Townie Tales Dynasty, Generation 1.5

It is almost time for Emma to have her birthday. She will be growing up by herself because everyone else is sleeping. But, her big girl room is setup and ready.

Oh My Word. She is literally running around the neighborhood like. Running.

Christie makes a birthday cake for Emma and there is a race to get her to the candles before the game can age her up. Christie loses.

Slob. FML. You know Emma is never going to take a bath. Green fumes are the thing now.

Of course, she aged up starving. At least now she can get herself food.

Christie has to head off to work, so she influences Emma to start her homework before she leaves. Then Leslie comes along and helps Emma complete her homework. And Mark fried the computer.

Everyone ended up at work except for Leslie, so she and Emma hung out. And Emma completely pissed Leslie off. Leslie stomped around the house for the rest of the day.

Damnit Christie. This set of 10 points is making it hard on me.

Mark makes up for Christie passing out by coming home with a promotion.

Finally, Emma gets a bath. She had three false starts before she decided to stay in the tub long enough to actually get clean.

Dylan invites himself over. Christie talks to him about StrangerVille and then she quits her job and goes to bed. She is going to work on the mystery tomorrow once she has improved her needs. In the meantime, Emma gets to know her grandpa.

The household heads to bed, leaving Dylan alone with the computers. They are immediately locked to the household only and he leaves.

Today, Christie plans on starting on the StrangerVille Mystery, but first she has to do the Harvestfest things.

The day is going to just suck for everyone that isn’t happy with just the meal. The joys of ISBI play.

Leslie has written a lot of books. This is her daily royalties. They are all children’s books, but she is hoping to write more if they ever get another free day.

Christie is ready to head out. The rest of the household just looks weird. Leaving them here.

Christie does the things and talks to the sims.

She investigates other things.

She stops back at the house to make sure Emma is getting some sleep after her first day of school. No promotions and no improvements in grades. The household is letting us down in earning points.

Christie heads back to the bar for more things.

She is done. Completely done. Not with the aspiration, just with the day. She heads home to get some sleep.

On her way through the house, she influences Emma to do her homework and then leaves Leslie to help her out.

Christie gets some sleep, some food, and takes care of the rest of the needs. As she is getting ready to leave again she notices the vines in the shower. She needs to get going as this is beginning to invade her house.

The strange plants are growing bigger now.

At the secret lab she runs into one of the scientist she met recently. Fancy that.

The rest of the household is basically ignored for the moment. “Moment”. Christie hasn’t been earning points very fast as she is trying to complete this mystery and return the town back to normal.

There are so many broken items in the house. Christie takes time to repair everything and then she gets some sleep.

She has completed the third milestone and is beginning to work on the last milestone.

Christie has to spend some more time at home recovering from her shock. The world is getting really weird and she won’t be able to wait much longer to finish this up.

Back to work, she makes some experimental vaccines to try to cure the townfolk. It takes several tries but she eventually finds the cure.

After making several vaccines, she vaccinates her household, and recruits them to help her finish. Then they all went to work and left her at home. [sigh]

Since she has been slowly accumulating points, she is finally within reach of her next free 24 hours. So, she starts on her next designated skill while she waits for them to come home.

10 Points Earned, 24 Free Hours starting Monday 10:53 am

While waiting for the rest of the household to get home from work, Christie helps Emma with her school project. Emma also does both her homework and her extra credit work.

The Mystery has been solved and Christie completed the second aspiration. She almost died. This is the first time my sim has not won the fight on the first attempt. I blame her housemates, who were late joining the fight.

Everyone heads home, feeling great that the mystery is solved. Leslie is excited about the fact that she is no longer possessed.

Mark ages up as they are walking out. That means Leslie will be next followed by Alice. No cakes for anyone because I don’t feel like it. And I still get to control everyone for a few more hours.

Wait for me!

10 Points Earned, 24 Free Hours starting Tuesday 10:53 am

They are able to get a second 24 free hours just before the current one ends. Of course, once again, everyone is at work or school. But they now have 60/100 points and Emma still has 7 days as a child plus 13 days as a teen, so there is plenty of time to reach 100 before she becomes a young adult.

Christie takes a break from her yoga to clean the house, while it is empty. I realize how much I like having a daily maid, and might have to consider that when we get closer to 100 points.

Leslie comes home early from work, and takes a performance hit, in order to age up. But she also earned a promotion too, so whatever EA.

Emma earns an A so she is set to become a teen and start with a B.

Yeah, I didn’t really get bored, but the points are coming fairly quickly, and I am not worried about that. So, Christie is going to have another baby and continue to stay home.

Deciding to splurge just a bit, Christie hires a caterer to come and, hopefully, stock the fridge with leftovers. He doesn’t do a bad job, so that was money and points well spent.

Since today is Winterfest, Christie puts up a tree and puts the presents so everyone can come open one. They are all queued up, so will be here as they get to it.

Emma gets another milestone completed and only has the last milestone remaining. It is possible I will have control of her one more time before her birthday.

Mark is sent to the chess table since we are not working on his aspiration – Friend of the World.

Alice is sent out to work on paintings.

Leslie is supposed to be writing another book. She finishes playing her game and then completes a book, which is now sitting in her inventory waiting for the next day of control so she can publish it.

Christie gets a mini break while I control the others. She can’t work on wellness because she is pregnant – how stupid is that?

Alice has her birthday while finishing up the last painting.

And I no longer have control, so Emma is left downstairs practicing.

Christie joins Mark for a game and the chess bug kicks in (they begin looping at a certain point and never complete the game). This is something I have just started experiencing in the last month. Since the Batuu release I believe.

Father Winter comes that evening and Emma is the only one that hasn’t reached gold for the holiday. Unfortunately, I can’t help her ask him for a present.

But, Christie can call the family down to all open more presents together.

For those that have read my stories before, once the tree goes up it never comes down. So it is setup somewhere visible but out of the way.

Christie sends Emma off for some volunteering to build her empathy.

Damn Christie. -1

Emma comes home from her volunteering and puts herself in the bath. Maybe she will stay long enough to get rid of the green fumes.

Damn Christie. -1

Mark is trying to balance out Christie’s negative points by earning a promotion today.

Leslie and Alice have actually been good roommates. They are productive during the free days and don’t cause a lot of drama while uncontrolled.

Christie is chatting with them, but she is also in labor, so really not into the socializing.

Eddy joins the family. And I am pretty sure he will be the last baby added to the family.

This is the graphic crap that needs to be fixed during the next update. Eddy looks like he went through the ringer during his birth.

Emma has completed a stretch of volunteering and she is now empathic. Or she will be once she grows up. She also has Responsible in the zone, but her Manners is way in the red because she is a Slob.

Mark does well with Eddy. He is learning.


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  1. I am so glad that I am not the only one with the chess bug! That thing drives me crazy in my Power of 10 Dynasty. So glad that Christie got everyone cured.

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