2021 Challenges

Lots of Lot Traits

I actually finished this challenge early although it still can’t post until the challenge is over. 🙂 Lots of Lot Traits Bunny Warren is the lucky sim for this challenge. She will be moving from […]

2021 Challenges

There is no Disputing Tastes

I almost forgot to post this update from the Disputing Tastes challenge at Carl’s. https://www.carls-sims-4-guide.com/forum/index.php?topic=32218.0 This challenge ended 8/8/2021 and I actually won, for the first time in ever. I created a full house for […]


Ultimate Skill-o-Rama

The next challenge in the tournament at Carl’s is an Ultimate Skill-o-Rama. This is all about mastering unique skills in two weeks. Ultimate Skill-o-Rama Starting off the challenge is Kiera Hobbs. She is a Cheerful, […]

2021 Challenges

Flutter Me Shutters

It is time for another recap of the current challenge over at Carl’s Forums. This challenge is a photography challenge – completing certain collections with a limit to the number of photos that can be […]

2021 Challenges

Baby Boomer 2021

The major mid-season challenge is a Baby Boomer Memorial to recognize Pam for her contributions to the forums. Pam passed away in February 2021 and her loss has been felt around the forums. For this […]

2021 Challenges

Calling All High Achievers

Welcome back to another challenge from Carl’s Tournament for 2021. This challenge is about earning the achievements, as many points as possible in two game weeks. Calling All High Achievers Dolly Breaux is going to […]

2021 Challenges

Four Life States, Four Sure

I am getting bad about letting these wait until the last minute to begin playing. This challenge is to have one of each of four life states, with each sim completing a set number of […]

2021 Challenges

All the Emotions

The next tournament challenge is Emotional Rollercoaster. The goal is to complete emotional whims for four days, and then to move in more sims to capture emotional states for the last three days. This is […]

2021 Challenges

Artistic Endeavors

Moving along, it is time for a creativity challenge. Artistic Endeavors: Introvert and Extrovert Goal: Sketch out your strategy in this artistic money-making challenge. There are many ways for your artistic Sims to rack up […]