Odyssey: Caring for Others, Chapter 6

November 18, 2019 Teresa 0

Brigitte continues to work on her skill – veterinarian is the current focus.  She is about to head to work, and hopefully will finish her requirements for her last promotion.

Odyssey: Caring for Others, Chapter 4

November 11, 2019 Teresa 0

As the sun comes up, everyone is awake and getting ready for the day.  Brigitte chats with Elizabeth while she eats, wondering why she had to sit on the floor instead of in the chair.

Odyssey: Caring for Others, Chapter 3

November 8, 2019 Teresa 0

With nothing much to keep his attention now that he has completed both the spellcaster aspirations, Lex decides to try to complete the Beach Life aspiration.  He tries to get a suntan but instead he just burns.

Odyssey: Caring for Others, Chapter 2

November 4, 2019 Teresa 0

Brigitte starts off this update by asking Lex for some play time.  For those counting along at home, they are generation 7 and they are working on bringing in generation 8.

Cracked, Chapter 5

October 30, 2019 Teresa 0

Cherry is back from her visit with the aliens, and she is starving.  Thankfully she could afford to order a couple of plasma packs from online sources.

Cracked, Chapter 4

October 28, 2019 Teresa 0

The first attempt crashed and burned when the caretaker died in an unfortunate accident in the swimming pool.  So, it is time to try again.  Some things won’t change, and some things will.

Cracked, Chapter 3

October 25, 2019 Teresa 0

Back again to see if the nuts can manage to function, and maybe Pistachio will be able to complete her first aspiration. If she ever wakes up.

Cracked, Chapter 2

October 21, 2019 Teresa 0

The challenge continues as the morning of the second day dawns.  Everyone is still doing their thing, and today Pistachio is going to get focused on the painting aspiration.  They need simoleans in the bank in order to pay the bills, and you know, eat.