Townie Tales Dynasty, Generation 2.5

Welcome back to the house of hell. Well, just a very dirty house because no one puts any effort into keeping it clean.

Instead of working on earning points, Emma spends several hours repairing the fridge and cleaning up the kitchen.

She heads out to the common area to see if she can find the stray cat Bacon. She doesn’t but she does find Hazley again. She immediately adopts her, renames her Hazel, and takes her home.

Once home, she takes Hazel up to be spayed and realizes that Hazel is a boy.

A boy named Hazel. Friendly, Playful, and Fluffy. That means both pets are hair making fiends. Rhea is Hairy.

Bacon the Stray is back! And Emma is nearby.

She runs over to Adopt Bacon while she has the option, and the household is full – five sims and three pets.

Of course, the first thing she does when she gets home is to spay Bacon.

Bacon is Skittish, Affectionate, and Curious. Emma finally has the option to become her Companion but not until the cone is removed.

Emma is able to complete the Feathers collection thanks to the wonderful kitties.

She and Danny have been taking pictures of the members of the household. Danny will be responsible for acquiring the photos for when he is preparing to move out, so during his free days he is taking pictures. He took the elder pictures of Justin and Supriya since they are both expected to not be around when control passes from Emma.

I took a break to go eat breakfast and when I reloaded the game, Pierce and Danny are both marked as at school and work. But this is where I found them.

I like the new Sim Profile screen. This is Elsa, Emma’s younger sister.

Points, Emma needs more points. She buys a lot of crackers and works on collecting plushies.

75 crackers and she completes the collect at about 60-65 crackers.

Another completed collection for the wall.

Then Evie comes home with a promotion to level 5.

10 Points Earned, 24 Free Hours starting Tuesday 2:07 am

Danny calls in and takes a day of vacation, then he heads out to get the fishing badge completed.

He completes several badges and gets everything turned in. He has completed seven out of the nine badges, and received two more promotions today. He has one remaining promotion in scouts available to him. He is queued up at the art table and then hopefully he will make it to bed before passing out.

Emma is working on her designated skill, and she takes time to become good friends with Hazel. Supriya is tasked with cleaning and repairing and then she is queued up to dance until she drops.

Evie is working to master cooking, although when the 24 hours ends, she will be only level 9 and change. She queues up several meals but will be chasing sleep the entire time. Will she finish cooking and get to bed before she passes out?

And that would be a nope. Evie is heading to bed but there are just too many stairs.

The litter box was swapped out for the self-cleaning version, and Hazel needs to see a veterinarian.

Emma gives him an exam and determines that he has Winterfest Fever. umm okay. She gives him the Fixitol shot and he is all better.

Danny decides to skip school and sleep late.

He finally wakes up at lunch and heads off.

Still pissed, but at least he maintained the A.

Emma crafts some wellness treats for the pets and gives each one a treat. Tomorrow she will be making age-down treats, because these pets need to live forever. Or at least until Danny grows up and moves out.

I must have missed this, but apparently there aren’t any monster lights in Danny’s room.

Dumb-Ass has to run through the house waking up every single sim that was sleeping. I can’t get these sims back to bed now, so they will be tired all day.

Emma finally gets Danny back in bed, and then she goes back to bed. But everyone else is up for the day eating something Pierce cooked.

I overlooked the points for the tricks Rhea learned, so I added those in and then had Emma work with her on a few more. Not counting Attack, she now knows six tricks or commands.

10 Points Earned, 24 Free Hours starting Thursday 11:41 am

Time to get everyone working on cleaning and repairing again.

Pierce earns a promotion and has reached the split in his career. He chooses to continue along the Green Technician path, so he has to add the fabricator and recycler back to the house.

Danny is dancing for fitness and is able to complete his last badge.

He is promoted to Llamacorn scout and then he goes to bed.

Hazel is running away.

Eventually Hazel comes back with a present. He is also now an elder.

Emma decides it is time to get a job. She has never received one of the calls offering her a Writing position, so she sucks it up and takes the level 3 position.

I am really wanting to gain some points, so after looking at the list of options, Emma packs everyone up and they head out to Pupperstone Park.

Pierce and Danny enjoy burgers.

Evie plays a game of chess with a new acquaintance. Maria Padilla later invites her to join her club. Evie does, although she will never actually get to go to a gathering. Supriya chats with her new acquaintance, Nuihaur Paewai.

A family picture. The only sim missing is Justin.

No idea why Emma decides to rummage through the trash.

Justin heads off to work, so Emma gathers up the rest and they head over to Salty Paws Saloon. There Emma meets and makes a new Good Friend, Rowan Womack.

Then Evie heads off to work, so Emma takes Danny and the pets to Deadgrass Discoveries, the museum and lighthouse on the island.

Oh, isn’t he adorable. Kentaro becomes her fourth pet friend.

For her fifth pet friend, she meets and befriends Barty Sr. She is never going to complete the aspiration but maybe she can complete this milestone.

Everyone is acting really weird this week. Pierce repeatedly goes digging for items in the dumpster. I can explain Pierce’s behavior as he has the Freegan trait.

Then I catch Emma digging in the dumpster. I can’t explain her behavior.

She is sad because Jess has died now. I believe that is everyone except Christie. Jess and Dylan, Mark, Alice, and Leslie. Of course her sibling, Eddy and Elsa, are doing just fine. She is heading off to her first day of work under the cloud of sadness.

That is so gross. And I just noticed it.

Checking the rules and Danny is allowed to blow out his candles even though it is not a free day. So, he pulls the cake out from the fridge and blows them out. Without spitting on the cake this time, although I doubt anyone is ever going to eat it.

Nice. Danny rolls Dog Lover (child) and Genius (teen). He takes the Academic aspiration which means he will be going to university during his generation.

Supriya is getting close to the end of her life. She has to be, although she was Active and has improved on her fitness so she has been bubbling for awhile.

Christie stops by but Emma isn’t home to greet her. She is the last sim from the previous generations. Well, Christie and Supriya.

Dude, really?

All right Pierce. I believe there are some dirty counters that need to be cleaned also.

Justin comes out to haunt and Supriya rushes over to greet him.

Emma repairs all the shit.

Another thing I can’t explain is all of the cooking. Everyone cooks and cooks and cooks. They don’t eat what they are cooking. I checked the NAPs and they only had, at this point, a NAP for Promote Creative Arts and Tech Support. After this they add Foodies Unite, but not at this point.

Hazel is an Elder so Emma gives him an Age Down Treat so that he will have more time and live long enough for Danny to take over and move out.

Of course, Emma needs to train out one more misbehavior but she is not here to lecture Hazel.

Evie spends the morning napping in the hot tub. It is almost time for her to go to work though.

Danny is home from school. He needs to work on skills, homework, and a project. But, Emma is not here to influence him. He also needs to sleep. Both cats ran out to meet him.

Emma earns her first promotion to level 4. I am holding my breath that she can get to bed before she passes out. (she does)

I sold the coffee pot because Pierce and Danny are refusing to sleep. They are both on the verge of passing out but are caught in the coffee loop. Well, no more.

Seriously, that is their last cups of coffee.

Well, at least Danny has a point in cooking now.

Evie earns a promotion to level 6 and earns us the next free period. Again, I hold my breath that she makes it to bed without passing out. (she does also)


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