Townie Tales Dynasty, Generation 1.4

Christie needs two more skill points in Fitness to earn a lot of points. And she really wants to complete the aspiration so that she can switch to the mystery and figure out how to cure Leslie.

No one ever cooks, which is good since the last time Leslie started a fire. But that also means there aren’t any leftovers for Emma to grab.

Alice thinks leftovers are a good idea.

The joys of not being able to cancel actions from the uncontrolled sims. Christie is trying to get Emma to eat, but Emma has called for Mark so she is waiting on him to come pick her up and then check on her.

She ends up in the high chair with chips for her meal instead of the plate of eggs and whatever. I don’t even know where the plate disappeared.

Oh, Christie put it into Emma’s inventory. Which ended up good since Christie is sleeping at the moment and Emma is hungry. The rest of the household is at work. Christie used her last vacation day to avoid hiring a nanny as long as possible.

Alice comes home with a promotion, level 3 painter.

Then she has to pick up and hold Emma for about an hour.

Finally released from Alice’s grasp, Emma goes up and down the stairs a few times – the stuffed animal and potty are upstairs, the stereo is downstairs. At this point, she masters movement. That is three skills for her, leaving imagination and thinking.

While Emma is dancing, Mark and Leslie come home. Leslie has also earned another promotion while Mark is just nauseous.

Everyone wants to hold Emma when they get home from work. Mark beat Leslie to the toddler.

Christie reaches level 9 in fitness and earns another 24 hour free period. This is her third, so they have earned 30 points out of the 100 point goal. Christie heads to bed. When she masters fitness she will earn a lot of points but for now she needs to sleep.

10 Points Earned, 24 Free Hours starting Saturday 2:50 am

First things first, Alice needs to look at paintings in a museum, so they all head out to find a museum. While Alice heads inside to look at paintings, Mark works with Emma on her flash cards and Christie does pushups.

And that is done, and they all head home.

Leslie had a much more productive time than normal, completing three books and starting a fourth.

Emma was sent to make messes to work on imagination and was able to get midway through level 4, Her birthday is on Tuesday so I am hoping for one more free period before that to work on thinking.

And again, so thankful that toddlers passing out does not count as a penalty.

After a nap, Emma is up and back at it. She masters imagination and only has thinking remaining. And she is already at level 2 for that skill. Mark is seeing all of the mess that will now have to be cleaned up.

This is how far Christie is from mastering fitness. (+3 points). Mastering fitness will also complete Bodybuilder. (+2 points). Completing Bodybuilder will bump her points up. (+2 points). Bumping her points up will earn her another free 24 hours.

Well of course she wants the money. I am playing with fame turned off as a default so she won’t get any fame. But that is okay. And then her windfall was all of §456.

Christie is inside making food for the household and Mark just can’t wait. As much as I like having him as a spouse, if he starts a fire I will not have Christie save him.

Emma wakes up pissed and heads downstairs. She is starving.

Wait. WTF are you going?

HAHAHA! Emma went all the way into the basement to wake up Alice. By the time she got there, Alice had woken up and was upstairs.

Finally, Emma gets her priorities straight and finds the food that Christie left sitting out for her.

Christie is working so hard but no one is paying attention to Emma.

Taking a break, even though she is probably minutes away from mastering fitness. Christie gives Emma a bath and gets her into bed.

Then it is back to the treadmill, where she masters fitness and completes her aspiration.

10 Points Earned, 24 Free Hours starting Monday 3:05 am

Christie switches her aspiration to StrangerVille Mystery, which she will begin working on tomorrow. Her new designated skill will be Wellness, if she has a chance to begin learning it.

Emma is up because she needs to potty. Since she is up, she will be working on Imagination.

Alice is queued up to making paintings. She is actually progressing pretty well through the aspiration.

Leslie, well Leslie has her moments. When she isn’t possessed she gets a lot of books written. Then she hits a writer’s block again.

Emma has reached level 3 thinking – and is a Happy Toddler for sure. Her birthday is tomorrow so I am not sure she will get the last skill mastered, but she is trying.

Of course Leslie’s possession kicks in before the 24 hour free period ends, so she is lost to me until the next one. She has done pretty well with writing up to level 7, and she is close to completing the third milestone.

Emma is done. She has been tortured trying to get that last skill mastered.

Christie is trying to push her over the edge to top-notch toddler.

That is not the edge she pushed her over.

I am a mean, mean person. This is Emma, so the bladder and energy failures won’t cost points. But that hunger is a worry.

I can’t control her anymore – she is starving and exhausted, but managed to get herself to the potty in between passing out. She has received the notification that it is her birthday. I believe she has 12 hours before she grows up on her own, but Christie is out of vacation days and won’t be able to stay home with her.

Unless she tries to call in sick. And that is a nope. Calling in sick is not an option, and she has to leave in 30 minutes. For now she is just going to distract Mark away from Emma, so someone can get a little bit of sleep. Everyone has to work so today they will be hiring a nanny.

The nanny is hired when Mark leaves for work, and he has a quiet day.

It is quiet because Emma never wakes up. I am literally watching her hunger waiting for her to wake up.

Ravenous. 17 hours remaining. It is a long day.

Christie comes home (no promotion) and immediately wakes up Emma, and then she goes around repairing crap that is broken. Jess invites herself over.

Finally, Emma is getting some food into her belly.

Christie has a few hours before she passes out, so she runs through the flash cards with Emma.

Then she sets her down to play with the blocks. While Emma is distracted, Christie slips away to get some sleep. She makes it to the bed without passing out, but it was close.

Emma has done it. She has mastered thinking and is a top-notch toddler. She is also not going to get a birthday cake and will be growing up on her own soon.

Christie had to get up to mail off a painting through Plopsy so she put Emma to bed on her way through. For once, everyone in the house is asleep at the same time.


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