2020.2 Townie Skill-a-Thon

This is the second challenge in the Tournament at Carl’s Forums for 2020.

Townie Skill-a-Thon

January 27 – February 16, 2020

Goal: The Sims we create are great at maxing skills on their own, but this challenge will require you to move into Townie homes and have the entire household max your chosen skills.


Maxed Skills: You get 100 points for each skill maxed by a household.

HM – Household Multiplier: Everyone starts with a multiplier of 1.00. For each household member that maxes a skill (including your Sim), add .01 to the multiplier.

Total: Multiply your Maxed Skills amount by your Household Multiplier to get your Total.

  • Before moving into any household (including your first household), you must max a unique skill — all skill panel skills are allowed.
  • You must become good friends with one of the Sims in the household you wish to move into before moving in.
  • Your Sim cannot gain more than level 1 in a skill before you designate that as the skill to be maxed for the household.
  • All households you move into must be occupied with Townies or premade Sims.
  • The only items you can purchase are extra beds for your Sim and skill objects.
  • All Sims in the household must max the unique chosen skill before your Sim can move to a new household.
  • If there is a child and you choose a skill they cannot max you must wait till the child has aged up and maxed the skill before moving.
  • The challenge ends on Week 4, Sunday, 8 a.m.

Tarah Tucker

  • Traits: Genius, Outgoing, Cheerful
  • Aspiration: Nerd Brain

Tarah Tucker, Photography

Tarah moves into an empty lot in Oasis Springs and begins working on mastering the photography skill. It is five levels and goes quickly.

When she is almost done mastering photography, she heads over to meet her future roommates. Moira Fyres is waiting outside, so Tarah greets her and then begins taking pictures.

Because she takes pictures of Moira, they are soon best friends.

Once photography is mastered (Sunday at 9:30 am), it is time for Tarah to make her first move.

Tarah asks Moira if she can move in, and of course Moira is happy for her new best friend to come stay with them.

100 x 1.01 = 101 points

Fyres, Selvadoradian Culture

The Fyres household consists of Moira and Dominic, and their daughters, Siobhan and Morgan. They will all be mastering Selvadoradian Culture.

They get a group chat going and begin learning about the culture.

Morgan is the first to master the skill, and she is sent home so that I don’t have to watch her.

Moira masters the skill second and heads home.

Tarah is third…

And Dominic and Siobhan finish at the same time.

Tarah heads over to the next house and meets Summer Holiday.

They takes several pictures together and become really good friends.

In fact, you could say they are now best friends. Tarah asks Summer if she can move in, and of course that answer is yes. It is Sunday evening at 5:27 pm.

200 x 1.06 = 212 points

BFF Household, Vampire Lore

Tarah moves in with the BFF Household – Summer Holiday, Travis Scott, and Liberty Lee. They will be mastering the Vampire Lore skill.

Everyone settles in for a day of reading.

As they finished the first book, they all called and took the next day off from work. They must keep reading.

Travis has tried to join the girls several times, but he never gets the empty seat and always ends up sitting by himself.

They staged a mutiny and went to bed. When they get up, there will be eating and peeing and then they will begin reading again. They are all at level 10 or 12 (Tarah), and starting the third book.

Travis was the first one to finish reading. That surprised me. He was sent to bed so that he didn’t distract anyone else, and so he would stay out of my way.

Tarah finished up just afterwards. She cleaned up all the dirty dishes and then she went to sleep in preparation of the next house.

Liberty finish third leaving Summer to bring up the tail.

Everyone in the household has now mastered Vampire Lore. It is Monday evening at 6:50 pm.

300 x 1.10 = 330 points

Caliente, Bowling

It is time for Tarah to move on to the next household. She heads over to the Caliente household and Don is the only one there.

She does the picture taking thing

It isn’t long before she becomes best friends with Don. That is followed by moving in and they are ready to begin.

Everyone that is supposed to work, takes a day of vacation. Katrina is in the middle of her shift, so she is going to take a performance hit, but Tarah is hoping to be gone by morning.

The household takes a trip to the bowling alley. Oasis Springs Dust Bowl, a Maxis created lot. With more than one bowling lane.

Everyone lines up to begin bowling, and they are one lane short. They chat too much when playing together, so Tarah is sent back to the house until a lane opens up.

Katrina stays focused most of the time.

Nina would much rather chat with the audience than bowl continually.

And, Don is the first one to master the skill. He is sent home and Tarah is summoned back.

Katrina finishes up second and heads home.

Dina masters the skill and she is glad to go home.

Nina was able to eventually master the skill, and then she headed for home.

Tarah is the last one to finish up – because she had to wait for Don to finish.

She has to take a break to pee and get something to eat. Then it is back to the bowling.

Stop! Talking!!

Finally, Tarah has mastered the skill. She is exhausted so it is time to head back to the house. She will get some sleep before moving to the next house. They finished up Tuesday evening at some point. I forgot to write it down.

400 x 1.15 = 460 points

Partihaus, Dancing

Tarah sleeps through the night, then she gets up a little before 3am to get something to eat, and take care of her needs. She will be moving to the next house as soon as she is ready.

Tarah enjoys a nice relaxing, rather focusing, bath as she gets ready to move on.

At the Partihaus, the first sim Tarah meets is Jade Rosa.

Pictures and friendship happen.

Best friends are made and moving in comes next.

Then, everyone takes vacation that has to work today, and they begin a long dance party. Everyone starts dropping and they peel off to the potty and then to claim a bed. Tarah will be sleeping with Jade since they are best friends. The dance party will begin again in the morning.

It actually takes a little bit of time get master dancing. Jade is the first one to finish. She is followed by Marcus, then by Tarah.

Paolo and Eva are slow learners and they have to take a break to get some sleep before finishing up. Paolo gets it done, leaving Eva to bring up the rear. It is Friday morning at 5am.

