Sophia Jordan, In the Moodlet


Content Warning: Frontal Barbie Nudity

In the Moodlet

Sophia Jordan – downloaded from the Gallery (Maxis)

Via Romanza – downloaded from the Gallery (soffiacarlsson)


  • Get into a positive emotion one time
  • Get into a more intense emotional state
  • Create three emotional paintings
  • Enable the Emotional Aura on an emotional object
  • Calm an angry Sim down
  • Share Insecurities or Tell a Self Deprecating Joke to another Sim while embarrassed
  • Take a shower while uncomfortable
  • Call the Sadness Hotline or Cry in the Shower while sad
  • Vent or Complain About Problems to another Sim while tense

Sophia moves into her new house located on the Via Romanza lot in Tortola.  She has a lot of goals to complete, but most of them are easy enough.  Of course her timing sucks because it is the tail end of Harvest Feast, 1:51am to be exact.  She will definitely not complete this holiday at all.  She is hungry so she eats and then she sleeps.

Since she has to paint five emotional paintings, she begins working on her painting skill while she waits for her emotions to change.  They change a lot.

She is able to calm herself down when angry, which is so much easier than finding another angry sim to calm down.

Needing someone to vent to, she heads out to the park next door.  No one comes along so she tracks down someone walking by.

Asuka Ueda is her new best friend.

Back to the house, Sophia has a meal and gets some sleep before her next shift.

And she is off.

After work, she is stressed, lonely, and really wanting to have some fun.  She hangs out at the little beach near her house, hoping someone will come by.  Teens and married sims are all that she gets.

She joins the Complementary Colors club and again only meets married sims.  But her new friend, Asuka, calls her out to a party at the ancient ruins in Windenberg and she finds a single sim.  He is the DJ but he is single.

She makes her move before he can decide to get married.

She really needed something for the fun, and Hiroto was happy to oblige.

She decided to make an expensive wish for another romantic partner, but the well won’t give the romance option when there is already a romantic partner.  Since she had already tossed her money in, she wished for a promotion.

Her boss called immediately, and she is now at level 2, Sales Floor Clerk.

Then she just enjoys the dance party until it ends, when she heads home, alone, and sleeps through the next morning.  Thankfully, she did not have to work.

Sophia invites Hiroto over for some fun before I remembered she needed to become sad about something.

They had lots of naked fun.

Sophia didn’t feel it was necessary to get dressed while she continued to work on the five flirty paintings.

Later Hiroto asked her out on a date, and she decided to pop the question hoping he would say no.  He said yes.

She wandered off for some food and to watch the statue sim.

Hiroto came along and found her.  She ended the date early and their relationship took a big hit.

So did her ass when she fell in the mud in front of the house.

Random walkby and I find Sophia out front chatting with him.

She works on charisma before heading to work so that she has everything in place for her next promotion.

Hiroto comes by after work and she expresses her doubts about getting married.  She hasn’t told him yet that she really wasn’t serious.

More woohoo and naked cooking.

Sophia finally tells Hiroto she doesn’t want to get married. 

He is sad.  She is sad. But she was able to call the Sadness Hotline and check off one more item.

Hiroto doesn’t leave and begins flirting with her again.  Sophia is over it and asks him to leave.

With only embarrassment remaining, Sophia invites over her club and then has an accident in the living room.

You would think the nakedness would be embarrassing but nope.  She is embarrassed that she peed on the floor in the living room and that her club is having to clean it up.

But she finally gets to tell a Deprecating Joke and she is done with the scenario.  It took 5 days.

One last surprise for Sophia. She also changed careers to Painter.


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