Sharber Legacy, Chapter 1

Getting Started

As I was piddling around today, I read through the rules for the Sharebear Legacy for the first time.  This is a legacy collaboration over at Carl’s where everyone starts with the same founder and occasionally add the same sims to their legacy gene pools later on.  Basic rules follow Pinstar’s Legacy rules with the only exceptions being the shared founder and shared spouses for four of the generations (gen 3, 4, 6, and 8).  The challenge ends with the birth of the tenth generation.

Succession Laws

Gender Law – Equality

The Founder may be of either gender. Both boys and girls are eligible for the title of heir.

Bloodline Law – Strict Traditional

To be eligible to be named heir, a child must be naturally born from their previous-generation parents and be able to trace an unbroken bloodline back to the founder. Adopted children may never be named heir.

Heir Law – Democracy

This rule may be used if you are displaying your Legacy Challenge in some public way. Either via Let’s Play, Livestream, blog or other format where people can leave comment. The heir is chosen by your viewers/readers from among the pool of eligible heirs.

Species Law – Tolerant

The species of the child has no impact on their eligibility for heir status.

Game Options

  • Get Famous – Sims begin opted out of Fame
  • Seasons – Season length is 7 days and all weather options are turned on
  • Gameplay – Normal lifespan

Founder: Scarlet Sharber

Scarlet comes with the traits of Loves Outdoors, Genius, and Family-Oriented.  Her aspiration is The Curator.

Scarlet moves into the largest lot in Newcrest.  While the legacy rules state to use the largest lots – 50×50 or 64×64, I prefer the 50×40 lot in Newcrest.  Once Scarlet moves in, she adjusts her funds down to §1,800.  The rules have been adjusted so that it is no longer necessary to purchase the octagon knight suit of armor. Scarlet is using the Regular start and she is starting in Spring.

Scarlet looks around at her very empty lot. She needs stuff.

Then she checks her bank balance. She needs simoleons.

She makes arrangements to head off to Selvadorada, renting a small cabin. It is the cheapest one she can find, so she will be able to stay for more than one day. She is going to be collecting as much as possible in the short time she will be here. Her aspiration is The Curator, so collecting is going to be her life and she might as well start off in the jungle.

Scarlet heads into the marketplace to hopefully pick up some supplies for her time in the jungle. While waiting on someone to show up with more machetes, she takes the time to meet several of the vendors.

After meeting all of the males in the marketplace, Scarlet decides it is time to head into the jungle. She was only able to pick up one machete and just a couple of items for protection against hazards.

Scarlet begins at the trailhead and is able to clear the first obstruction without losing the machete. Once she gets through she comes across another explorer and helps her to recover her bag. As a reward, she receives an unauthenticated skull.

Scarlet isn’t as lucky on her next attempt with the machete, losing it as it goes flying through the jungle. Then she runs into a jaguar that is stalking something at the edge of a lake. She stands quietly and watches the cat. It turns out the jaguar is scared off from the lake by some bats, leaving behind a Tambaqui fish for Scarlet. She finds a chest that has some items in it – another skull, the top of a totem relic, and some fire foam.

After clearing out the treasure chest, she notices a place in the ground that looks like it contains more goodies. So, she spends the rest of the day excavating in the area.

One thing about being in the jungle – bathrooms are not necessary. Scarlet takes a break from excavating to deal with her own personal nature. Then she heads off to find more places to excavate.

That is one huge spider. I would be seriously freaking out.

Scarlet has a can of spider repellent in her bag and she quickly sprays the spider. She finishes clearing out the artifacts that she can find, and then heads back to the marketplace. She needs to get another machete, or three.

Back in the marketplace, Scarlet uses the community table to uncover the artifacts that she brought back. She is hoping that one of the vendors will show up with machetes sooner than later.

A vendor finally shows up along a resident from the area. She spends time getting to know José and learning about the Selvadordian culture.

Once she has enough knowledge of their culture, she is able to ask for some extra machetes. They are not cheap, so she needs to have a good run through the jungle to make back the simoleons that she spent. At the same time, she now has five machetes, so she should be able to make it through the jungle to the temple without losing them all.

Scarlet thinks she would like to get to know José better, so they sit and talk for awhile. She will have to invite him back to Newcrest after she heads home.

She is ready to head back out into the jungle – but no, she isn’t. She grabs a bite to eat and then heads to the cabin to get some sleep.

Scarlet extends her vacation by another day. She heads to the marketplace to pick up a few more items from the vendors, and then heads back into the jungle. This time she skips the excavation sites and heads for the temple with a single-minded focus. She doesn’t have enough simoleons to stay another night, so she has to get to the temple quickly.

During the journey to the temple she picks up a few more items – including a valuable calendar plate and a gold perereca, which is a species of frog.

She also loses four of the machetes. She has two remaining when she gets to the temple. Now she has her fingers crossed she can get past the temple defenses without getting poisoned.

And she is running out of time.

Scarlet begins working on the traps, trying to figure out how to get past each one.

Some she gets right, and some she really doesn’t.

Scarlet runs out of time, and reluctantly extends her vacation another day. She must complete the temple before she heads home. She had picked up some simoleons in one of the chests so she can afford to stay another night.

Scarlet finds the ultimate treasure of the temple – another valuable perereca and a lot of simoleons. Scarlet is done and she decides to head home – back to her empty lot in Newcrest.

Scarlet gets home and she sets up a table so that she can sell what she collected. Then she buys a tent and crawls in to sleep. She will have the sale tomorrow.

Points: 1

  • Family: 1


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