Sharber Legacy, Chapter 4

Toddler Spam

Scarlet hears Sofie crying and, damn it is too early to get up already. #wokeuplikethis

José continues his work upgrading the various objects in the house. He also got up too early. That is what happens with a baby in the house.

Scarlet does her best to make breakfast. Then she makes second breakfast. Then she makes elevenses. She reaches level 7 in cooking and decides that is enough cooking for now.

José heads outside to work in the garden. Rain or shine, the gardener makes his rounds… wait, that isn’t right.

Back inside, José finishes up all of the available upgrades and he is at Handiness level 8.

Scarlet is spending a quiet day getting to know Sofie. She was left to do what she chose, no work or skills and she chose to play with Sofie.

José finds one more item to upgrade. He still needs level 9 to finish the upgrades but he is going to be just short.

So, he builds a workshop on the other corner of the property and sets it up with a woodworking table, floral arranging table, and Scarlet’s archaeology table.

Scarlet is back in the kitchen working on her cooking skill. She makes luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner, and supper. Then to master cooking, she makes chicken stir fry. She has now mastered three skills – Photography, Selvadoradian Culture, and Cooking.

Toddler spam commences…

It is time for Sofie to become a toddler and she rolls Silly.

I am dying from the cuteness.

One thing about Newcrest is the extreme weather. Of course it has to be thundering as Sofie grows up which means she is scared and sad.

Since it is the middle of the night, Scarlet is trying to get Sofie to sleep in her new toddler bed. Sofie isn’t sure she wants to sleep alone tonight. The thunderstorm is really, really scary.

Since everyone is still awake, she gets a makeover and then Scarlet tries to get her to sleep. Again.

It takes several attempts but eventually Sofie gets under the covers and falls asleep.

José is up early so he gets the first shift potty training Sofie. Isn’t he the lucky one. The thunderstorm has stopped for the moment, so Sofie is in a much better mood.

José gets Sofie to sit on the potty twice, but she doesn’t get to the point where she can go by herself yet.

Sofie calls it quits on the potty training so that she can angrily eat a BLT sandwich. She is making me hungry, for french fries.

After filling her tummy, Sofie spends some quality time with the stuffed animal – a unicorn – and she masters her communication skill.

Serious cuteness overload here. I missed the toddlers while I was taking a break from playing sims. Look at the adorable face.

José needs to work on the garden, but first he puts Sofie down for a nap.

Outside, José is researching plants to improve his gardening skill while Scarlet is meeting with a style influencer for the gig she took. This is the §8,000 gig. José gets jealous while Scarlet is talking to Izzy, but he stays focused on his task.

Since she now knows Izzy Fabulous, Scarlet gets him to take a picture with her.

Despite being a hotshot photographer, in the picture she takes, Izzy is too low and out of the frame. Just the very top of his hat is showing in the lower corner of the photo.

Scarlet also convinces him to let her take some pictures in the studio. He is not sure he made the right choice but he allows her to take the picture. Maybe he wishes he could have changed clothes first.

Scarlet completes everything for the gig and makes a bonus on top of the §8,000 – she receives a total of §9,800. That was a nice little gig.

Back in the house, José has reached level 4 in gardening and Sofie has woken up from her nap. That means it is back to the potty so that she will be able to go by herself in the future.

Sofie is amazed at what is in the potty. She did that.

Scarlet is working on gourmet cooking now, and Sofie is waiting for something to be ready to eat.

Dinner is ready so Sofie and José grab a plate while Scarlet continues to make meals for the fridge.

José takes his first cutting and makes his first grafted plant. He has all three herbs on the same plant now – Sage, Parsley, and Basil.

Sofie is getting tired, but she is sent out to play on the slide for a little while in order to work on movement.

She can’t stay focused and keeps running over to the ball pit. She only gets to level 2 movement before she runs out of steam. I considered not giving her the full playground – with just the slide they tend to stay more focused. But she got the full playground so she will have to deal with the distractions.

Scarlet is done cooking for the day, so she heads out to get Sofie ready for bed. Despite the smile, Sofie is tired and angry.

Good night – everyone heads to bed. It is actually bedtime rather than the middle of the night when they usually get to bed. Maybe Sofie will sleep through the night.

José upgrades the sprinklers and then harvests the garden. Scarlet comes out to play in the sprinklers before heading up front to start a new gig.

After finishing his work for the day, José tests out the new yoga mat.

Then he remembers he is still working on upgrades around the house. As he is working on upgrades, he masters handiness.

Sofie had a good night of sleep, waking up mid morning. But she is starving and her diaper is poopy.

She starts with food first because her parents are busy.

She decided she wanted to go on a picnic, so she takes her plate of food outside to sit next to the playground. Once she is finished eating, she heads back inside to put the plate up.

Now, she gets her diaper changed. Then she parks her butt on the potty chair in a marathon potty training session. She will have the potty mastered today.

Sofie has mastered the potty and Scarlet comes in to check to see how she is doing.

Sofie spends the rest of the afternoon working on movement. She is sad because the slide scared her and because she had peed on the floor earlier. She reaches level 4 movement before she has to call it a day. She is starving and exhausted.

Sofie grabs a plate of rack of lamb that was sitting out on the table and she chows down. Then she stops at the potty on the way to bed.

Scarlet catches up with Sofie on her way to bed, so she reads her a story and tucks her in.

José decides to head off to work for the first time, rather than working from home. He is still at level 4 and is hoping that maybe his work performance will improve faster this way.

Scarlet and Sofie are home alone, but they are both going to have a full day working on skills. Scarlet is still working on gourmet cooking and baking. She masters gourmet cooking and then focuses on baking. She is tempted to buy a cupcake machine, but decides to wait until later. She would have to build another building for the machine and she isn’t ready for that yet.

Sofie starts out on the playground working on movement. It is raining again and she would rather run back inside, but that isn’t allowed.

Sofie has mastered movement and now she is allowed back in the house.

José comes home with a promotion to Plant Nerd, Botanist level 5.

Since Sofie is back in the house, playing with her toys, José offers to read her a story or two. Sofie likes that idea. A lot.

After reading her a few stories, it is time for bed. He reads her another story – one last story – and Sofie falls asleep. Okay, what really happens is there is another thunderstorm and Sofie keeps getting out of bed to run to the living room. José keeps chasing her down and putting her back to bed. He puts her to bed four times, before she actually stays in bed.

Finally, Sofie settles down and stays in bed to listen to the story.

After Sofie falls asleep, José and Scarlet sit at the table to talk while he eats. Scarlet has some news of her own – they are expecting another nooboo.

Points: 11

  • Family: 1
  • Creative: 1
  • Fortune: 2
  • Love: 1
  • Knowledge: 2
  • Athletic: 0
  • Nature: 2
  • Food: 1
  • Popularity: 0
  • Deviance: 1
  • Penalties: 0
  • Bonus: 0


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