Proud of Darkness, Chapter 37

Desire makes her wish and she is promised a promotion so once she goes back to work that will complete the careers required for the challenge. But first it is Winterfest.  This is not the current Father Winter (I don’t think).  This is Vanity’s go-to meal.  She will need to feed and he is here […]

Proud of Darkness, Chapter 34

Vanity is desperate for something to drink so she heads down to one of the nightclubs.  Thankfully she spared Venom, but only because he was asleep and refused to wake up until the action dropped from her queue. While Vanity was getting her drink on, Malice was meeting new sims. She also managed to get […]

Proud of Darkness, Chapter 33

Vanity heads to a place she heard that has special fish.  A special place called Sylvan Glade. A special, hidden place inside a tree. A special, pink, “fluffy” place. A special, pink, “fluffy” place with rainbows. But whatever the place looks like, she catches three new fish and completes Angling Ace.  That makes 14/15 aspirations […]

Proud of Darkness, Chapter 32

Everyone spends New Skill Day working on one skill or another.  Vanity is fishing for the Angling Ace aspiration. Avarice is working on charisma just because. Larceny is working on painting for Painter Extraordinaire. Malice is working on programming, again just because. Desire is working on logic – actual logic since she has already mastered […]

Proud of Darkness, Chapter 31

Venom snags the two pererecas for his desk and places the calendar plates in the museum.  The rest of the items he will be working on uncovering and authenticating while Desire works on her Whiz Kid aspiration.  Once she has most of the aspiration complete, he will return to the jungle to continue looking for […]

Proud of Darkness, Chapter 30

Time to get this crap moving and start tying up loose ends.  Seriously, they aren’t quite that close, but they are getting there. While Vanity is at work and Desire is sleeping, Malice takes some time and runs around collecting for Vanity.  She is just looking for frogs, but the respawns are better if everything […]