Simms Legacy, Chapter 5. Margot

Johnny heads off to work and Margot takes some time for yoga to center her thoughts before knocking out some more paintings.


The next day, Destinee comes to clean late – she gets there the same time the kids get home – so Johnny isn’t able to pursue his interest.


The kids start the weekend off by having a sliding contest – Amelia goes down on her back.


Andrew sits for the slide.  He claims the better slide.


Johnny comes home from work and wakes Margot up for some more play time.


Margot is not real sure what has gotten into Johnny. It has been awhile since he was this flirty for this long.


Saturday morning, Amelia invites Keith over to mess around before buckling down to her piano practice.


Andrew wants a girlfriend. He heard that wishing at this special well would give him his heart’s desire.  What he got was a can’t fail pick-up line. He still needs to meet a girl.


After looking all over the neighborhood, he runs into Angelina Lofton. The pickup line works for the most part and she agrees to hang out at his house.


He poses for her and she has to go home pretty quick afterwards.


Johnny can’t help himself. Despite woohooing with Margot several times that day, he simply has to see Destinee again.


She meets him at the Bluff and Johnny lets her know how attracted he is to her.


They even take a picture together.


Eventually, they get frisky and take things further.


They end up in one of the bushes getting to know each other very well.


When Johnny gets home, he gives Margot a very passionate kiss and swears his love for her.


Johnny’s behavior is explained. He was fighting the feeling of getting older. However, he still got older.


He meets up with Destinee to tell her that he won’t be seeing her any more.


She is not happy with Johnny, as can be expected.


When he gets home from meeting Destinee, it is time for Andrew’s birthday.


Andrew then invites over his new girlfriend, Angelina. She is also having her birthday, thanks to the cake Amelia baked.


Andrew builds a separate house on the back of the lot to move into. He invites Angelina to move in with him – and she accepts his offer.


They enjoy their alone time in their new house – after they kick Margot out of the bed. Now, if they could just figure out how to lock the door to keep the family out of the house.


• Traits: Art Lover, Jealous, Bro
• Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy


The new couple spend their first day together taking jobs – Angelina takes a job in the Business career, while Andrew takes a position in Athletics.


As it happens, Margot wakes up the next morning realizing she is aging also.



None of my stories would be complete without death by woohoo. Bye-bye Johnny.


Wait, what? Two deaths by the same woohoo? That is a first for me.


Margot and Johnny – Rest in Peace


Amelia will become a young adult in two days. She will be taking over as heiress of the legacy and bringing Keith into the family.


Margot dies with one small painting short of completing the masterpiece collection. She is missing the Small Impressionism painting.


On the easel she leaves a completed excellent surrealistic painting and an incomplete impressionistic painting.



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