Townie Tales Dynasty, Generation 1.1

While I am on a roll making founders and setting up new challenges to play during 2021, I decide to give the Ten-Gen Townie Dynasty a try. There is a lot of setup for this dynasty, but it will be started with an existing premade sim, which is a different approach.

Ten-Gen Townie Dynasty


Your goal is to produce a Sim who is the descendant of 10 different families living in Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, and other Sim towns. You’ll start with a childless premade YA townie (or teen or child immediately aged up to YA or adult or elder immediately aged down to YA). Your founder will have 10 days in which to marry and move in with an unmarried childless townie and produce an heir. Before moving your Sim out, he or she must put together a 10-item unique collection and paint or photograph each of the Sims in the household. Each YA heir thereafter will also have 10 days in which to marry and move in with an unmarried childless townie and produce an heir, after amassing a 10-item unique collection and painting or photographing every member of the household.

I decided to start with Christie Sigworth, who has to be aged up from child to young adult before starting. Her traits as a young adult are Active, Loves Outdoors, and Materialistic. She also takes the Bodybuilder aspiration. Christie lives with her parents Dylan and Jess in StrangerVille.

Christie has ten days to complete the initial requirements, but not really ten days since she has to have a baby within that time frame also. So her goal is to get the photos and collection done in the next two days (by end of day on Monday).

Christie takes her parents down to the photography studio from Maxis located in Magnolia Promenade. While they are there, she gets a good picture of both of her parents.

Then she heads over to the museum to hang the portraits up. She is limited to adding a selfie of herself since she can’t take a nice big photograph of herself. Now to figure out what to collect. She needs ten items in the collection.

Since I haven’t played with the new Star Wars pack yet, and Christie has a few days to spare, she decides to try collecting something from there. “Lightsabers use the fitness skill to determine your ability with them.” Lightsaber Parts it is, since Christie will be working on fitness as her unique, designated skill in the next part of the dynasty. Christie leaves Jess and Dylan at home and she heads off to see what is what.

After some serious thoughts, Christie starts off in the Black Spire Outpost. She is given decent clothes upon arrival, other than I hate the shoes. She also receives her first mission: Welcome to Batuu.

She asks around to figure out what is going on and makes the acquaintance of some scoundrels. And even meets Hondo himself.

Hondo asks for a favor, and Christie doesn’t see any harm in doing what she can. Of course, everywhere she goes, the dudes in the plastic white armor are checking IDs.

It takes me way to long to find the thing Christie was supposed to do for Hondo. I am going to blame Christie’s exhaustion.

Finally it is done and she has progressed to rank 1 with the scoundrels. She stops for something to eat and drink and then I send her out to work on a lightsaber.

Too cool.

She challenges another sim to a contest, which she loses. And she is done in Batuu, because I am done in Batuu.

Back at the museum, she lays out the scans that she picked up – these are the Batuu reports and they are virtually worthless. Almost worthless. Each one is worth §1. That is it. She gets to count ten of them, which means her contribution to the museum is §10 for the collection and §37 for the photos.

Back home, Christie needs sleep before starting the next step – finding someone to marry so she can get the hell out of town.

The next morning, Christie has a conversation with Jess. She is off to find a mate and doesn’t plan on coming back.

Then she is off. There is only one sim that is unmarried and childless and lives alone. So, she is going to start with Diego Lobo.

Diego is fairly easy and he quickly falls for Christie’s charms. She is even successful in her proposal.

Before planning the wedding, Christie needs to do something fun because her trip to Batuu completely tanked her needs.

Once she is good to go, they schedule the wedding to take place at Center Park. The guests are Christie’s parents, and they hire a caterer, mixologist, and musician.

I am surprised because they got the gold medal once they got married. None of the side quests were necessary. So, they end the party early, Christie moves in with Diego, and it is time to start earning points.

Christie and Diego head back to his apartment – lot traits are Romantic Fireplace, Study Spot, and Good Schools. Diego is uncontrollable, but for the record he is Hot-Headed, Art Lover, and Snob. His aspiration is to become Fabulously Wealthy. Christie has a total of 100 aspiration points to her name, and they have §32,500 in household funds as they begin their lives.

They celebrate their marriage and Christie quickly discovers she is pregnant. It is Tuesday evening so the baby will be born Friday evening – Day 6.

Christie needs to work on her aspiration while she still can. So they head down to the gym to get in some hours.

Diego wimps out early, but Christie is determined to earn some points.

Back at the apartment, I remember why I don’t normally have my sims live in apartments. It is difficult to get pictures without ending up across town, and for some reason my game is stuttering. It shouldn’t be because I have a really good computer, but there we are.

Christie soothes her muscles and then it is back on the treadmill.

She stops long enough to greet her neighbors. Lily Feng is the only one that showed up.

Aww, damn. I was trying to get her to bed, but between the stuttering and her determination to eat first, Christie loses a point for passing out in the hallway.


This (above) ended up becoming a playtest as I decided something needed to be done differently (I hate dealing with the apartments in San Myshuno) and I was several days in at that point (too late to have her not marry Diego).

So, I am now starting over, and decided to just add to the end of this post. I rebuilt the town and this time I saved a template. Lesson #1. I decided I still want to start with Christie, so she was aged up to young adult again. Since her traits for the last attempt were randomized originally, I let her keep the same ones for this attempt. Since she was allowed to keep the same traits, she also had to keep the same aspiration. She is Active, Loves Outdoors, and Materialistic, and her aspiration is to become a Bodybuilder. Her starting makeover was similar to before – I like this hair on her because of her unique facial features and bat like ears. But she got different clothes, all premade outfits this time.

Christie needs to get pictures of her parents for the museum and then she needs to collect her collectibles. I am taking this slowly as I am not sure yet if she is going back to Batuu. She takes a bunch of selfies to get her skill up to level 4, and then she takes her parents to the photography studio in Magnolia Promenade for official portraits.

After getting the portraits done, Christie drags her parents with her to the Townie Family Museum. While I added Maxis made lots for some of the other options, the museum and cemetery is a combination of Maxis and me. The cemetery is actually a Maxis made park called Garden of Hot ‘N Heavy, which was then modified by me to add a wishing well and art easel. All of the graves will be added as well. Once we have graves. The museum up front is all mine. Simple rectangle box with a glass roof. These are on the same lot, the park was tiny and fit perfectly behind the museum.

Inside, Christie hangs up the photos of her parents and includes a selfie of herself. Now to find or make some collectibles to add to the exhibit.

Christie looks around at her hometown, and there is literally nothing collectible. She considers completing the StrangerVille Mystery, but decides against it since she can’t change her aspiration. So she makes her decision and she is off…


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