Sharber Legacy, Chapter 2

Making Money

After starting the legacy and playing through the first few days, I decided to go back and read the legacy rules.  It has been several years since I last played a legacy and there have been some changes. There are several items to note:


  • Aspirations cannot be changed until the first aspiration is completed.
  • The wishing well can only be used once per sim per lifetime.
  • Life extensions can only be used once per sim per lifetime.
  • Money tree is banned
  • Lottery is banned – I will probably let them play and if they win then they will have to forfeit the simoleons, or something.
  • Spouses are not supposed to bring in money, but I will probably let them bring up to §20,000 and will forfeit anything over.

Mods and Custom Content

  • I rarely use custom content, but never say never.
  • I do not use cheats for moods or money or to make things easier.
  • I do use a few mods designed to increase my enjoyment.


Yeah, I am not listing out the scoring possibilities. They can be found on the Sims Legacy Challenge website … Legacy Rules Scoring

  • 100 points can be earned in The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge.
  • +1 if using a handicap (Extreme Start)
  • +2 if using Get Famous (Ultra Extreme Start)
  • +2 if using the Parenthood Pack
  • +3 if using the Seasons Pack

I am not starting with either handicap, but am playing with Parenthood and Seasons – so my max potential is 105 points.

Seasons and Holidays

Once Scarlet dies, two holidays will be created. The first one will be on the first day of Spring as that is when she started the challenge. The second one will be on the day that she died – season and day of the week.

  • Ancestors Day – will start with the Remembrance tradition
  • Sharbers Day – will start with the Go on a Vacation or Travel tradition

Now that is out of the way, it is time to check back on Scarlet. Last time, she had just arrived back home with her bounty from the jungle. She has a tent and a table for the yard sale, and it is time to get busy.

She marks up the items on the table and begins her yard sale. She has one sim come to check it out, and they talked for hours. Then she called a break to take care of her personal needs. She headed to the park next door to use the facilities,

When she gets back from the potty, and her tummy has something in it, she starts the yard sale back up. This time she gets more than one interested sim.

Finally, Geoffrey purchases the calendar plate. And, they all leave en masse, leaving her alone with the frogs.

Not to despair though, as a new group of sims show up. This time they all congregate around Scarlet to chat. She really would rather they buy something so that she can build her a house, with a shower.

Victor is the next to make a purchase and he takes the first frog.

One frog left, and a new batch of sims show up. Scarlet is hopeful that she will sell the last frog before the yard sale event ends.

Marcus swoops in and takes the last frog without a lot of thought. Scarlet is very happy because she has enough to build a little house now. The yard sale ends, everyone leaves, and Scarlet calls the contractor over to build the house.

This always takes so long, even though I don’t build myself. Eventually, Scarlet decided on a small house that had been uploaded by Luly_Guima. While the house was nicely decorated, Scarlet downloaded the empty version. Then she went to work on the renovations.

Scarlet can finally move into her new house.

It is a small, one-bedroom, one-bath with an open plan living, dining, and kitchen. She sets up her desk in the front corner of the main room.

She doesn’t have a lot of furniture for the bedroom, but what she does have is really cute.

The bathroom is fully equipped even if the shower is broken – there is a bug in game at the moment where showers are not doing their jobs. Thankfully, the tubs work just fine.

José shows up to see Scarlet, surprising her with his timing. He managed to know exactly when to show up – after she built a house and is no longer homeless.

Scarlet and José spend the afternoon getting to know each other better, but eventually he leaves and she heads to bed. She has had a busy few days.

After waking up, Scarlet gets cleaned up and eats breakfast. She is planning on calling José back over, but then she realizes it is the middle of the night. She is still adjusting to the time change from her jungle adventure. She also needs to decide on a career or life plan. Getting married is on the list, but it is not the only thing on the list.

Scarlet picks up a camera and begins taking pictures. Maybe she will be a photographer. She takes a crap load of pictures and masters the skill. She decides that she doesn’t want to be a photographer after all. But she takes a selfie of herself and sets it out on the bookcase.

Scarlet thinks hard, for a long time, trying to choose the lot traits. She picks Private Dwelling for the first one, then she adds Sunny Aspect for the second one. For the last trait, she thinks,

and thinks,

and thinks,

and she finally chooses Homey, but just until she figures out where she is headed with her life. Until she makes a decision, she works on the artifacts that she brought home from the jungle.

Scarlet uncovers the first of the artifacts and she can tell it is a vase. She is still killing time until it is morning, when she plans on inviting José over.

José rushes right over and they continue to get to know each other. Scarlet learns a lot about José, including his traits.

She goes in for their first kiss despite his traits.

She even proposes to José – no living in sin for this chick. He better accept…

And that is a Yes! They immediately elope standing there in the living room. No time like the present to get this party started.

So, they changed the Household Move and Split to allow it to happen in game instead of the Household Management screen being the only way. And, as part of this change, the screen to move in a sim has changed. Now it is possible to adjust the funds that are moving in with the new sim. For legacies the player now has control of the funds coming into the house, and makes it easy to prevent spouses from bringing in funds when they move in.

At the same time, when Scarlet and José got married, he did not move in automatically. After the wedding, Scarlet had to ask him to join the household.

Apparently, José is a scientist – Laboratory Leader – and he heads off to work. He will be changing jobs when he gets home. His aspiration is Freelance Botanist, so he will be changing to the Gardening career. His traits are Family-Oriented, Jealous, and Child of the Ocean. He also has a Bad Reputation, so he is going to be working on cleaning that up.

José comes home and changes jobs, then he has a bowl of salad before they head to bed to celebrate their new marriage.

Points: 5

  • Family: 1
  • Creative: 1
  • Fortune: 2
  • Love: 1


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