Sharber Legacy, Chapter 3

A House and A Baby

Scarlet and José get a good night’s sleep, and she wakes up knowing what it is that she wants to do with her life. Other than founding a legacy to span the generations.

Scarlet decides that she does want to become a photographer, freelance fashion of course. That way she can control her time and work when she wants to work.

Hire photo subjects, select the clothes, set the subjects in the appropriate poses, and capture the magic. Build a home photo studio, or take your camera and tripod on location to get the best shots. Don’t forget to self-promote by uploading your photos to Fashion Simstagram.

She joins up with the local agency that will be providing her with gigs to work, and she feels great about her choice since she has already mastered the photography skill. Now she is ready for all the best gigs.

Tomorrow’s Style – Tomorrow’s Style represents and gets you the fashion shoots you need. Sure, you might get stuck with a department store catalog, but work hard and you might shoot the next high fashion collection worn by celebrities at the Starlight Accolades.

Scarlet then builds her very own photography studio and fills it with all the nifty toys. She is excited about her venture and ready to begin taking photos.

José gets up and begins working on his new career as a Gardener. He is going to have to plant something so that he actually has a garden. He left a level 7 science career in order to better align with his lifetime aspiration, so it is a good thing that Scarlet still has a little money in the bank, leftover from her jungle adventure.

José wants to become a Botanist, so he has a plan. But every journey starts with the first step. He heads out to begin their garden. He briefly considers adding one of everything, but that is a lot of work. So, he makes a lists of the fruits and vegetables, herbs and flowers that he wants to include.

  • Strawberries (girls) -planted
  • Carrots (boys) -planted
  • Emotion Berries (all of them) -planted merry berries
  • Tulips (my favorite flower) -planted
  • Roses (my second favorite flower) -planted
  • Garlic (vampires) -planted
  • Catnip (cats, of course) -planted all four nips
  • Grafted plant #1: Basil + Sage = Parsley (planted basil and sage)
  • Grafted plant #2: Strawberry + Snapdragon = Dragonfruit (planted strawberry and snapdragon)
  • Grafted plant #3: Dragonfruit + Snapdragon = Cowplant Berry

While José works on setting up his garden, Scarlet is inside making breakfast. And my cat has just claimed the basket on my desk for himself. He keeps stepping on the Roku and turning on the voice commands.

Today is Love Day so there will be a date and some love action happening for the couple, as soon as they finish breakfast.

They didn’t need much encouragement and jump right into the flirting and making eyes at each other.

There is the obligatory exchange of gifts for Love Day. Based on how my stories usually go, this might be the only gifts they exchange. Ever.

Still working on Love Day, they start an at home date, and then MCCC autonomy kicks in and they head off to the bedroom to Try For A Baby. All I can say is they better get a good rating on this scored date.

And yes, it is a Gold Medal Date! That is good since they just jacked up my timetable.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Be happy. Enjoy while you can.

Even though Scarlet took casual pictures of herself and José when he moved in, once her photography studio is built she takes a larger photo of him and has him take a even bigger photo of her. She is the founder after all.

For the record, I have spent a lot of time actually decorating this house. It is almost like one of the Drifters.

Scarlet continues to work on uncovering the artifacts to clean out her inventory. She will eventually take a gig as a photographer, but first things first.

José enjoys some down time – he has completed everything for his next promotion so he gets to do his own thing. While it looks like his thing is dancing, he is actually distracting Scarlet.

Scarlet feels pretty bad and believes she is sick. She heads to the bathroom to take care of business.

Surprise, surprise – guess who is pregnant.

José is a little surprised. But not really surprised since they did the Woohoo trying to get pregnant.

Apparently I can’t have a post without some information shared about how I play the game. My MCCC settings are mostly default, but there are a few that I use. If it is not listed below, then I use the default setting.

