Texas Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge: Completed 2/28/08

(Pictures were deleted but posting from the old Boolprop forums to keep the record of completion)

I will be logging/blogging my challenge story within this thread. Comments are always welcome – and remember to vote for the winner πŸ˜‰

I have decided to include the bonuses for Bon Voyage, Nightlife, and University, along with the mini-challenges of the Boolprop Naming Scheme and the Golden Trio.


Our founder is Kitty Katt. Kitty is Aries (7/6/5/2/5) with a Family aspiration and the LTW to reach her Golden Anniversary.

Kitty’s new home – stripped bare of everything in order to get it under 20,000 simeoleons.

Kitty could only afford a toilet and a recliner … and she did not like the recliner.

Kitty walked downtown to meet the locals – and of course she had to think Kennedy Cox was the best thing around.
Kennedy is a Scorpio (6/5/8/3/3) with the Fortune aspiration with the LTW to earn 100,000 simeoleons (boy did he join the wrong family) and has a job as a Slacker 😯

Fishing during a storm = bad idea …

Getting to business, pregnancy #1 gave birth to Bandera. Bandera is a Virgo (10/2/8/2/3)

Pregnancy #2 gives birth to Ozona. Ozona is Aries (9/10/9/3/1). This is the only picture I have of Ozona as a toddler with her facing the camera.

Running into some problems with pregnancy #3, it took about a week to finally get the lullaby. Odessa is a clone of Ozona in personality but not in looks Aries 9/10/9/3/1). Bad thing about being the youngest – sometimes everyone forgets about you sitting in the high chair.

Kennedy was bottoming out and in the red constantly (Fortune sims in founding generation = bad) so he checked out the new machine he found in the backyard and afterwards he realized how hungry he was…

Happy Birthday Kitty – first thing she did was retire and make the plans for the family to go on their first vacation…

Kennedy spent a lot of time digging for treasure, then he spent a week filling in all the holes.

I thought I had a picture of all 15 flamingoes, however this is the only one I can find. I missed Bandera’s teen birthday and she grew up in front of the house while working on her homework.

Next time on The Texas Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge…
…vacation and Bigfoot
…university and pool tricks
…dates and grilled cheese


Three Lakes vacation did not go well, the family was tired and grouchy and itchy.

Meeting Bigfoot at a campfire

Coming back from the rafting trip with a severe case of poison ivy

Once home, Bandera as the new heiress, learns to the xylophone trick

Then heads off to college where she promptly gets new clothes and a makeover

and then meets her future husband, making friends extremely quickly (3 bolts), and then moves him in. Meet Keith Creelman, Leo 4/10/4/4/3, with a Popularity aspiration and LTW to own 5 top business (not happening)

Bandera changes her aspiration to Grilled Cheese and Keith follows her lead. 4 years of grilled cheese sandwiches and lots of this…

Graduation finally arrives and both graduate with a 4.0 GPA summa cum laude in Philosophy. Bandera gets a party, Keith calls for a taxi.

Back at home, Odessa grows up and moves out to college with Ozona.

Kennedy has a birthday and lots of flamingoes.


Bandera and Keith got married and then went right to work bringing in the 2nd generation…

First to be born was Liberty

then came Paris

and last came Reno. 6 pregnancies and he is the very first boy to be born into the family. Reno spent a lot of time in his bed, mostly because he kept getting forgotten. Even potty trained it makes for stinky diapers when he can’t get out of the bed to use the potty.

THe flamingo garden has been updated for the 2nd generation

Middle child syndrome – while Reno was never let out of the baby bed, Paris was never put in it to sleep

The kids are growing up…

Kitty started a garden before she died and it is now up to the girls to keep it alive.

Glowing grilled cheese sandwiches. These will be the last ones made also as I am not going to continue the Nightlife bonus – really really tired of cheese

Kitty meets Grim first and her thoughts are of her granddaughter

The girls are now teens (Reno has a few more days and then the poll will be posted)

For the record, no one mourned when Kitty and Kennedy passed. NO ONE. This shot of Kennedy was right before Grim showed up for him and I had to tell him to mourn. For such good parents and grandparents someone should have cried.

The end of the founding generation comes with the passing of Kennedy. He was not happy to go either.

First ghost appearance comes the night Kennedy passes.

Reno meets his future possible wife – if he is chosen heir. Love the look on her face when he tried to talk to her. If one of the girls is chosen they will find their spouse in college.

Join us tomorrow, same time, same channel – the family will be taking their 2nd vacation shortly, an heir/heiress will be chosen and sent to college and someone will be learning the xylophone trick. The last generation will bring triplets, Bigfoot, a zombie, more vacations, and lots more flamingoes.

