Townie Tales Dynasty, Generation 2.1

Since they reached 100 points, it is now time for Emma to takeover the challenge. But first, there is a 24-hour free period where everyone can be controlled. Then Emma will have about eight days to get ready for moving out. And once she is a young adult, she will have ten days to get married and have a baby. But don’t tell her that yet. She hates children and won’t be happy when she finds out.

10 Points Earned, 24 Free Hours starting Sunday 7:32 am

This is the last free 24-hour period from Christie’s generation. When this period ends, Emma will be the controllable sim.

Even though they are all controllable for the moment, I am letting them do whatever. There aren’t any points to earn and they are all pretty well setup for the future.

Christie unlists the remaining paintings from Plopsy and those are sold to someone random (whatever the option is from within inventory). She is waiting for another job offer to come through, which she will now accept.

Emma is working on the last few badges. She submitted everything and has currently waiting on the last badge to become a Llamacorn Scout. She wants to complete this for the skills bonus because along with Top-Notch Toddler and Creatively Gifted, plus at least two character traits, she will be in a good place when she moves out.

Eddy is actually going to get a birthday cake. It will be the last thing I control Christie to do. Of course, first he has to poop his diaper. Literally the only accident he has had and it is minutes before blowing out his candles.

He is excited, Christie is coming up to get him now.

Everything now is queued up. The 24-hour free period ended a few minutes ago.

Eddy huffs and puffs and spits on the candles. What? It works.

O.M.G. Before Eddy can spin into a child, Mark has to come over and check on him. Of course, I CANNOT stop this.

So, Eddy ends up in the high chair, and he still has the aging up action in his queue.

Finally, Christie puts him down and he immediately chonks up into a Neat child. Seriously – this game is trolling me. Emma, the heiress is a Slob. Eddy, the spare is Neat.

Christie finally gets the job offer she was waiting on. She returns to the Athlete career at level 4. She was level 2 when she quit previously. Everyone in the house, young adult and older, is now gainfully employed.

Neat! I love Neat. I am considering having Eddy move with Emma. I have to read those rules first.

See! She can smile. Sometimes. Not often, but it does happen.

The drawbacks of being the only controllable sim in the household. Emma now gets to do all of the repairs.

Someone has a little pooch there.

Christie left for school so there was no one in the house that could put the cake up, so it is getting eaten.

There is a bed shortage. Emma moved Eddy down into the basement but Leslie isn’t friends with anyone except Christie, so she is sleeping on the couch.

Emma earns her last badge and becomes a Llamacorn Scout.

Her next task is to paint her housemates. Painting is not her designated skill, that will be writing. But she will be collecting Figure Paintings for her museum collection. All of the paintings end up looking really good.

Hmm, doesn’t look like a pooch does it. Looks a little more long-term.

There is so many things happening now, so glad this is a gap between generations. Emma has been trying to get everyone to cooperate for their portraits and it is a struggle.

Eddy still seeks out Emma for socializing.

Christie has always had rough pregnancies, and this one is no different.

Elsa is the third to be born, and she will be the last for this generation.

While Emma waits for Elsa to become a toddler, so she can paint her portrait, she begins repainting the others, working on increasing their value. She is also creating more figure paintings so she can put the ten highest value items into the museum.

Time passes while Emma is painting and it soon is time for Elsa to become a toddler. She rolled Angelic. Of course she did, just as we are about to leave.

Emma takes her outside to get her portrait done first thing. She was so cute the way she posed.

Then she heads back inside. For whatever reason, this is not too many stairs for a toddler with no movement skill to speak of.

Everyone hangs out inside – I can’t control them and have no urge to do so any more.

Elsa works on repainting the floors, and building some imagination.

Alice earns a promotion and takes the Patron of the Arts branch. That is one I don’t choose when I am playing the sim. Since I am not going to be playing her, have at it.

Emma gives Elsa some playtime so that she can get up and down the stairs inside the house.

Elsa already has level 2 in imagination, movement, and potty.

Emma heads out to scope out some of the houses and to see who is living where. And to find a single sim without children. While she is out, Christie earns a promotion and chooses to pursue the Bodybuilder career. Again, not a choice I make when playing, but for a sim that will be unplayed, go and have fun.

Going through the premade sims first, Emma checks out Pierce Delgato in Brindleton Bay. The house is really nice. Pierce lives with his parents and sister, so we’ll see. He is single and has no children, so that is a plus.

The concern is whether he will still be available when Emma becomes a young adult.

Three more days.

Two more days.

Elsa is sad and hungry and on a mission to get some beans and franks.

But Mark is a good dad and he doesn’t let her grab a bowl of beans and franks. Instead, he hijacks her and puts her into the high chair for a cold sandwich instead. My fault for having the high chair, but it is good for uncontrollable households.

Of course, Mark doesn’t hang around to let her down after she finishes eating. So, Elsa hangs out in the high chair until Christie gets home to let her out.

Emma was busy with other things. She is still working on figure paintings although she is just about done since I don’t want her mastering painting until after she moves out. She stops at level 9 + 90%.

Cute, Mark, cute.

I am a mean person as I am constantly making Emma play with Elsa. Emma may hate children, but Elsa can’t tell.

And then there are the glitches.

Elsa is almost fully potty trained, but she is making no effort to actually use the potty.

I am not much of a cake eater, but this is making me want cake. Yum, lemon cake with lemon icing.

Elsa is using her diaper again.

That is two diapers Emma has had to change. Throughout all three kids, Christie never had to change a single diaper.

Elsa is done with potty training. She is done with everything for the day. Good night.

Emma reads Elsa to sleep and is secretly counting the days until she can move out.

Someone sent Christie a future cube. Emma asked for inspiration. She should have asked for a shower.

Eddy has the very first bear phase of the challenge.

Mark comes home from work, and has to wait for Elsa to climb down the long stairs from the top floor, and then down the front stairs so she could run out for a hug.

Damn it Emma.

The fire broke Christie. She literally stood out front and cried for several hours.

The day has come, Emma gets to blow out her candles and begin her generation.

Eddy is excited and just a little sick. The school called and asked that he stay home today.

Wow. The random roller is trolling me with Emma’s traits. She is going to be fun to torture. I mean, play.

It is time to see if Pierce is available and interested. Unfortunately, they decided to meet at the family museum and every passing sim had to horn in on their romantic conversation. Awkward.

They moved to an empty lot where Emma was able to successful woo Pierce and he even agreed to marry her. He hasn’t seen her traits yet.

Back at the museum, Emma puts up the portraits of the household and the ten figure paintings she drew. She got a decent value out of everything – §15,009 for her part. The museum is open for others to view, I thought about changing the lot type, but hopefully this won’t end up being a problem. Other than no privacy.

Emma schedules the wedding and invites her family. Christie shows up in her wedding gown, so Emma has to ask her to change into something else.

Pierce and Emma get right to business. The family is slowly making their way up to the chairs. Elsa is sad and trudging along.

Christie and Mark are happy for Emma.

Emma is extremely tired but she is happy about the wedding.

And she really likes Pierce. Although he might need to do something different with the umbrella.

Back at the Delgato house, Emma and Pierce begin working on the next generation. No time like the present.

There is a complete unfinished floor upstairs, so Justin and Supriya are moved upstairs. They are closing in on their elder birthdays so hopefully they won’t be around too long.

Damn. Emma passes out in the bathroom. She is starting her points off quickly. +1 for the gold wedding and -1 for passing out afterwards.


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