Simms Legacy, Chapter 3. Margot


As Margot becomes an Adult, she takes a quick inventory of her masterpieces:

Large Abstract – Large Surrealism


Large Classic – Large Impressionism


Large Realism – Large Pop Art


Confident – Playful – Sad – Flirty – Angry




Focused Mathematical Drawing


It may be time for the family to have a second bathroom


And with all of the masterpieces hanging in the house, the family’s bills are going up.


Amelia masters her creativity and is five drawings away from fulfilling her childhood aspiration. However, she is still a C student.


While Margot is at work and the kids are at school, Johnny invites over a fellow comedian, Layla Goodman.  He is in a playful mood and ends up aggravating her.  She doesn’t stay long.


Andrew becomes an A student; but, is still a long way from mastering his motor skills.  Even though he becomes an A student, he has a rough day at school and just needs a hug.  Instead he gets a shower.


Amelia has completed her creativity aspiration and is finally a B student.  She hangs up her final five drawings.


This week is becoming a productive one as Johnny completes his aspiration to become a Joke Star.  He now needs to focus on his career as a Comedian.


Finally completing his childhood aspiration, Andrew has four days until his teen birthday to do with as he pleases.


Taking the day off from school, Andrew tests out to see if there are any skills he can begin learning before becoming a teen.  He is thinking video gamer sounds pretty cool, but has to master mental skills before he will unlock it.  With four days to fill, he teaches himself to play chess.


Johnny tests out the gaming pad while waiting for his next shift to start.


Amelia bombs the school spelling bee.


It is time for Andrew’s birthday.  He needs to make some friends as he is constantly lonely.  This couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the fact that he is part of a legacy and working his tail off mastering skills and completing aspirations.


Andrew becomes a teen, celebrating his birthday with a chocolate cake and Johnny.  Margot is at work and Amelia is practicing her violin in the new inspirational studio.


As a teen, Andrew’s first task is to get a job as a retail employee. He starts off as a Sales Floor Clerk due to his high grades as a child.


With the transition to the next generation only a few weeks away, it is time to set do some remodeling.  The first major addition is the inspirational studio.  One end of the studio is the painting section.  Margot will be collecting one masterpiece for each style and size.  Her emotional paintings will also be masterpieces.


At the other end of the studio is the music and writing section.


Upstairs, Margot and Johnny sacrifice their sitting area in order to add another bathroom.  The sitting area had been used as a nursery when Andrew and Amelia were younger.  The cradle has been moved into the hallway for the time being.


Andrew can’t sleep and decides to play video games in order to relax.  At 2am.


Margot comes home from work every day in a Tense mood.  She isn’t working hard, she just doesn’t seem to like working.


Johnny surprises Amelia with a birthday cake the morning of her birthday.  She gets to grow up and have the day off from school.



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