A few more pictures taken while waiting for Reno to have his birthday…

First social bunny this challenge

Liberty and Alvin

Reno shows off his muscles


To start off this update the family went on a vacation. This is the 2nd vacation of the challenge counting for the Bon Voyage bonus.

Did not know they could woohoo in the hammock…

While Bandera and Keith were otherwise occupied, Reno took a tour.

Home from the vacation Reno learns the xylophone trick for the University bonus.

achieves his LTW of earning 100,000 simoleons

and then heads off to college.

Before leaving there is a double birthday as both Bandera and Keith become elders

Reno will be getting new clothes first thing now that he is at college.

Perma-plat and energizer makes college easy – boring still though

So after doing his term paper

Reno heads off on a mini-vacation by himself where he meets a new friend

He wins at log rolling

and after a few more tours he heads back to college. Once he gets back he invites his new sweety over for a visit and a kiss

They have a great time and he proposes before she leaves promising to marry her as soon as he graduates.

Smustle time…

a streaker…

a best selling novel…

and then graduation and time to move home – into very ugly clothes

and I will leave you with his new look. Next update will include marriage, triplets, zombies, and more bigfoot…

Just a little update as the last generation has just been born. Still a lot to do before they become adults (but not tonight ;))

Reno and Tracy get married without wasting any time

And then get together in the hot tub during the wedding party (roof rasier party ;).

Then they were off on their honeymoon where I figured out she must already be pregnant since her motives stayed in the red the entire time.

so she slept…

and she slept…

and she drank some juice…

And as she was from the Twikki Islands, she taught the guests how to hula.

As soon as they arrived home she realized she was pregnant

Time for baby (babies?)

Baby #1 being handed off to Reno

Baby #2 being born in the bathroom

Baby #3 born in the nursery

Nice that both gradparents are still alive and retired and Tracy will not be getting a job until the kids are older.

And yes Reno they are all yours

funny shot I thought…

and a shot of the flamingo garden after the babies birth

3rd Generation Update

This generation began with triplets being born for the Golden Trio Challenge.

For this challenge first each of the triplets have to train all 3 of their toddler skills – talk, walk, potty.




Potty time (maybe I should have more than 1 potty..??)

Toddlers worked hard to learn all their skills – too bad they cant get in and out of the baby bed themselves.
This one needs to be IN bed
This one did not get OUT in time
Needing to sleep and eat, hmmm

DInner time (and the only time they were on the same schedule. Generally Pharr did his own thing, in his own time.)

Another dancer

As children, the trio must max out 3 skills and 3 interests. Gotta love the bookcase reward… But I hate the process for increasing interests.
Mechanical / Logic / Charisma
Travel / Sci Fi/ Paranormal

Cooking / Logic / Charisma
Animals / Toys / Sports

Logic / Creativity / Cleaning
Food / Entertainment / School

Around this time Tracy gives birth to another little boy – Orange Creelman.

As all of the time is being spent on the triplets, Orange is seriously ignored. He learned his skills as a toddler because I am OCD about that, but this is the only picture I have of him.

The house is full until someone dies. Oh speaking of that… Keith gets eaten by the cowplant…

…and Bandera makes a deal to bring him back…

OOPS (zombie point for University bonus)

Then Bandera dies from old age.

…and having achieved the zombie point, Keith once again meets the cowplant…

RIP Bandera and Keith

As teens the triplets must complete thr trifecta of getting into private school, getting A+ report cards, and reaching the top of the teen career. They all were admitted to private school and had A+ grades by the time they became teens.

Odem Creelman
LTW Reach Golden Anniversary
reached the top of Music career

Pharr Creelman
Professional Party Guest
reached the top of the Slacker career

Cotulla Creelman
Woohoo 20 sims
after getting fired from the Gamer career, she reached the top of the Medicine career

As teens they have to make 3 best friends outside of the family and earn 3,000 simoleons in addition to the trifecta.
The first one to achieve the 3 best friends was Cotulla. Her friends are Elmer Miguel, Amar Hamilton, and Brandon Hiatt. Having made 3,000 simoleons from her job, and earning 4,750 in scholarships, Cotulla left for college. (Not sure if the 3,000 is supposed to be in scholarships or earnings so I did both).

