Babbling Brooks

Babbling Brooks, Chapter 6.3

“Insanity does NOT run in my family. It strolls through, takes it’s time, and gets to know everyone personally.” ~Jacklyn Brooks~ This is one of my original legacy attempts that made it pretty far towards […]

Montrose Legacy

Montrose Legacy, Scoring

Scoring (70 out of 103 possible points) Family: 9 points I did not have a generation with 10 children, but it did cross my mind. Creative: 10 points Generation 8 (Finola) reached level 10 writing […]

Montrose Legacy

Aoife Montrose

Aoife Montrose (ee-va) Traits: Neat, Creative, Foodie (Angelic) Spouse: Rachid Mandir Last generation – I am so excited!  Aoife wanted a mixologist so she went to every bar in the world and checked out every […]

Montrose Legacy

Finola Montrose

Finola Montrose (fi-noh-la) Traits: Creative, Goofball, Cheerful (Silly) Spouse: Colt Hu This was the point when I really believed I was going to finish this legacy.  Finola was supposed to really live the art gallery […]

Montrose Legacy

Laoise Montrose

Laoise Montrose (lee-sha) Traits: Gloomy, Insane (Erratic) Geek (Fussy) Spouse: Shaurya Meshram Laoise was my collector.  In order for her to have plenty of time, she is also a vampire.  She started collecting and collecting […]

Montrose Legacy

Roisin Montrose

Roisin Montrose (ro-sheen) Traits: Loves Outdoors, Dance Machine, Music Lover (Independent) Spouse: Caleb Vatore Roisin and Caleb had a lot of fun hitting up the clubs, but Caleb did not like the bubble blowers.  He […]

Montrose Legacy

Caoilinn Montrose

Caoilinn Montrose (kwee-lin) Traits: Squeamish, Outgoing, Self-Assured (Charmer) Spouse: Stephon Farrell Caoilinn used the satellite hoping to meet an alien and she was not disappointed.  She even fell in love with Stephon and asked him […]

Montrose Legacy

Siobhan Montrose

Siobhan Montrose (shi-vawn) Traits: Perfectionist, Neat, Romantic (Clingy) Spouse: Ali Ferhat Siobhan chose to be a scientist. “Chose”.  Ali was selected for the astronaut program.  Not a lot happened this generation to make them stand […]

Montrose Legacy

Deirdre Montrose

Deirdre Montrose (deer-dre) Traits: Genius, Good, Active (Wild) Spouse: Nobuya Suzuki Deirdre is my very first detective.  Of course, first she needs to get married.  Nobuya is the lucky guy, and of course they get […]

Montrose Legacy

Treasa Montrose

Treasa Montrose (tray-sa) Traits: Good, Cat Lover, Dog Lover (Inquisitive) Spouse: Dante Roach Treasa purchases an empty lot and builds herself a vet clinic (actually she downloads one from the gallery because I suck at […]