Townie Tales Dynasty, Generation 1.3

When Christie has had enough sleep so that she won’t pass out, she gets up to take a pregnancy test. And it is positive. That should put the baby arriving on Saturday evening or Sunday morning – days 7 and 8.

Christie is sleeping a lot, although she has a lot of things to get done. The rest of the household is hanging out down in the basement doing things to build skills, except for Mark.

Leslie is definitely possessed.

With some time built up before she passes out, Christie heads out to the gym to work on her aspiration. She manages to get eight hours in the gym and completes the first milestone of her aspiration. She has two hours to spare before she runs out of energy.

Back at the house, the welcoming committee shows up. Every single one of them is possessed and they are not getting into the house.

The roommates are ignoring the people at the door, but they are used to this in the main, and Leslie is possessed also, so they are kind of familiar with the deal.

Christie gets some sleep and then she heads back to Batuu to pick up the last item of the collection. Two things to note. When she moved out, her collection journal was reset. This really irritates me. But, she has all of the items in the museum. Except, the second thing to note, is that the items in the museum “no longer belong to her”. She adds the last item of the collection to the floor and has her picture taken with them, and then she heads outside to the cemetery.

She was hoping for a promotion from the wishing well, but she got the neutral response – “we would love to promote you but’ oh well, not today”. At least she got a point for that and has earned her first free 24 hours.

10 Points Earned, 24 Free Hours starting Friday 3:45am

As you might have gathered from the last comment, Christie got a job in the Athlete career. Without anything to boost her start, she has to start at level 1, Waterperson. Since the household has 24 free hours, it is time for everyone else to get their jobs also. Mark joins the Science career, Leslie joins the Writer career, and Alice joins the Painter career. After picking a career, they are each set to work on a skill – Leslie is writing books, Alice is painting on the sketchpad, and Mark is heading out to plant a bunch of seeds.

Mark gets everything planted and then spends the day with the plants, getting Gardening up to level 4. He also picked up his first two breakthroughs, so he should be promotion worthy. Alice was productive and completed the first milestone of her aspiration and most of the second one. She is working on emotional paintings but could only get one done before flipping back into inspired. She improved painting up to level 5.

Leslie is the challenge as she was writing books, completing one, and then she had two flairs of the possession, which basically killed her day. She was able to self-publish the book she completed, and she has six more that she is working on. She improved her writing skill to level 3.

This pretty well sums up my mood the past few days, weeks. Alice was able to continue painting after the 24 hour period ended and she completed all of her emotional paintings, thereby completing the milestone.

Since Christie is back to being the only controllable sim, and she is no longer allowed to exercise, she is making figure sketches and posting them on Plopsy. Someone needs to be bringing in cash and the rest of the household still has not been to work. They got their jobs on Friday morning and don’t start work until Monday-ish.

Of course, Christie costs us a point when she has an accident while standing in front of the toilet. Pregnancy is rough, and she better only have one baby in there.

It is soon time for the baby to make an appearance and join the household.

This is the Heiress, Emma Eggleston.

With her fitness restrictions lifted, Christie heads out to jog for two hours in order to improve her fitness (to level 5) and to work on completing the current milestone.

That leaves Mark to figure out what Emma needs and then to take care of it. And he did.

Christie is getting close to completing her aspiration. “Close” being relative – she is closer to the end than she is to the beginning. And then I do believe she will complete the mystery because I am really tired of the possessed sims walking, lurching around.

Mark takes his milk to the tub because that is what all the cool kids do.

He tries to take care of Emma but he fails spectacularly. He never does figure out that she needs her diaper changed.

I got the message that Leslie was overheating, and I found her nowhere near the house. She is the only one that went to work on Sunday and somehow the carpool dropped her off in the middle of nowhere. I decided to leave it up to her – come home and live, and stand here and die.

She came home. Christie is on the last milestone which means she has to master the fitness skill. This is going to take awhile because she is the only one in the house that can figure out what Emma needs.

Monday is a work day for everyone so Christie takes a day of family leave to stay home with Emma. That is fine because Leslie actually earns a promotion.

Yeah, it is 2am and Leslie is going out for a walk. “Walk”

It is time for Emma to become a toddler, and she rolls Independent. It is also the start of their second free 24 hours so Emma is going to get as much done as possible while I can control her. It is a good thing she aged up with all green needs.

The first priority is getting her movement up to level 2 so she can manage the stairs.

10 Points Earned, 24 Free Hours starting Tuesday 4:30 am

Of course, communications is the first skill that Emma masters. It is definitely the easiest and the fastest. Then she heads to the potty to try to get that one mastered also.

Alice has her first promotion, but it was a rough day at work and she is not a happy camper at the moment. Some television ought to fix that mood though.

Emma has to take a break to eat because she is getting hangry.

Thankfully temper tantrums are not negative points, because she has a great one.

Leslie, despite having the aspiration to become a bestselling author, hates writing. She has so many writer’s blocks that she is lucky to get one book written in each 24 hour free period.

And then she sets the stove on fire. I almost had her stand in the fire, but that would have been more lost points. So, she puts out the fire, and then I get to reroute everyone from running away.

They are not doing a good job of building up their cash reserves. They are now §33k poorer than when Christie moved in. Which means, they have earn §63k just to earn a single point for household funds. I am not holding my breath.

Emma did it. She mastered the potty 15 minutes after the 24 hour free period ended. I was able to get her queued up before the window closed, and the girl came through. Now, Christie will be putting her to bed with another story.

Another good thing – passing out by toddlers doesn’t carry a penalty.

Mark earns his first promotion to level 2 Scientist. Go Mark.

And there is another temper tantrum. Apparently she gets bugged on the blocks and won’t quit, and no one can distract her. At the point where her needs were all in the red, then it released her. Might have to get rid of the blocks.

Mark does things, and he actually gets his next two breakthroughs. I have faith in him – maybe he can reach the top of the career without assistance.


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