500 x 1.20 = 600 points

Karaoke Legends, Singing

Tarah meets Darling and goes through the motions.

They take pictures;

They become best friends; and then Tarah realizes that Darling is a teen and she can’t invite her to move in.

So, Tarah meets Miko and starts over.

They take pictures;

They become best friends and then they become roommates.

They begin their singing practice. The one thing going for this household is they already have high levels of singing skill. Darling is level 9, Akira is level 7, and Miko is level 8. Tarah is only one that will be starting from the beginning.

After standing, and sitting, around in the apartment singing, they decided to go to the karaoke bar downstairs.

Darling was the first to master singing, and then she went home.

Everyone eventually quit singing because they were hungry, and had to pee, and wanted to sleep. But once they got up, they were back to the singing. Miko was second to master the skill, and then she went to work.

Akira and Tarah tried to sing a duet, but apparently they can’t be queued up. So Akira practiced and Tarah sand solo.

Here is what is sad. Akira started at level 7 and he is midway through level 9 now. Tarah has gone from no skill to level 8 in the same amount of time.

Finally. Akira has mastered the skill, and now it is down to Tarah.

Tarah camps out in the living room and continues singing. And singing. And singing.

Food and the toilet are allowed, but she is almost there so she is having to suck it up on the energy. She can sleep later.

OMG, that was painful. She finally masters singing Tuesday morning at 10am. It is Week 2.

600 x 1.24 = 744 points

Straud, Pipe Organ

It is time for Tarah to move on, so she heads over to Vlad’s house. She is able to introduce herself, and then she passes out. So, she is going to take a quick nap.

When she wakes up, she has enough energy to make friends with Vlad.

Best Friends, and now roommates.

Vlad already has the pipe organ mastered, so this is all about Tarah.

But first she must sleep.

To keep Vlad out of my hair, he is sent to hibernate.

Calvin tries to welcome Tarah to the neighborhood, but they ignore him, and eventually he leaves.

I really spaced out on this one. While Vlad hibernated below, Tarah played and played and played. She took breaks to eat a sandwich, to use the toilet, and to get some sleep. She finally mastered the pipe organ on Saturday at 12:35pm. It is the end of the second week.

700 x 1.26 = 882 points

Rasoya, Cooking

Whoops. Today is Talk Like a Pirate Day, and apparently Avast There Villain is not the right choice.

Despite Tarah’s rude greeting, Raj makes nice.

They do the pictures for the friendship.

Then they become best friends and Tarah moves in with Raj. Hopefully this won’t be as bad as the last two households. Once again, Raj has already mastered Cooking, so this will be all about how quickly Tarah can master Cooking.

She begins cooking. This is the first skill where she had already acquired something, but it was less than half of level 1 so she is good to go.

Geeta the ghost comes out to check on what is happening. She was supposed to still be alive so they could get a multiplier for her, but all the initial elders are dead now, so there’s that.

Geeta keeps chatting with Tarah, which is slowing her down.

Tarah cooks until she collapses. She is able to get to level 7 before she has to sleep. She should be able to master cooking “today”.

Raj takes his turn at distracting Tarah from her goal. But she perseveres and masters Cooking on Monday at 2am.

800 x 1.28 = 1,024 points

Lobo, Gourmet Cooking

Tarah looks at her list and moves Gourmet Cooking to the top. It is time to meet Diego.



Tarah begins cooking, gourmet cooking that is.

Diego has level 5 in gourmet cooking, but he can’t actually cooking anything until his regular cooking is at level 5. So he is remedial cooking to level 5. Then he switches to gourmet cooking. This is going fairly fast and they should be done soon.

No one sleeps until gourmet cooking has been mastered. Tarah literally just needs to finish the food on the stove and she will master.

Diego is struggling with the last few percentage points to mastery.

Really struggling.

They have completed gourmet cooking at 5am on Wednesday morning.

900 x 1.30 = 1,170 points

Pizzazz, Media Production

Tarah does another evaluation of her list, compared against the challenge ending in four days. She decides that she and Penny are going to work on Media Production.


And again.

The girls get setup in Penny’s very cramped studio apartment. There was just enough room to get both tables setup. Thankfully this is a 5-level skill, so hopefully it will go quickly.

The girls have to take a break for Harvestfest. Well, they took a break for food, and because they are being worked really hard.

Tarah reaches mastery and she is done. Not just with the skill, but the entire challenge. She wants out.

She heads downstairs to see if she can make some happy and eat some food.

She gets a Mapo type meal that requires chopsticks, which is taking a lot of work. While she was downstairs eating, Penny finally mastered Media Production. It is Friday afternoon at 1:30 pm. This took much longer than we expected.

1,000 x 1.32 = 1,320 points

Bjergsen, Painting

One last household to invade. One more, because the time is almost up. She has just a little over 24 hours to see if it is possible to master painting with the digital sketchpad. She picks the next family at random – looking for the largest family still alive. The Bjergsens were selected mostly because Alexander Goth grew up into awful hair and clothes, and I don’t want to look at it for 36 hours.

Last time for the pictures.

Last time for the best friend.

Everyone grabs a sketchpad and gets busy. Bjorn and Clara had slipped out to work before they could be stopped, but they will be joining the girls when they return home.

So much chatter while they digitally paint.

Everyone is home, and I am done. They are calling it quits 26 hours before the deadline. But I doubt they would master painting in that time. And for Tarah, this is the household where she will remain. In perpetuity.


The challenge has ended and Tarah is adding up her points.

Maxed Skills: 10 households (unique skills) x 100 = 1,000

Household Multiplier (HM): 1.0 + [32 sims sims x .01] = 1.32

Total: [1,000] * [1.32] = 1,320


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