Sharber Legacy, Chapter 6

The nanny is still at the house. He can’t leave at the moment because they don’t have the simoleons to pay him yet.

Sofie wakes up excited because it is her birthday and it is HarvestFest.

Sofie watches Scarlet make her birthday cake.

It takes a little maneuvering but finally Scarlet is able to get Sofie to the cake to blow out the candles.


Sofie becomes a child and rolls Self-Assured and the Creativity aspiration. She joins the scouts so that she can begin collecting badges.

They all take turns appeasing the gnomes. Scarlet begins making their grand feast since she and José both want a great meal for the holiday.

A quick reference on what the gnomes like.

While waiting, José begins making garlic items. He puts up several garland next to the front door and a wreath plus two braids next to the back door. Hopefully that will keep the vampires out.

Sofie heads off to do some fishing so that she can finish the outdoor badge. Then she heads home to collect her second badge – the first one was for completing her homework.

Success! Scarlet masters baking. Now she needs to work on mixology for the “food points”.

José’s garden is coming along nicely. He is waiting for spring so that he can graft the snapdragon onto the strawberry plant. And leveling gardening is another slow skill. Of course, it would be faster if he had a bigger garden, but whatever. For now.

José gets up to pee and decides to send the nanny home. It costs §62 to send him away. That wasn’t as bad as they were expecting since he has been there for days.

And, they immediately get a replacement nanny. Now, he fires them so maybe that will stop them from coming back. This one charged §72 and he was only there for about 30 minutes.

It has been awhile since I played – since August I believe – and I forgot about the damn monsters. Sofie is napping because she refuses to go back to bed. The nightlights have been added so she just has to get through tonight.

Scarlet helps Savana out of the bassinet and she rolls Fussy.

While Sofie has the orange-red hair of Scarlet, Savana has the bright red of José. Such a cute little bumble bee.

José has to hire the nanny again. He popped back into the house while Savana was aging up. That cost another §62.

Scarlet wastes no time getting Savana on the potty. She considers refusing but then decides to go along to get along.

Savana cooperates for three potty trainings before Scarlet puts her to bed and heads to work.

They weren’t thinking clearly and José chose to take a PTO day instead of working from home. Since Scarlet was already planning on taking family leave they decided to send her back to work early. José finished upgrading Sofie’s new bed and then took care of the garden. Then, they realize that it is Friday, bills are coming due on Monday, and they only have a tiny fraction of what they will owe. Somehow, they need to earn a lot of money over the weekend, and neither one of them have a decent paying job.

This legacy is going to be placed on hiatus for now. I just finished the Boolprop EPIC and I am having a hard time getting back into this.

Thanks for reading

Points: 13

  • Family: 1
  • Creative: 1
  • Fortune: 2
  • Love: 1
  • Knowledge: 3
  • Athletic: 0
  • Nature: 2
  • Food: 2
  • Popularity: 0
  • Deviance: 1
  • Penalties: 0
  • Bonus: 0


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