Simms Legacy, Chapter 1. Margot

Margot Simms moves into her brand new, empty lot and prepares to begin her legacy.

  • Traits: Loves Outdoors, Creativity, Art Lover +Muser
  • Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire


First step is to set up house, or some version of it.

09-04-16_2-31-25 PM

Once the house is setup, Margot takes a job in the Painting career.

09-04-16_2-38-56 PM

While waiting for the welcoming committee, Margot works on learning painting and completing her daily task.

09-04-16_2-44-01 PM

Once she has completed her daily painting, she/I realize there is no welcoming committee since there is no one else living in the neighborhood.

09-04-16_2-54-53 PM

Heading to Windenburg, Margot meets several couples, including the Landgraabs.

09-04-16_3-05-39 PM

After spending the evening meeting the residents, Margot heads home around midnight to get some sleep before her first day on the new job.

09-04-16_3-17-48 PM

Margot comes home from her first day of work exhausted.  She is so tired that she goes straight to bed, not even stopping for dinner.


She spends Tuesday catching up on her painting.


One of the men Margot met on Sunday is Johnny Zest.  She invites him over Tuesday evening to get to know him better.


They spend the evening talking and just chilling as they stargaze.


Margot lays on the charm and entices Johnny into her bed before he leaves.


After Margot falls asleep, Johnny slips out of bed and heads home.


The next day after work, Johnny asks Margot out on a date.  They go to a local retail store, because that is where all of the cool kids go on dates.


Their date goes extremely well, and Margot proposes to Johnny.


He accepts her proposal and they elope immediately.


With the sale of Johnny’s house, and his small bank account, the newlyweds have enough money to purchase a small house from the gallery.  Small and cramped, but it comes with walls and a roof.


The morning after the wedding, they enjoy a garden salad for breakfast.


While Margot heads to work, Johnny meets several ladies at the park nearby to work on his comedy.


He then heads home to write comedy routines and jokes in order to prepare for his next work shift.


Johnny leaves for work as Margot arrives home.  She spends the evening painting while waiting for Johnny to come home.


The second week is a little quieter with most of their time spent painting and writing jokes.  Margot creates a painting that she has to keep, but continues to crank out paintings.


The first major event of the week is finding out there is a nooboo on the way.


Johnny doesn’t react quite the way Margot expected – he wasn’t planning on starting their family this soon.


Margot sets him straight pretty quick.


One thing about the first generation is generally the lack of cash to pay for services.  Johnny is tapped to repair the toilet when it begins shooting water into the air.


With a new baby on the way, Margot completes and sells a lot of paintings so they can afford to upgrade their house.  The new house is open and airy and has more space to move around.  Perfect for a painter.


With another promotion under her belt, Margot comes home tired and sore and more than ready to have this baby already.


Labor comes on quickly – it is time.


But first Margot does the dishes, because that is how mom’s roll.


True to legacy style, the birth takes place in the bathroom.



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