Simms Legacy, Chapter 4. Margot

Amelia has been selected as the heiress and will be working on becoming a Musical Genius.


Johnny gives Amelia a lecture on how she needs to have a good education “just in case”. So speaks the comedian to the musician.


Once Johnny is finished, and her homework is done, Amelia masters violin. Next up is the piano.


Four weeks into the legacy and the family just realized they need an outdoor trash can.


• Traits:
• Aspiration:


• Traits:
• Aspiration:


Amelia heads down to the park to see if she can meet some boys her own age. She runs into Keith Stockton almost immediately and spends the rest of the day talking with him. They don’t get very far on a relationship – he is a lazy glutton. But at this point, he is the only male teen she can find.


When Amelia gets home from the park, she finds Johnny jamming on the guitar.


Andrew works on raising his charisma for his school performance. He received a promotion today at work and has reached the pinnacle of the part-time career – He is now working in Customer Support.


Amelia invites Keith over after school. While she takes a shower, he plays with Blicblock.


After getting cleaned up, Amelia makes a play for Keith.


He falls for her quickly and they have their first kiss.


They break in her new room and new double bed with some messing around. Apparently they can also promise themselves to each other.


Andrew finds the new exercise equipment and starts working on his fitness.


New interactions – Amelia kisses Keith’s neck.


And then she attempts to seduce him. I am pretty sure all she has to do is ask, but okay.


After spending the night in Amelia’s room, Keith meets Margot and Johnny at breakfast. Apparently getting dressed is not required.


Everyone is always hungry, so Amelia adds a cooler to the studio for quick snacks and meals.


Andrew continues working out.10-02-16_11-32-41-am

Margot is slowly filling in her masterpiece wall. She can paint two to three paintings each evening. One will generally be a masterpiece while the others will be excellent.


Johnny works on his Comedy book. Once he finishes it, he self-publishes it.


With the fridge almost empty, Margot hires a chef to come and cook for them. He gets two meals prepared and the stove breaks. While waiting on the repairman, he enjoys some play time.


Both kids now have A’s in school.


Margot has a rough day at work. Or she might have just skipped her shower that morning. Either way, she comes home filthy. She still does not like working and comes home tense every day.


Johnny is left home alone and is feeling lonely. He strikes up a conversation with the maid, Destinee.


With a little flirting, they become friends.


But it doesn’t stop there. Johnny is smitten with Destinee.


With a quick kiss, Johnny tells Destinee that she needs to leave as the kids are due home in a few minutes.


Destinee just leaves in time as the kids come home on time. Johnny sits in his room and relishes in the feeling of a new forbidden love.


He is really in the mood when Margot gets home and suggests they have some personal time.  Afterwards, Margot can tell something is not quite right, but can’t put her finger on what it is.





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