Shannon: Door 3, Chapter 7

I decided that this challenge will end when Liam becomes a young adult, which is an arbitrary choice.  But there isn’t a lot for them to do, and they really are boring.  But Liam is so cute.  He is listening to Shannon tell him a story.

Caleb enjoys spending time on the climbing wall.

Shannon can’t remember how to take care of a baby – Erin needs a diaper change and Shannon did everything but.

For some reason, there are a lot of glitches in this household now.

Shannon and Caleb get frisky – autonomous risky woohoo.

Liam had several whims to play so they were all queued up.  By the time he finishes his queue he is starving and despite food sitting out, he throws a fit.

Then he passes out.  Caleb and Shannon have both been trying to feed him in the high chair but neither would allow him to stay in the high chair long enough to actually eat.

Erin is still an infant.  The nanny is invisible and every time he picks up Erin, she becomes invisible also.

Shannon is exhausted and completely out of vampire energy.

The family is left to run wild and I just following behind and take pictures.

The nanny is still invisible, so it is time to fix that because Liam looks like he is talking to the dishwasher.

Reloading the house brings the nanny back into focus.

That just pisses Liam off and he throws a tantrum.

Shannon is spending the day outside, which doesn’t kill her because there are clouds out and about.

Liam loves to play and he can normally find someone to play with him.

He is all over the house, and all over the yard outside.

He even takes himself to the potty and has mastered both the potty and imagination.

The nanny broke they dishwasher and then stood there to complain.  He hasn’t left, and just hangs around helping and bitching.

Shannon earns a promotion to Ringleader, level 3.  And I am done.  Without something to work towards, I am struggling to stay invested in them.  So, Shannon’s door 3 is officially over.






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