Simms Legacy, Chapter 6. Amelia

With both of her parents passing so close together, Amelia is devastated.  She wanders around the house, unable to concentrate on anything.


Andrew has regressed back to his childish ways and spends his time playing with the doll house and toys.


Andrew takes up boxing to channel his emotions.


Angelina starts her job as a Mailroom Technician and hates it.  Forget about overtime rules, she has to update reports after she gets home.


Destinee comes to clean the day after, and Amelia realizes she is pregnant.


Destinee lets it slip that the baby daddy was Johnny.


Despite being upset with both Johnny and Destinee; Amelia finds herself drawn to the baby.


Amelia spends time with Destinee getting to know her better.


The strain of the past few days takes its toll on Amelia.  She is having trouble sleeping and finds herself dozing off at the table.


Destinee has been taking out her frustrations on the family doll house.  She destroys it every day.


Destinee admits to ambivalent feelings about the baby.  She never planned on having children and this pregnancy was totally an accident.


Because there isn’t enough going on, Angelina tells Andrew she is going to have a baby.


Amelia becomes a young adult and devises a plan.


She invites Destinee over after the baby is born and lets her know what she is planning.


At first Destinee is shocked at Amelia’s idea.


She breaks down when she realizes it is for the best.


Amelia will adopt the baby and raise it herself.


Unbeknownst to Amelia, Andrew set the studio kitchen on fire and could not escape.


Adding insult to injury, Amelia loses her brother just days after losing her parents.


Angelina arrives at the studio too late to save Andrew.


Angelina realizes that she can’t do anything so she runs for safety.  She finds Destinee standing out front watching the flames and they wait together.  Grim has collected Andrew’s soul and joins them on the sidewalk.  Amelia has to run into the house to put out the fire since nothing can happen while there is a fire on the lot.  The baby is stinking and starving and Angelina needs to go to work – but no, nothing can happen until the fire is put out.


There is too much damage to the studio, so it is demolished and Angelina moves back into the main house.


Destinee named the baby Dominique (a girl I believe).  Amelia gets to know her sister and attempts to settle into a new life.


Keith comes over to check on her with all of the drama, and he consoles her.  There are consequences to the consoling and Amelia realizes she is pregnant also.  Keith is very upset.  Apparently he hates children.


Amelia tells him that it just won’t work between them and she breaks up with him.


He is sad about the decision and starts to cry.


Amelia tells him he needs to leave as her stomach starts to growl.  She is starving.


The events of the past few days are too much and Amelia passes out in the kitchen.



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