Quality of Life Settings

  • Auto-Save: Set to every 24 sim hours.
  • Console Command:
    • Enable Full Edit CAS
    • Testing Cheats
  • Gameplay Settings: Pause on zone load.

Marriage, Pregnancy, & Woohoo Settings

  • Homeless Pregnancy & Marriages: Allowed
  • Pregnancy Percentage:
    • Teen 5%
    • Young Adult 30%
    • Adult 20%
  • Adoption Settings:
    • Opposite Sex 10%
    • Same Sex 50%
  • Marriage & Pregnancy Selection: Use Same Age Group Enabled
  • Risky Woohoo: 15%
  • Autonomous Woohoo & Try for Baby: Allowed

I am loving this house, but it is not built with a family in mind. Scarlet is going to have to figure out how to add a room for the new baby without having to get a new house. The new room will probably be built out back on the patio next to the bathroom. Hmmm…

José wakes up at an ungodly hour – actually it is the time I usually get up. The plants aren’t ready for him yet as it is before 5am, so he begins to read up on handiness. Someone is going to have to be responsible for repairs and upgrades, and José is the chosen one. While he is reading, his boss calls and offers him a promotion to Soil Sifter, level 2. He chooses to work from home today and continues reading.

The house has been updated and a new bedroom added for the new baby. While they are planning on a quiet day at home, they each have things to get done. Scarlet is still working on cleaning out her inventory – she brought a lot home that needs to be authenticated. She finished uncovering everything that was still covered in dirt and just has to finish up the remaining pieces. José finishes reading the handiness book and heads out into the garden to harvest and take care of the plants. Also, with the recent remodel, they swap out Homey for Good Schools.

At this point, I realize that José never had a makeover when he moved into the house. That is next on the list.

Scarlet is feeling strongly that this baby is going to be a girl.

The day begins, Sunday morning of the second week. José is ready for his next promotion and Scarlet has finally finished cleaning out her inventory.

José earns another promotion to Seed-Scatterer, level 3. He is splitting his time between gardening and upgrading around the house. It is also New Skill Day and he completes the holiday tradition when he levels Handiness.

Scarlet is almost done with her first aspiration, she just needs to complete a collection. The easiest one is to collect the plushies from the crackers. It costs her §900 to get all eight plushies.

The collection is complete and Scarlet has completed her first aspiration. She switches around a few times before finally settling down on Fabulously Wealthy. Then she takes her first gig as a photographer.

Scarlet takes the highest paying gig – over §6,000 – and she hires a model to come for the photo shoot. She gets Malcolm Landgraab. It is a good shoot and Scarlet gets a lot of good photos. She selects one to submit to her client and it is approved immediately.

José is supposed to be upgrading the toilet and tub, but he keeps slipping away to do non-productive things, like relax in the kiddie pool. He is sent back to the bathroom to finish adding the bidet to the toilet.

It is still early in the day, so Scarlet takes another gig. There aren’t any paying what she made on her first gig, but she does find one paying §2,600. This time she needs relaxed models wearing everyday outfits. Of which she didn’t get any pictures for this update. After her models left, while she is waiting on the approved photo to come back to her, she decides to work on her cooking skill.

José completes all of the upgrades in the bathroom. The toilet, tub, and sink – done and check.

Then he moves into the kitchen. There is nothing in either bedroom that needs to be upgraded. In the kitchen he upgrades the sink with all three upgrades and then heads to bed. He is at level 7 handiness so he will work on the stove and fridge tomorrow.

The mail finally comes and Scarlet picks up the approved photos from her first two gigs. She has to post one of them to Simstagram to complete the gig.

José completes the upgrade for both the stove and fridge.

Scarlet goes into labor and soon the family becomes three.

Baby Sofie Sharber – Scarlet feeds her and then puts her back to bed.

Points: 9

  • Family: 1
  • Creative: 1
  • Fortune: 2
  • Love: 1
  • Nature: 2
  • Food: 1
  • Deviance: 1


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