Townie Tales Dynasty, Generation 1.6

Emma starts this chapter off with more negative points. This has been the roughest set of 10 points so far.

Christie puts Emma to bed even if it is the middle of the day. I also noticed, remembered that today is New Year’s Eve.

While Emma sleeps and Christie yogas, Mark and Alice give Leslie advice on the game she is playing.

Christie wakes up Emma when it is time for watch New Year’s Eve TV. If the sims are in the room with the TV, they will tend to watch the show. I am impressed because no one has had to leave to pee.

Happy New Year, now everyone needs to go to bed.

Mark is doing his job well. He continues to get breakthroughs on his own, setting himself up for his next promotion.

Jess stops by to visit, although Christie is sleeping, but she visits with Leslie and Mark for awhile.

It is time for Eddy to become a toddler – Little Prince Charming.

Christie is getting tired quickly. She is able to get Eddy to level 2 in potty but then she has to go to bed for a nap. No more passing out!

Christie really wants to get some sleep, but first she has to make sure Eddy can get up and down the stairs by himself.

While Christie sleeps, Emma comes home from school and hangs out with Eddy in her room.

Mark is home from work, so Eddy is heading out to say hi. It will take too long and Christie will snag Mark for herself.

It is time to work on Soulmate. I need to have control of the household and this is going to be one of the quickest ways, without having to leave the house.

When she completed her other two aspirations, she bought one trait each time. She is Frugal and a Good Kisser now. That means she is also working on mastering Charisma every time she kisses Mark.

Well, there went a point. That one is on Mark, because after Christie let him go, instead of going to bed he was heading downstairs to dance.

Mark is at work (new day) and Christie is sleeping. She is on the last milestone and only has to perform romantic actions 13 more times. Eddy is the only one awake so at least he is doing something to improve one of his skills.

Christie masters charisma and then she completes Soulmate.

10 Points Earned, 24 Free Hours starting Tuesday 9:19 pm

While the last set of points went slow, the next set are going to go quickly. After completing Soulmate, Christie switched to Fabulously Wealthy and completed the first three tiers instantly. That is +4 for aspiration points and +2 for a completed aspiration. Then Eddy mastered the potty (+2) and Emma mastered creativity (+2)

10 Points Earned, 24 Free Hours starting Wednesday 9:19 pm

Eddy masters communication and then Christie puts him to bed because he is about to pass out.

This is literally the last drawing Emma needs for her aspiration. And she has been bubbling for hours now, so the race is one to complete her aspiration before she ages up.

And she made it – Artistic Prodigy has been completed. Everyone is going to get some sleep and then start the new day.

Wow, next generation is going to be a lot of fun.

Emma is taking a bath when the urge to age up overcomes her.

She might have awful traits for the heiress, but she is gorgeous.

And her first task as a teen is to clean up Eddy’s poop.

I went into Build/Buy in order to add a slide for Eddy. While I was there I cleaned out their inventory, which resulted in me finishing up the master bedroom.

It is the only room in the house that is fully furnished and decorated.

Christie joins the scouts and then begins to see how many badges she can knock out in the remaining free hours. Eddy is heading outside to check out the new slide.

The slide isn’t scary for Eddy, but he just watched Mark leave for work and he was left behind.

And it doesn’t take long for movement to be mastered.

Christie tried to get him to bed, but they just didn’t quite make it.

Leslie is the first housemate to reach the split point of her career. She selects Author because I believe Journalists have to interview sims and she isn’t going to be doing that. Besides, she has so many books published, it just makes sense for her to choose Author.

Emma has completed, but not submitted, for the following badges: Young Scientist, Scholarly Aptitude, Outdoor Adventurer, Civic Responsbility, and Give Back (that is 5/9 complete). She is going to wait to submit until she has either earned all the badges or runs out of time. She still needs to social, humor, arts, and fitness badges.

Christie has time to make dinner for the household. She doesn’t cook often, but she has improved her cooking skill to level 5, so there is a possibility she could get serious and master the skill. But she isn’t trying at this point.

Emma is still pouting about not having a birthday cake.

Someone desperately needs a bath and then some sack time. Actually, they both do, but Christie is going to only help Eddy. Emma is big enough to take care of her own needs.

Someone posted that listening to another sim making music or singing would improve the imagination skill for a toddler the fastest, and I can say that this is true.

Eddy gives up just before he masters imagination, but it is only going to take one more story.

Christie gets a chance to relax. The household is making points and she will soon be handing off the control to Emma.

10 Points Earned, 24 Free Hours starting Thursday 9:19 pm

Alice completes her aspiration – and then she switches to Fabulously Wealthy.

Emma was supposed to be taking a bubble bath and then going to bed.

Geez, at least rinse all of the mud off, you slob. She is sent back to the tub for a cleansing bath.

Eddy is watching Leslie as she writes another book. He improves his thinking skill enough to reach Happy Toddler status. Since he is not the heir, he is happy with Happy Toddler, although, I feel the pressure to see if he can master all the skills.

Christie reads him to sleep, and he masters imagination. Thinking is the only skill remaining.

Christie is willing to accept one of the job offers coming her way. Just as soon as Eddy reaches childhood. While she waits she continues to work on Wellness. She really doesn’t need the points, but since no one else will be able to designate this as their special skill, she might as well get as many points as possible.

Emma hasn’t had a happy moment yet. She is always tense or sad. Hopefully she finds her joy soon.

Everyone is a little bit tense these days, mostly because they are hungry and tired. They will be glad when I can’t control them any more. Alice did earn another promotion.

As the free time winds down, Eddy is working on thinking by watching Christie.

Sometimes he sees more than he knows.

He queues up questions for Emma, time on the potty, and some quality time with the blocks.

Emma is wondering why she is not allowed to lock her door.

Everyone is supposed to be asleep at this point. But instead, they are all tense and meeting at the fridge. I promise, at some point, Emma will be happy again. Being a teen has been hard on her.

Eddy wakes up and calls for Mark to come upstairs to get him out of bed, while Christie is sitting .right.there.

After a couple of trips up and down the stairs, Eddy finally asks Mark for food. So, he gets popcorn for breakfast. My kind of meal.

Back up the stairs he goes, looking for the potty this time.

After dealing with the poop, Eddy goes in to bug Emma. He just stood there and watched her, increasing her tension.

He finally decides to leave and she follows him, making sure his butt is in bed asleep.

Christie calls everyone to the living room to watch a movie, but first she repairs the stereo.

Eddy wakes up and joins them and look at those green fumes surrounding that boy. Everyone is miserable – tired and have to pee.

Alice wanted to make sure we didn’t transfer over to Emma too quickly. Then everyone made a rush for the toilets. Alice was the only accident happening.

Then everyone went to bed except Emma. And Eddy.

Little dude got the last points by mastering thinking. He is also a top-notch toddler now. Control transfers to Emma with 9 days remaining until her birthday.


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