to Liam about the day, so he heads into the bathroom to find the boy.

He scolds Liam for playing in the toilet, and that makes Liam sad.

But only for a minute.

Then, they have a full conversation standing in the bathroom next to the toilet.

Shannon comes in to take Liam to the other room.  She has the whim to tell him a story, and that seems like the best time as any to get them out of the bathroom.

She puts him on the couch and then tells him a story.  Caleb stood in the bathroom, is still standing in the bathroom, waiting to check on Liam.

{takes a moment to look at careers: Shannon is level 1 Criminal and Caleb is level 3 Culinary}

Liam wants to watch TV and he wants to eat, but Shannon just keeps on talking to him.  Caleb finally was sent to the bar to work on mixology for his career.

Putting some food out for Liam, Shannon leaves him in peace and goes to chat with Caleb.

Caleb has been waiting to flash crazy eyes at someone – I missed the picture, but Shannon thinks he is so funny.

Liam wants to be part of the conversation, but he is also still watching TV.  He finds a spot where he can babble in on their conversation, and still watch TV.

Shannon finds time to repair the coffee pot, even though the vampires should not be drinking coffee.

Then she cleans the house and takes out the trash.

She just stands there until she is literally about to burst into flames before heading back into the house.  I do wonder if her pregnancy will prevent her death.  And I was watching her, thinking… I don’t have enough pictures for her to die yet…

Liam is tired and he goes inside to take a nap.

When he wakes up, he is angry because he is still tired.  Shannon checks on him but before she can put him to bed, she leaves for work.

Caleb has already left, which means they need a nanny for Liam.

Apparently the nanny is still here, because Liam goes to hit him.  This is where he stopped and hit the invisible nanny.  Additionally, when Shannon and Caleb left, it never asked to hire a nanny, so there is really an invisible nanny, or something going on.  {glitches?}  Liam also has the option to ask for a bedtime story, so this ought to be interesting…

But first there is a temper tantrum.

And then because Liam asked for a bedtime story, he was waiting for the invisible nanny to take him to bed.  And he just disappeared.  When his portrait is clicked, it takes me to here…  He does not show being at daycare and he is no longer at the house.

When I changed his action from being read to sleep to going to bed on his own, he popped back into the house next to his bed.

So, I had to try again – read to sleep and he disappeared.  Go to bed, he popped back into the house.  Embedded in the wall.  WTF?

Finally, he has had enough and he puts himself to bed.  There still aren’t any adults on the premises.

As I am trying to continue this challenge, and this save, I resetsim Bernardo (the nanny).  Then I use MCCC to summon him.  Neither seems to work, except that someone finally noticed that Liam is home alone, and they are sending over … Bernardo.  Who is still invisible.

Caleb comes home with a promotion – he is now an official Mixologist.  He celebrates with a glass of nectar.

Then he calls and cancels the nanny service, which is sending invisible nannies.

The invisible nanny collects his pay and leaves.  Although if he doesn’t leave, who would know.

Shannon comes home and checks on the bees and then she joins Caleb in their coffins to get some sleep.  The invisible nanny must be gone because they are able to speed 3 through the night once again.  She also earned a promotion to Petty Thief, level 2.

{sigh} Caleb was trying to give him food and drink, because he rolled a whim to do so.  Shannon swoops in and they begin the high chair hot potato.

Caleb asked him something, no clue what, and Liam had a defiant response.  Caleb’s whim to give him a drink has gone away.

Just for shits and giggles, Shannon takes him out of the high chair to yell at him.  This situation is falling apart quickly.

Caleb has a whim to kiss Shannon, so they do that to distract themselves from the toddler.  Liam watches for a minute and then takes the bowl of peas and sits down to eat them.

There there is a diaper change.  Someone needs to potty train this boy.

I had to do another video, because this is the first time I have watched a toddler play in the ball pit for more than a minute.  Liam is really having a lot of fun, and he plans on staying out here forever.

Liam is using the potty but it wasn’t his idea.  Since he is Independent, he can choose to go by himself.  But a command was sneaked into his queue to use the potty before he went to bed.

Caleb was on hand to read him to sleep, another command that was sneaked in.

It is New Skill Day, so Caleb satisfied the tradition with another level in mixology.  Shannon was trying to level logic for her aspiration, but it didn’t count.  What did count was using mischief against Caleb.

The invisible nanny came by to visit Caleb.  Hopefully he had a good explanation for his invisibility the other day.

Caleb invites him in and makes him a drink.  It looks like Shannon has her own opinion about the matter.

Another glitch maybe – Shannon has had this sizzling epidermis constantly – even though she is currently standing in the basement.  She even has when she is in the coffin.  Maybe the glitches will go away once the game is reloaded.

Liam wakes up starving.  But, he isn’t throwing a fit.  That can only mean one thing.

He is waiting until he finishes pooping his diaper to let someone know he is hungry.

Liam is sent to master the potty.  It is not their whim, it is mine.

Shannon is in labor but still trying to deal with the bathroom.  Between contractions she cleans the floor where Liam is pissing on it.

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It is time for the nooboo to be born.  Caleb is just about to panic.

Shannon gives birth to a daughter, they name Erin.

Liam hasn’t mastered the potty, but he needs a break.  He has pissed on the floor so many times, that maybe he can work on that some more later.

As he is heading either outside or to watch TV, he notices something different.  He checks out his new sister, and he is happy.

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