Townie Tales Dynasty, Generation 2.3

Emma is back at the writing as she is on track to master the skill and then to complete her aspiration. Hopefully.

There is so many broken items in the house, Emma considers spending a point to hire a repair service, but in the end she makes the repairs herself.

Danny is up from his nap and heading for the kitchen. He is so adorable.

He takes his food into the office to sit with Emma while she writes. She is pissed because she said something to Supriya that was mean.

Evie surprises me with the first promotion of this generation. She is level 2 Culinary. Go, Evie!

As everyone comes home from work, they all need snuggle time with Danny.

Danny loves his grandpa and his daddy.

10 Points Earned, 24 Free Hours starting Tuesday 8:03 pm

Control, it is all mine! Danny gets queued up on the potty.

He slips away to the stuffed animal, so he is told to stay there until he masters communication.

Then it is back to the potty to master his second skill.

Finally, he is allowed downstairs to eat.

It is also Winterfest, so he is excited to get presents. And not wet socks.

Supriya spends time with Danny, playing and reading.

And then Danny calls an end to the fun. He reached leave 3 in movement, level 2 in imagination, and level 1 in thinking.

As I lose control, Evie is making meals and setting herself up for another promotion.

Pierce should be good for a promotion also. I think Justin is also in line for a promotion, if he lives long enough.

I came so close to killing off Justin, but then I remembered the -5 points for any deaths other than old age. ‘Cause I was also considering having Supriya go swimming in the freezing cold. But I did remember, and therefore, I did not kill anyone.

Father Winter shows up after I lose control, so oh well.

It takes several tries for Emma to get everyone up and down to open presents. Oh wait, they are still missing Supriya.

Smelly cat, smelly cat. I mean toddler. Danny is going up and down the stairs again. He has to potty (up), he wants to eat first (down), now he really has to potty (up), but he wants to talk to someone (down).

Pierce has a birthday standing in the mess of the kitchen. Oops.

Danny finally gets a bath. One he has needed badly for awhile.

There is some playing and then they completely miss on the seating when Emma reads him a story.

This was supposed to be fixed in the patch today. Evie and Justin stood outside for two hours, and when Justin came home, he also stood outside for two hours.

Justin wants to go to bed, but Evie has decided to nap on the bed. Her bed is literally in the next room, and the beds are still assigned correctly.


Snowy Escape has just released. I am not planning on taking them on vacation yet, but I will be playing around with other things, like platforms. I will also begin mentioning both lifestyles and sentiments.

Damn it Pierce. Although it was a tossup whether he was going to pass out or piss himself. Still have to see if he can get to the toilet before he loses another point.

Danny is awake, and he did not wake up on the right side of the bed.

After eating, Emma takes a break from writing – she just needs two more bestsellers to complete the aspiration. She reads him some stories and plays with him to build both imagination and movement.

Supriya has a surprise birthday party for herself in the hallway.

Movement has been mastered and Emma has developed a sentiment for Danny. Closer from Happy Memories. Maybe he won’t piss her off as much as a child since she feels close to him.

Evie comes home with a promotion – level 3 Culinary.

Pierce is right behind her with a promotion to level 2 Civil Designer.

10 Points Earned, 24 Free Hours starting Friday 6:07 pm

So, there is now an option to Clean Up Toddler at the sink. You can also click on the toddler and should have the same option. All that happens is the adult changes their clothes and it gives a slight improvement to their hygiene.

Supriya reads Danny to sleep and I believe he mastered imagination here.

Danny refuses to get out of bed on his own. He always calls someone to come get him.

Stray cat wandering through the house. Reminds me that I keep planning on adding a cat or dog or both to the household.

Danny is working on Thinking which is his last skill. He is hoping to complete it before control passes back to Emma.

I love the curved bar. They add it so that Evie can work on mixology for her career. She is probably going to stay a Chef but she has to know how to make drinks.

Always the tantrums.

Pierce was able to get some fabrication work done. Although it looks like he got more paint on himself than the object he was making.

Danny is exhausted and he wants to go to bed.

Emma has completed all requirements of her aspiration except for the last one – to earn §25,000 in royalties. She is at §17,568 so it won’t be long.

Danny only needed about 7% to master thinking, so Justin worked with him on his numbers and done! Danny is a Top-Notch Toddler.

That means it is time to put his cranky butt to bed.


As the end of the 24-hour free period gets closer, Supriya and Justin find each other for some socializing. Everyone has their skills for their next promotion, so hopefully there will be more points from the peanut gallery.


It took some thinking to decide on a second designated skill for Emma. Finally, she chooses Vampire Lore.

The elders get some dancing in during the day.

And the last thing I do before releasing control is to send everyone to watch New Year’s Eve TV. At this point, control is back to Emma alone.

Danny eats and decides he doesn’t really want to stay up. So, he takes himself upstairs and puts himself back to bed. He has two days until he becomes a child. So now he just gets to be a toddler.

This boy. He wakes up pissed every single morning. Not once has he been sad.

He is on a mission to wake up Justin now.

Justin is struggling with the dirty dishes everywhere, but apparently it isn’t bothering Supriya at all.

Oh look, Danny is sad. He is covered in green fumes and this is literally the first time he has actually been sad.

While Justin cleans up the dishes, Pierce cleans up Danny.

Emma is off the lot, so there isn’t anyone here to control. Danny talks for a bit with the adults.

And then he takes his once again pissed off self upstairs to bed.

Before she counted any skill points for Vampire Lore as a designated skill, Emma changes her mind and selects Pet Training for her second designated skill. It makes sense since they are living in Brindleton Bay. But now, she needs a pet. Dog specifically, but a cat would also be nice.

Emma puts out the Cats and Dogs Welcome mats and soon meets Lola. Then Lola leaves.

As Lola is leaving, Paul shows up with a present. Paula already has a family, so she is picked up fairly quickly.

While Emma is out looking for strays, there is a standing dinner in the kitchen. Evie cooks all the time.

This is Tofu. Which I thought was a little stupid until I noticed that the next stray cat Emma meets is named Bacon. Now she has a mission. I am not sure if picking a pet from the Services menu counts as a NPC hire, but she is going to try to adopt strays instead.

Back home, Pierce is doing his best to deal with Danny’s moods. It will be interesting to see what he rolls as a child.


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