Townie Tales Dynasty, Generation 2.4

Today is Danny’s birthday but it is still 2am so Emma reads him a story and then puts him back to bed. Then she is off for a shower and some sleep of her own.

Morning comes along with the notification that it is officially Danny’s birthday. Danny is getting a freaking cake. I love that boy but it is time to move on from the toddler stage. Emma makes a new type of cake called Matcha Tea Cake.

Good morning sunshine. Time to blow out some candles and become a little more independent.

Huffing and puffing and spitting on those candles.

Dude is pissed. Still. But at least he rolled Dog Lover and will hopefully move away from the crappy traits Emma rolled.

It takes two tries for Emma to convince Danny to do his homework. And that triggered a sentiment where Danny feels mistreated and “Hurt” by Emma. He doesn’t even want to be in the same room with her right now.

Emma invites Bacon to come over and she spends the entire day making this cat a Good Friend.

I love this cat.

Emma never gets the option to adopt Bacon and eventually she hides in the trash container for a nap.

After reading up on adopting strays I notice that Bacon is not a flipping stray. Emma puts Danny to bed in his new big boy bed and she gives Bacon the eye for not being adoptable. Too bad controlled sims can’t invite non-stray pets to move in. At least she got a point for becoming Good Friends.

Evie earns another promotion. She has been more productive than anyone else in the house. Except for Emma and Danny.

Tuesday morning is a mix of highs and lows. Emma receives news that Dylan has died 🙁 and then almost immediately after she completes her aspiration. 🙂 Dylan is the first in the family to die, but Jess, Justin, and Supriya are all in the final days.

10 Points Earned, 24 Free Hours starting Tuesday 10:04 am

Evie is sent back to the bar. She needs to get mixology up to level 4 and then she will be focusing on cooking and gourmet cooking.

Supriya is tasked with repairs and cleaning and then sent to take a nap. She is always getting on the treadmill and tiring herself out. Thankfully she doesn’t push herself too much as I don’t want any deaths other than old age.

Danny brings home a B and still needs a makeover.

Even though Evie has stocked the fridge while practicing cooking, Danny gets a bowl of ice cream to eat.

Looks like Evie is sick with something steamy.


Christie has aged to elder and she comes over to visit with Emma. Emma is off looking for a stray to adopt so Emma bores Pierce almost to tears.

Emma adopts Rhea who is a Couch Potato, Adventurous, and Hairy.

Welcome to the family, Rhea.

Danny realizes he needs to get photos of the elders before they die. He decides now is not that time. Justin has, apparently, peed himself.

Emma teaches Rhea to Speak while Pierce watches. She is going to train long enough to master the skill even if Rhea doesn’t learn everything.

Danny needs a skill at level 4 for school, so he practices the piano while Justin practices the violin. Pierce is wondering what he did to deserve this hell.

It is getting close to the end of the 24-hour free period so Supriya is making sure all of the cleaning is done.

Evie is just about to the levels in both cooking and gourmet cooking to get her to level 7 in her career.

Emma begins to teach Rhea to Sit.

Emma continues training Rhea, but she is mourning again as Mark has now died. It is that time where the previous generations are going to kick the bucket.

Emma keeps training Rhea, skill after skill.

Dudes – no promotions again.

Emma finally masters Pet Training. All five levels of the skill.

Justin decides sleeping in the hot tub is the right thing to do. It should just about be time for him to join the ancestors. It has been so hard to not assist them in coming to the conclusion of their life. So tempting. But -5 for any death that is not old age is a strong motivator against it.

Everyone is sleeping, Supriya is exhausted, but let’s drink some coffee and chat with Evie.

Emma tried to influence Danny to take a shower before school, but she has no influence with him. If she forces him, then he gets his little feelings hurt. So she decided to let it go and give Pierce a goodbye kiss instead. It is time for him to leave for work. Justin will also be going to work, but I have now received two notifications that his time is up.

Justin spends time with Supriya before leaving for work.

Having mastered two designated skills, Emma considers her options and decides to pick up Veterinarian for her next designated skill. Then she proceeds to blow through the first three levels.

10 Points Earned, 24 Free Hours starting Thursday 12:31 pm

Supriya has been about to pass out for hours. She keeps drinking coffee and doing physically exhausting things. Since I am now in control, she is sent to bed to actually sleep.

Since Evie has enough skill to get her to level 7 in her career, she gets to work on her aspiration for this free period.

Emma is trying desperately to become companions with Rhea. It isn’t working out for her.

This is how Danny ended up going to school. Needless to say, he is sent directly to the tub for a bath.

He also joined the Scouts although maybe Drama would have been appropriate for him.

Pierce comes home feeling all flirty. Because he got a promotion.

Emma is still trying to improve her relationship with Rhea. She has literally spent the entire day and their relationship just makes it to Good Friends.

I pushed Danny too hard to get the fishing badge. By the time he got to the fishing spot, he was too miserable to fish. Then he passed out on the way back to the house.

Evie has a private birthday in the bathroom because I didn’t get around to having Emma make her a cake.

Almost immediately afterwards, Justin says his final goodbyes.

Yeah, probably not the best time to mimic your grandpa.

Danny never realizes what is happening and he heads off to school.

Grim is watching the blank television.

Pierce is upset that Justin died. He looked up to Justin, and just Adored him.

Evie gets out of the house to do some fishing, but she isn’t catching anything. Just extreme sadness and discomfort.

Bacon is teasing Emma. First it says she is a stray, then she isn’t, then she is, now she isn’t again. Emma has a maxed out relationship with Bacon but can’t get companion to come up. I really want this cat to join the family.

Evie can’t decide what to do. She goes home, she goes fishing. Finally, I take pity on her and just let her mope around the house.

Justin comes back to visit almost immediately. I mean, it is literally lunch time.

Rhea has started hearting everywhere so Emma takes the time to get her spayed.

Justin hung around all day.

Danny finally got the message that Justin died. He still brings home an A today.

Emma is trying to influence Danny but he always rejects her suggestions. So she forces him to do his homework and then she forces him to mop puddles.



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