Townie Tales Dynasty, Generation 1.2

Christie heads to Batuu because I still have the urge to play through the Star Wars pack. Her randomized costume this time is decent so there won’t be any changes.

She begins by scanning the random crap for the collection. Initially, that was her only plan.

She hits up all three locations trying to find all of the scannable items. She doesn’t get a lot of sleep and finally crashes. Thankfully these do not count against her yet. So many thanks for that fact by the time she is done.

She realizes that she can’t get to two of the scannable items, as they are in the resistance bunker. So she takes some missions to level up her rank. She also makes a point to make friends with each of the leaders.

Nothing to see here, move along.

As she begins to rank up with the resistance, the First Order begins to get pissed off at her.

Arrested for questioning.

Being questioned.

Umm, sure. Mom, you should definitely try for a baby. With Dad, right? Christie told her mom to try for that baby, so that will be interesting when she gets home.

Christie even gets to meet Rey.

And she gets to take the X-fighter out for a couple of missions.

As she is trying to steal something from the First Order, Kylo Ren, walks by.

She really needs to steal something out of that specific box. She even tries to use the R-unit to distract them, but that didn’t work out for her.

More passing out. As long as she just stands there, she is fine. The minute she starts messing with the box, a crowd gathers.

She finally figures out that she can distract him while the R-unit disables the lock. Then it is easy-peasy to take the thing.

She heads to the cantina in order to pass off the thing she stole. While she is waiting, she takes a nap. On the floor.

After completing the mission, she heads back to get some sleep.

Finally, she is in the bunker. She gets both scans she needs and she completes the collection.

She could have waited and returned for the last item until she could earn a point for it. But she is over this vacation and wants to go home. She is also running out of time and needs to find a spouse and have a baby soon.

Back home, she sets out everything she collected in the museum. She can only count the value of the scan pads (§1/each) and the pictures of her parents and her selfie for a museum total of §57 so far. Woo!


Well crap. Christie started looking for a spouse and realized that someone (me) forgot to turn off my mods (MCCC). So in the few days that she was exploring Star Wars, everyone got married and moved around. So, starting over once again.

Here we go with attempt #Whatever. It is the third attempt where I have actually uploaded the pictures and written the post. All of the aborted attempts where I hadn’t gotten to the writing part, you will never know or see. Having learned my lesson, I saved the beginning of the play where the Maxis lots have been placed, Christie is a young adult, and she is standing at her parent’s place. So back to beginning. It is 8am Sunday morning, and she gets to start over. Again.

Christie spends the first few hours taking pictures to improve her photography skill to level 4, again. Then she takes her parents to the photography studio for their portraits, again. Dropping her parents off at the house, Christie heads out to meet the two unmarried and childless men in StrangerVille. George Cahill is a elderly man living underground near her parents.

Not sure she wants to live underground, Christie heads up to the top of the nearby hill to meet Mark Eggleston.

Now he, she likes. A lot. Even if he does have two female roommates and the house only has two beds (and seriously needs a makeover because it sucks, EA). He agrees to be her boyfriend, and then she heads off to see how fast she can complete the Star Wars portion again.

That just looks way too hot. Christie heads over to the Dwelling to update her outfit.

Christie tries to get through everything quickly, focusing on the scans, until she reaches the point where she needs access into the resistance bunker. Then she starts taking missions to raise her rank with the Resistance.

She invites Mark to join her because she really needs something fun. Apparently this is the biggest fun-suck known to sim-kind. (Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying Batuu, but knowing she is on a time limit and can’t just play it out is making it not so much fun for Christie).

I am impatient this third time around, so Christie takes a lot of stupid chances. Mark is just oblivious.

She gets into another fight and is hauled off for questioning while trying to break into the box. She lost her dataspike and now she has to find another one in order to finish the mission. I didn’t know until later that she could buy one.

Finally she is done with the missions. She left the last item of the collection for the points, picks up her lightsaber, and heads home. She will come back to complete the collection after she is married and earning points.

She sets up the museum, again. Still sucking on the points, but she knew that going in, at this point. So this is worth §57 and I neglected to have Christie stand in the picture, so that will also be done after she completes the collection.

It is time to move on to the next set of requirements, which means it is time to get married.

With no time to waste, even though it is only Wednesday of the first week, Christie and Mark head to Center Park for their wedding event.

And then they get bugged into a endless loop (wedding never completes) and they both have to be reset twice. Finally they got married directly rather than through the wedding arch, and they got an immediate gold for the event. (This was not a glitch, someone did something at the very beginning that checked off one of the minor tasks so they were at Bronze when they started the ceremony. Completing the ceremony bumped them from Bronze to Gold).

That means the wedding is ended early and they head back to Mark’s house to make sure the next generation is on the way.

She needs to take a pregnancy test but she is so close to passing out, so she is going to sleep first.

The house is Dream Weavers Way in StrangerVille and it gets a cosmetic makeover and a basement is added for Leslie and Alice. They are both moved downstairs leaving the upstairs for Mark and Christie. Excess items are sold, and will be replaced as they settle into the house. Even better, I am able to center the doors that are all off-center. The house isn’t too bad, just poorly decorated. Not sure how they were sleeping before as there were only two beds for the three roommates. But, Christie kicked the roommates to the basement and all is well now.

Mark and Alice settle down for a game of chess. Cool. We added skills objects to work with Alice, Leslie, and Mark’s traits and current level of skills. Alice has the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration but she is currently unemployed. She will be using her time during the free day to get a job. She has high levels of skill in three musical instruments, but she prefers to paint. A music room was added to the basement, so that anyone can play, if they want. Mark is also unemployed and wants to become a Friend of the World. He will most likely be getting a job during the first free day because no one gets a free ride here.

Leslie heads downstairs to one of the two computers in the house and she starts up a new challenge in her Sims game. None of these guys are employed, but soon, soon. Leslie is most likely infected but if so, she is just going to live with it. Unless Christie decides to complete the StrangerVille Mystery. After she completes Bodybuilder. Leslie’s skills are in logic and programming while her aspiration is to become a Bestselling Author. She will probably get a job in the Writing career, even though her skills and preferences seem to be programming and video gaming.


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