Sugar and Secrets, Chapter 1

This is the second story starter kit from Sims Community. I am way behind in starting these stories so will be setting them all up initially before going back to playing them further.

Sugar and Secrets posted 11/17/2021

Grace and Clark – the Backstory

By day, she’s known as Grace Shepherd. By night, she’s known as the vigilante Nightstalker. Or, she was until she and her husband Clark found out they were expecting twins. That’s when everything changed for Grace. That’s when Nightstalker disappeared from the streets and crime rates in San Myshuno went up without Nightstalker to take the law into her own hands.

Clark has no idea about his wife’s secret identity. As far as he knows, Grace has a cushy government job working in a high rise office in Uptown. As for him, he’d been having trouble finding steady employment in the city and had planned to be a stay-at-home dad when he found out about Grace’s pregnancy until he got a brilliant idea! Now was the perfect time to start a new business venture! He’d always had a passion for baking and decorating delicious treats and now was finally the time for him to launch his own bakery! He could even work from home so he could be close to the twins while he made a living to support them.

So they sold their home in San Myshuno and headed out to the suburbs of Newcrest, pouring all their savings into purchasing a bakery with a small apartment on the second floor. The living space is significantly smaller than their old home but the spacious yard sold them. It’d be perfect for the twins to run around and play with their dog, Biscuit.

Clark is beyond excited to be starting this new chapter in their lives. He hopes his bakery will be successful and that his wife and children will be happy here in Newcrest. But Grace is having misgivings; she’d planned to give up her secret life as a vigilante to raise her children but every day she turns on the news and hears the people crying out “Where is Nightstalker?! We need her!” The people of San Myshuno are suffering without their vigilante protector and she’s finding it harder and harder to ignore their desperate pleas for help. The bad guys need to be punished for their wrongdoing and the police keep failing to deliver swift justice time and time again. Can she really be both Nightstalker and Grace Shepherd, wife and mom of two? And in a much smaller living space than before, can she keep her true identity a secret from Clark?

If Clark ever finds out who his wife really is, would he want to work things out for the kids or would the betrayal be too much for their marriage to handle?

Other Info:

Grace Shepherd
  • Age: Young Adult
  • Traits: Active, Self-Assured, Family-Oriented, Dastardly
  • Aspiration: Chief of Mischief
  • Likes: Black, Alternative Music, Fitness, Mischief, Mission Décor
  • Dislikes: Pink, Easy Listening Music, Baking, Farmhouse Décor
  • Skills: Logic (5), Fitness (4), Mischief (3)
  • Career: Secret Agent (8 – Villain Branch)
  • Packs Used: Cats & Dogs, Get To Work, Parenthood
  • Misc. Notes:
    • Grace does not require Get Famous, but if you do own Get Famous, she will come with an Awful reputation.
    • Grace does not require Discover University, but if you do own Discover University, she will come with a distinguished degree in Villainy
Clark Shepherd
  • Age: Young Adult
  • Traits: Good, Foodie, Family-Oriented, Domestic
  • Aspiration: Big Happy Family
  • Likes: Purple, Easy Listening Music, Baking, Mission Décor
  • Dislikes: Black, Alternative Music, Mischief, Contemporary Décor
  • Skills: Baking (5), Cooking (4), Parenting (2)
  • Career: Self-Employed (Bakery Owner)
  • Packs Used: Cats & Dogs, Get To Work, Parenthood
  • Misc. Notes:
    • Clark does not require Get Famous, but if you do own Get Famous, he will come with a Good reputation.
  • Age: Adult
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Large Dog
  • Traits: Friendly, Loyal, Playful
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Status: Neutered
  • Packs Used: Cats & Dogs

Clark’s Confections

This bakery was once a spacious two-story suburban home until a young businessman purchased it with dreams of turning it into a profitable business. The first story was renovated into a pizza joint and the second story was converted into a small apartment for rent. Sadly, the business went bankrupt less than a year after its grand opening and the place has been changing hands ever since. The newest owners are currently operating a bakery on the first floor and using the upstairs apartment as their personal residence. The spacious yard was a big selling point for them, as they have a large dog and are expecting twins soon.

Lot Info:

  • Lot Type: Retail
  • Price: §116,307
  • Size: 30×20
  • Beds: 1
  • Baths: 2
  • Lot Traits: Homey
  • Packs Used: Cats & Dogs, Get To Work, Parenthood, My First Pet Stuff
  • Tips to Use This Lot:
    • Grace and Clark come with enough simoleons to purchase their bakery and have some savings leftover.
    • To live at the bakery without using any mods, have Grace and Clark purchase a small blank lot as their “home,” then purchase the bakery. Have them travel there and just stay there! The upstairs apartment and yard has everything they need to use the bakery as their home.
    • It’s recommended to lock the back door and the door behind the checkout desk for everyone but the household. That way, customers and staff won’t wander down to the bakery kitchen or upstairs into the apartment.
    • You can also lock the secret bookcase door in the bakery’s kitchen to everyone but Grace if you’d like to keep her secret lair, well… secret.

Grace and Clark purchase a small empty lot in Newcrest and then they purchase the bakery, placing it on the lot across the street from their “home” lot. They will, of course, be living at the bakery.

Grace is just beginning her second trimester so they will be having a baby or two before too much time passes. Just to set expectation, this might not be a challenge I play often as I have never gotten into the retail aspect of the game. But maybe, just maybe, this story will catch my attention.


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