Sweets Legacy: Chapter 1.1

I have quite a few of active challenges but still felt like starting a new something. So after some trawling of the interwebs, I found a legacy based upon Harry Potter that I think I will try. I also have never really played spellcasters, other than a pop here and there, so it is time to really figure out what they can do. I also have spellcasters in my Building Blocks Dynasty, so I expect to know them much better by the time I am done. I will probably adapt the generations as I go, but of all the versions I found online, this was the one where I liked the flow the best.


This challenge is based on Harry Potter movies and books. You play for 10 generations and each one of them have influences of the Potter Universe. So, get your wand and let’s start playing. You are a wizard now, Harry!
Challenge created by Chessiechuu

Generation 1: Muggle

The wizards represent all that the true ‘muggle’ most fears: They are plainly outcasts and comfortable with being so.”

Which came first the chicken or the egg? Or in this case, the wizard or the muggle? We start with a straight-laced and traditional muggle founder who doesn’t like to think outside the box. When your muggle becomes a young adult, this story begins.

Founder: Pandora Sweets

Pandora is a proper human sim. She has never had a lot of ambition but she is very neat and family-oriented. She has been looking forward to getting married and having her own house for as long as she can remember. Now that she is out on her own, she needs to begin working on both of those goals. Especially as the land she bought does not come with a house. And it might be spring, but it is still early and cool outside.

While Pandora takes stock of her surroundings and waits for the welcome party to show up, she practices cooking on the nearby grill.

The party is here. Pandora is coming. She was just collecting items to sell later to cover her bills.

She spends the time getting to know her new neighbors. None of them are single, which is a pity.

Akira is one of the first single males to wander by, and he is the right age, so there is that.

Pandora heads around the neighborhood where she meets more sims. So far none have really piqued her interest.

Then it is definitely time to find a bathroom.

She heads to the nearby library since you know they have a bathroom. While she is taking care of her needs, she notices that Akira is outside practicing his grilling skills.

She was hungry so she helped herself to one of the items he made. Then he left and she is sitting there, chilling.

Pandora heads to the park to see if there are any other single males, and Caleb is not on the menu this time.

Back home, she realizes Akira is the perfect partner for this challenge. For reasons. He is at the very bottom of the Tech Guru career, but that is good enough. Akira is not liking where this is going, but he seems resigned to his fate.

Pandora begins the process of making Akira hers.

Good Friends to Best Friends

While she was romancing Akira, a third party tried to join their conversation. So, that means it is time to cloud gaze until the interloper leaves.

Best Friends to Boyfriend.

Pandora is exhausted and Akira disappears again soon after.

She builds a micro house to get started. Her needs must be dealt with before she can progress any more with Akira.

Despite being all prim and proper, Pandora was more than willing for some premarital woohoo.

After their sexy times, Pandora convinces Akira that they should get married.

Of course they are not wasting any time, and since I have figured out how to get gold weddings almost all of the time, there is no reason to elope.

Congratulations to the newly married couple.

And instead of traveling home, they decide to take a honeymoon to Mt Komorebi for a few days.

The first order of business is some honeymoon woohoo.

Then Pandora asks for several hours of sleep leaving Akira to head outside to check out the area.

He practices skiing on the bunny slopes.

Once Pandora is up, she makes some dinner and Akira starts a fire. In the fireplace where it belongs. Then they head back to bed. It has been a long day.

The things you can do when you have the hot springs to yourself.

Pandora has some ideas and Akira is happy to participate.

Hmm, wonder what this could mean.

Akira and Pandora head out to the local bar for some dinner.

And then they head out to spend the day hiking.

There was a shrine.

And there were glowy things.

Then Pandora called it quits and headed back to the lodging while Akira made the journey up to the temple alone.

It is dark as Pandora heads back alone.

Akira reaches the temple and he has to pee, but there is no place to pee.

Heading back to the lodging he is hit with a wave of jealousy and then he has an encounter with another glowy thing. He is a jealous sim and it is bothering him that Pandora went back alone.

Pandora decides that she wants a spa day and send Akira out on his own.

He hits the bunny slopes again, this time learning to snowboard.

They meet up that evening at the information board as they check out the local conditions and check for any wildlife wandering around. It is almost time to return home.

Akira gets to spend some time sledding, and that makes a trifecta for him – skiing, snowboarding, and sledding.

He really is getting better, but this was his last trip down the slopes. Maybe next time he can move from the bunny slopes to the easy slopes.

Pandora wasn’t able to do any of the physical activities once she realized she was pregnant.


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