Sliding Doors: Rules

After a particularly bad relationship break up which has broken your heart and turned your life upside down, you decide to move to a new town alone, leaving your family, friends and old life behind you so that you can make a completely fresh start. You have spent every penny that you have on your new home and need a job quickly, if you are going survive past the end of the week – looking through the job vacancies, there are three doors open to you … which one will you take?? 

Sliding Doors Challenge was originally created for Sims 3 by ItsJulie over at Boolprop.

This challenge is based on the theory that the direction your life takes you is prompted by the choices you make. A different decision at one particular point in your life – would have taken your life in a completely different direction.

How many times have you said … “If only I could turn back the clock, I would have done things differently!” …. well your sim can!!

So, you are going to show your sim, living their life in three different parallel universes.  How differently will their life turn out, with each different choice?

I am going to be testing out the Sims 4 rules, so they may be changing as I play.


  • First two traits are static and will be the same for all three doors
    • Noncommittal
    • Outgoing
  • Third trait is dynamic and will be changed for each door
    • Romantic (door 1)
    • Good (door 2)
    • Kleptomaniac (door 3)
  • Starting aspiration will be changed for each door
    • Serial Romantic (Love) – door 1
    • Painter Extraordinaire (Creativity) – door 2
    • Renaissance Sim (Knowledge) – door 3

I was having trouble with the Create A Random Sim generator so I used the List Randomizer from instead.  I entered all 45 traits into one list and sorted it.  The top two traits are her static traits.  The next three traits are the dynamic traits for each door.  Then I took all 35 aspirations and created a second list and sorted it.  The top three aspirations were selected.


Door One (Serial Romantic): Noncommittal, Outgoing, Romantic + Soulmate (Alluring)

Door Two (Painter Extraordinaire): Noncommittal, Outgoing, Good + Painter Extraordinaire (Muser)

Door Three (Renaissance Sim): Noncommittal, Outgoing, Kleptomaniac+ Renaissance Sim (Quick Learner)

It doesn’t matter which order you play each life in.

Playing the challenge

  • It is important that you play each game file in exactly the same way.
  • You will need to play this challenge with minimal control of your sims … you don’t control the sims and make their choices for them, they are in control of their own destiny.  Any direction given to the sims needs to be to complete a whim, complete a career goal or task, or complete an aspiration goal.  Otherwise, they should be left to free will.
    • Make sure that Whims are turned on for this save.
  • All aspiration rewards are allowed, as you have earned them.
  • Your main aim during each life time is to achieve your sims starting aspiration.
  • Toddlers are to be taught their skills … at least to level 3 (Happy Toddler)
    • I haven’t remembered that I can do this and haven’t been teaching the toddlers their skills unless they do so naturally.
  • Birthday cakes can be used when notification is received that it is their birthday.
  • To complete this challenge, you need to play all three of their lives to the end – from the point where they make their job choice until the day they die.

MCCC Settings

These are the settings that I will be using for all three Doors.  I use default settings for most things.  Some settings are changed but won’t effect the direction her life takes.  The items below are the ones that will/might.

  • Try for Baby: 80% success
  • Risky Woohoo: 35% success 
  • Autonomous Try for Baby: True
  • Auto Proposal: True
  • Auto Marriage: True
  • Auto Repair: True
  • Relationship Breakup: 50% (I believe this will affect the active household)
  • Marriage Breakup: 25% (kicks and giggles)

So how different were your sim’s three lives?

Slider: Shannon Tierney


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