Sharber Legacy, Chapter 5

With another baby on the way, it is time to expand the house once again. I am actually really proud of myself for the building and decorating. While the original house was a download, all of the remodeling and expansions have been done by me.

The roofline is beginning to get a little weird, but maybe this will be big enough for the family for awhile.

The legacy lot is taking shape nicely, although there will be more added as each heir takes over and has their own interests. And, of course, there will be a graveyard or mausoleum at some point.

Sofie wakes up with several desperate needs – she is starving as always, she has to potty really soon, and she stinks to high heaven.

After grabbing something to eat, José gives her a bath. She goes from the bath to the potty, and then she is finally ready to start her day.

She is working on imagination today, trying to find the best way to improve her skill on her own. In the past, I felt that playing with toys is the fastest way for toddlers to level on their own, while having an adult read them a book is the fastest way with help. Sofie is testing that theory by trying the other ways also.

She plays make believe on the playground along with playing with her dolls.

Then, she tries reading to herself before picking up toys and spending her day with them.

José is working on his gardening skill by analyzing plants. One thing about having a small garden instead of a large one, is that it takes longer to level the skill.

Scarlet breaks down and buys the cupcake machine. She builds a second workshop attached to the first workshop and adds counters and a small dorm sized fridge.

Okay, now I am hungry for chocolate donuts.

Sofie is ready for bed so she watches Scarlet, waiting patiently.

What she should have done while she was waiting for Scarlet is to potty. Right after she falls asleep, she wakes up and she can’t wait. She does the potty, and then she has a tantrum because she is so exhausted. This is her first tantrum and she milks it for the entire cycle. Then Scarlet puts her back to bed.

Sofie wakes up in a good mood. Well, it becomes a good mood after she eats breakfast.

After taking care of her needs, Sofie begins to work on her skills again. Everyone has a list of things to get done today. Sofie has almost mastered imagination and it shouldn’t take long to finish up.

José adds a few more plants, trees actually. He thought his emotion trees would grow all varieties on one tree like they do in Selvadorada. But his tree has only been providing merry berries. So, he plants one of each of the other berries.

Scarlet is working on the baking skill. It seems like this skill takes forever to improve. Sofie is working on her mental skill by watching Scarlet makes sweet treats.

José gets an opportunity while he is at work, and looking at the potential outcome, there is no choice, really.

But, why?

Sofie is damn tired of watching Scarlet bake desserts she hasn’t been allowed to eat. And now, the cleaning is even more boring.

Oh, well, maybe she was tired and wanted to go to sleep. Scarlet was about to pick her up and take her to bed when she passed out. She gave up before mastering the mental skill, but she is really close now.

After getting Sofie to bed, Scarlet and José have some adult time, and then he begins upgrading the bed. Yes, the latest update now allows beds to be updated with massage controls and a firmer mattress. And, I just realized they are now broke. With a capital B, Broke. Someone is going to have to bring home some simoleons.

The comes and eventually everyone wakes up. Scarlet is back to working on baking, which takes a freaking long time to level, or so it feels. José is trying to finish the last upgrades. He keeps thinking he is done and then he realizes that there is something else that needs his attention. Sofie is getting close to mastering mental and becoming a top-notch toddler.

Scarlet decides to work on the Baked Alaska and makes an excellent plate her first try. Then she realizes that the highest quality is actually impeccable and to get that she will need to have the Stoves and Grills Master trait. She spends her hard earned aspiration points on the trait, and begins a new attempt. Sofie is watching her cook as she masters mental and becomes a top-notch toddler. She still has two days until her birthday, so she will be able to free range.

Scarlet is going to keep trying. She has made three plates of Excellent Baked Alaska. I am getting conflicting information about whether the Stoves and Grills Master trait actually effects this dish or if Excellent is the highest it will go.

Sofie heads outside to play on the playground. She ran so fast to get there that she didn’t realize it was raining at first.

Then she decided she didn’t care, a little rain wasn’t going to hurt her. But, she didn’t stay long and quickly headed back into the house to dance at the stereo.

Turns out she scraped her knee on the playground and it really hurts.

Scarlet gives Sofie a hug and a kiss and her knee is all better.

Scarlet goes back to working on baking while Sofie finds her own kind of fun. Now I remember that making messes is the best way for a toddler to level up imagination by themselves.

She has a great day playing on the playground while Scarlet is still baking and José went into the office today.

Pregnancy is hard and Scarlet doesn’t make it to the toilet in time.

Then she catches Sofie making another mess, in the house this time.

Scarlet as the opportunity to attend a skills class in baking for §250. Waste of money at this level as she barely gains any skill. She also comes home exhausted and barely makes it to bed.

Scarlet left for the class a few minutes before José got home from work, resulting in the hiring of a nanny. They decided to let him stay the shift, even though Sofie is sleeping. Scarlet heads straight to bed – José is finishing the last upgrade and then takes care of the garden before he crashes also. The nanny makes himself useful by cleaning up the house and making more food for the fridge.

José wakes up to the realization that Scarlet is in labor.

Sofie takes advantage of the fact that the nanny hasn’t left yet but asking for something to eat.

José runs around in a panic. Scarlet is in the nursery giving birth and he is being absolutely no help.

The nanny takes care of feeding Sofie. He gives her cheese crackers for whatever meal she is eating.

In the nursery, Savana joins the family. Scarlet gets her fed and changed and leaves her to sleep.

Sofie finished eating and is sitting patiently waiting for someone to notice that she is done. She needs to potty so they better notice soon.

After escaping the high chair, Sofie is free to play the rest of the day.

She runs to find the nanny and discovers she is no longer an only child.

She is not happy about this discovery and stomps around the house for hours.

She is still pissed but she needs a bath, so once again the nanny comes in handy.

The bath is fun – bubbles make everything better – although the bubbles seem to be missing.

The nanny walks away when she throws a tantrum.

Hmm, she must be losing her touch.

After taking a nap, Sofie wakes up and checks out her powers – can she summon a parent to come to her and help her out of bed. And yes, she still has the power because José stopped eating to come at her call.

Scarlet has reached level 9 in Baking so she is making a lot of fruit cakes. The nanny put Sofie back to bed since it is actually bedtime now. José is reading out on vampire lore. He has a lot of garlic and wants to make some decorations that are supposed to keep the vampires away.

Points: 13

  • Family: 1
  • Creative: 1
  • Fortune: 2
  • Love: 1
  • Knowledge: 3
  • Athletic: 0
  • Nature: 2
  • Food: 2
  • Popularity: 0
  • Deviance: 1
  • Penalties: 0
  • Bonus: 0


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