Odem has made 1 best friend so far – Melody Tinker, while Pharr has made 2 best friends – Amanda Gray and Derek Vijayakar.
Pharr and Amanda (only one I got picture of…)

While all of this was going on, Reno was working on getting all 45 travel memories. He currently only lacks learning to travel like a ninja and needs 1 more tour from Twikki Island.
wrong answer..??
learning to fire dance
making friends
learning a story

Weird picture of the day – this is Paris from generation 2. Paris is sitting in the college bin and has not been played since leaving the house. Not only is she here, uninvited, she is doing the Smustle without any music 😯 And this is the one I am thinking about using to start my next legacy…

Orange becomes a teen – Capricorn 10/6/3/7/7 – Fortune LTW Space Pirate

and he is off to college…

Pharr is the next one to get his 3 best friends with Cherry Pasang

He tried to make friends with Melody Tinker using the voodoo doll but wanted to be best friends with Cherry more.

Then with 4,750 in scholarships and just breaking the 3,000 simoleons from working he left for college.

Finally Odem makes best friends with Kaylynn Gibson and Shelby Lewis.

After taking a nap by the front door…

and collecting 4,000 in scholarships and 3,000+ from working, Odem is off to college.

There was a very surprised look on Tracy’s face, however noticing what she just finished doing, she shouldn’t have been surprised.

baby #5 and the last one for this family and challenge

and we welcome Mercedes to the family

At this point the trio will be starting college. Orange will sit in the simbin with the other spares for the time being. The triplets have the task ahead to learn the xylophone trick and complete college. Prior to graduation they will go on a family vacation and Reno will learn to teleport. AND someone must bring home Bigfoot.

Current status
-For finishing the challenge and posting it to the exchange/your blog/a thread/etc. (3 Points)

University Bonus
-The heir/ess for each generation must go to and complete college. (3 Points, 1 Point for each heir/ess)
Bandera, Reno
-Heir/ess for each generation must be able to do the xylophone trick shot (using the pool table) by adulthood. (3 Points, 1 Point for each heir/ess)
Bandera, Reno, Triplets
-For creating a zombie. (3 Points)

Bon Voyage 9 POINTS
-Take the entire household on a vacation once a generation starting with the birth of first generation. (3 Points, 1 Point for each generation)
Gen 1 (Kitty, Kennedy, Bandera, Ozona, Odessa), Gen 2 (Bandera, Keith, Liberty, Paris, Reno), Gen 3 (Reno, Tracy, Alvin, Odem, Pharr, Cotulla, Orange, Mercedes)
-For having one member of the bloodline earn all vacation mementos. (3 Points)
-For obtaining a bigfoot. (3 Points)
Reno brought home Alvin Bigfoot

BoolProp Naming Scheme (10 Points)

The Golden Trio (10 Points)

accomplished, achieved, ceased, closed, completed, concluded, consummated, done, ended, executed, finalized, fulfilled, over, performed, realized, through, tied up, worked out, wound up, wrapped up

Last update for The Texas Wacky Boolprop Challenge

Reno finished up earning all of the travel memories and brought home Bigfoot – Alvin Bigfoot to be precise. And for the record it took him 7 tries to learn to teleport. Apparently he was not worthy on the first 6 tries…

Generation 3 went to Takemizu for their family vacation. Good thing the family owns a vacation home as there were 8 that went on the vacation.

Bon Voyage bonus completed
As a note, Bigfoot comes with all skills maxed out AND gold badges in everything. He will get promoted just about every day and will bring home a “gift” for the family every day (in my experience anyway).

In addition to this chair, he brought home a coffee maker, a microwave, and an expresso machine.

Mercedes was the last child born in the family and once she became a teen she left for college where she will sit in the simbin with all of the other spares.

Mercedes liked Bigfoot so much she wanted to look like him 😯 and always wanted to wear her brown PJs.

and of course Mercedes would autonomously smustle…

All children in the challenge went to private school

Reno and Tracy reached their elder years a few days before the Golden Trio returns from college. They both immediately retired from their jobs and spent the rest of their time dancing with each other.

Oops, Alvin brought home a co-worker and forgot to send him away. Now it is too late – hopefully he wasnt anyone that would be missed at work shifty

Golden Trio went and completed college (I get bored at college so tend to play it on speed 3, so not many pictures)

All three learned the xylophone trick the first year or two in college.

The rest of the time they were on free will (after they completed their term paper). They all graduated with 3.9 GPA.




University bonus completed

I just love this Mustang – reminds me of mine except it is the wrong color πŸ˜›

Family picture as the challenge ends
Alvin Bigfoot
Reno and Tracy
Odem, Pharr, Cotulla

And one last shot of the Flamingo Garden

And there ends the challenge. As far as I can tell I did not miss anything for the University and Bon Voyage bonus in addition to completing the Golden Trio and the BOOLPROP naming scheme.


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