Townie Tales Dynasty, Generation 2.2

First things first. Let’s meet the current residents of the household. Justin Delgato is 5 days from Elder. He is a Neat, Family-oriented, Cat Lover. He does have a job working in the Business career, currently at level 5. He is lacking charisma for the next promotion so unless he gets lucky, he is where he is going to stay. His aspiration is Renaissance Sim, which is not going to happen, so he is just taking up space.

Supriya Delgato is an Active, Genius, Dog Lover. Her aspiration is Friend of the Animals and she does not have a career. Her bio says she wanted to become a Veterinarian. But she is 9 days from Elder and as an uncontrollable sim, that is not going to happen either.

Evie Delgato is the youngest of the kids. She is an Art Lover, Bookworm, and Insider. Her aspiration is to become an Angling Ace. She has a part time job as a level 2 Fry Cook (Fast Food). She needs to improve her cooking skill for that last promotion.

Finally, Pierce is Romantic, Self-Assured, Freegan. His aspiration is to have a Soulmate (be a Soulmate?). And he has a part time job as a Manual Laborer, Landscaper level 2.

A reminder that Emma is a Slob, Hates Children, and Evil. Her aspiration is Bestselling Author and she does not have a job, yet. She will probably wait to get a job until she completes the aspiration. Her bonus traits that she earned growing up include Top-Notch Toddler, Creatively Gifted, Responsible, Compassionate, and Scouting Aptitude.

Christie stops by almost as soon as I unpause the game. And we are still waiting to see if Emma is pregnant. I haven’t had her check yet, since she needs to get some sleep.

Emma will be claiming this office also. The house still needs more renovations but it is a really nice house the way it is.

I wasn’t expecting this, but the Delgatos start off with a cat and a dog. Of course, by this point, the pets have passed, but their graves are still around. Emma sets them up and strengthens their connection with the physical world.

Evie is attracting stray dogs. Stop.

Emma finally takes the pregnancy test and she can’t wait to tell Pierce. She totally ignores Supriya and shares the big news as soon as she sees Pierce.

There is nothing I can do with these guys and they are not able to add anything to the points. So, this generation is going to be much rougher than the last one. I think. Emma will be going most of the points earning herself, at least until I can get my hands on the rest of the household during the 24-hour free period.

Evil sims are so funny to watch. Emma gets right to work on writing her books. She is improving her designated skill, Writing. She is also working on her aspiration of Bestselling Author.

Umm, that would be a no thanks.

I love Evie’s looks. She will be my next premade target.

Emma remembers that she is just shy of mastering painting, but finding a moment when she doesn’t have to pee and isn’t about to pass out is hard. On top of that, she hates being pregnant and is always hungry.

Harvestfest comes, Emma cooks, and the family gathers around the smallest table in the house. Evie was last sim to the table and didn’t get a seat.


Not only is she exhauted, she is sick with the giggles.

Dancing boys. It would be nice if someone actually mastered dancing, but it didn’t happen in the last house either.

Supriya and Emma are actually having a pleasant conversation, but Emma’s mood sucks completely due to the pregnancy. Soon it will be over.

Whenever she has a good enough mood, she writes. And then she repairs the computer.


I promise Emma will never get pregnant again.

Promise, cross my heart, hope you die.

10 Points Earned, 24 Free Hours starting Friday 9:27 pm

With control, finally, changes are made for each of the household members. Evie changes from Fast Food into Culinary.

Pierce changes from Manual Labor into Civil Designer. Not that he will much luck progressing, but it made more sense with his Freegan trait. Talk about tension – every time something is bought, he gets tense.

Justin is too close to elder so he will continue in Business. He spends his time working on charisma, and achieving not enough.

Nothing like having the toilet paper above your head.

Supriya is going to continue to be unemployed. She is too close to elder to start a new career at this point. Especially as I won’t be able to control her. So, she spends this free time working on vet skill. I keep hoping the pet ghosts will come out to play.

Evie works to get her cooking skill to level 2 and then everyone heads to bed.

It is time for some labor. A new baby. And not near fast enough for Emma.

Pierce gets to recycle some chairs.

Then he needs a fabricator which is setup on the top floor with the recycler.

Panic. Panic. Panic.

Pierce settles down to work on his logic skill. The fabrication skill will come later, and he may never get to that point. Right now, he needs logic and handiness.

Meet Danny Delgato, the next heir.

Emma is in a much mood now that she is no longer pregnant. She also has a house full of sims to help take care of Danny, so that is improving her mood also.

Evie is a great aunt and loves to help out with Danny.

But Supriya is the one how takes the bestest care of Danny. She is a wonderful grandmother.

Justin is able to improve his charisma enough to set himself up for the next promotion.

It is a lazy Sunday and the uncontrolled portion of the house is doing their very best to be unproductive.

They literally cannot figure out how to take care of Danny. They just shush him, and rock him, but not a one of them has fed him or changed his diaper. Emma eventually has to come up to do that.

Needing some points, she decides to take a break from writing and master photography. She would love to have control of Danny in the beginning of his toddler stage, but she is so far away from that at the moment.

Emma gets Danny ready for his birthday and she decides that maybe he isn’t as bad as other kids. She kind of likes this one.

And then he becomes a Fussy toddler. Wonderful. But, he is so cute. Be still my heart.

Emma gets him right on to the potty, which she alternates with some playing – two times each and he is at level 2 for both potty and movement. Then she reads him to sleep and staggers off for some sleep herself. No more passing out!

Upstairs, Justin is having his own private birthday. Alone in the bathroom. Sorry, Justin.

Despite the fact that Danny was heading to get himself some of the food sitting out, Evie hijacks him and puts him into the high chair.

I was wondering if she would remember to feed him, and then if she would get the food to him before someone came to pick him up. Apparently, Danny is wondering the same thing.

Chicken nuggets. This is the reason I began eating chicken nuggets from McD again. These look good.

Emma is sleeping so Danny is at the mercy of the rest of the household. And there are three floors in the house. He should master movement since he is regularly crawling up and down the stairs to talk to one of the adults. Unfortunately, by the time he gets there, they are gone. Eventually, Evie gets him to bed. It is almost time for Emma to get up and work on her writing. She is earning points and might just get the next free day soon. For the record, this household is terrible at earning points for themselves.


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