Townie Tales Dynasty, Generation 2.6

I changed her assigned bed to share with Supriya so that Danny could move up to a big bed. So, she repaid me by passing out.

10 Points Earned, 24 Free Hours starting Tuesday 12:07 am

Pierce does his best to get Fabrication up to level 2 so that he can qualify for the next promotion. But damn, I don’t like this skill. Unless I am missing a way to buy the Bits and Craps.

Danny needs a skill to level 3 and since Cooking is level 2, he plans on that. But first the stove must be cleaned.

I lost track of Emma, and Justin left them a very poor painting.

Pierce has the skill and he is off to work.

Evie masters Cooking, and that is the only skill mastered by an uncontrollable sim. This household is definitely falling short of the last household.

Supriya sees the light and her time to pass over has come.

Evie was heading out there, but apparently someone forgot to pay the bills and their power was cut off at this moment. So she went to pay the bills before someone forgets again. All three of the pets are on the porch although only the cats are visible.

Emma cuts out of work early to have her birthday. Dammit.

Danny is going to complete the project while he can get Evie to help. Then he will just need that skill, which he has not gotten yet. And the 24-hour period ended just as they were finishing the project.

Emma heads out to collect gravestones. She is only able to pick up Mark, Alice, and Leslie. She couldn’t locate Jess or Dylan. She sets them up at the Townie Museum and Cemetery.

Then she makes a wish for a promotion.

OMG – she received the promotion immediately.

Everyone is out of the house leaving Evie home alone with the pets. She enjoys that.

Danny is still going to school in his pajamas. Eventually, I hope, he will grow out of that.

Emma influences Danny to go to bed and stop worrying everyone that he is going to pass out. Points have not been easy to earn this generation and it hurts every time they lose one.

The best welcoming committee.

After a nap, Danny finally improves his cooking skill to level 3. Now he can get that A.

It is time for Rhea to have a vet exam. I forgot to see what she has, but Emma is able to cure it.

It is now Harvestfest, which means no one is going to work or school. Both Pierce and Danny are on the button for their promotion and grade improvement, but now we have to wait until Friday.

Emma is the only one that is going to have a good holiday. The rest really want to appease gnomes, but they can’t since they won’t do it without direction. Danny has 9 days until he becomes a young adult, and I would like to transfer control a few days early. They still need 15 points to reach 100 so I am looking hard for things they can do.

I realize that I should move Evie back into this room and move Danny into Justin and Supriya’s old room. This one was decorated specifically for Evie and I forgot that when I moved Danny upstairs.

Christie stops by daily. Emma always seems glad to see her.

Also, Danny finally received a makeover.

At least someone is trying to clean up the dishes. Thanks Pierce.

When Emma has free time she loves to Troll the Forums. For an Evil sim, she is fairly tame.

I periodically consider removing the dumpster, but Pierce loves it so much.

The cooking continues.

Emma decides to work on some gold parties for points. She and Pierce have a Gold Medal Date, then she throws a Gold Medal Dinner Party. During the House Party, she becomes Good Friends with Danny and that means they have a 24-hour free period and 90 points.

10 Points Earned, 24 Free Hours starting Friday 3:54 am

I really want Emma to master parenting and I find it easier to improve the skill with the younger kids, so she and Pierce make a second baby.

They were successful, and so begins three days of torture for Emma. If you remember, she hates being pregnant and she has a rough time with it. This time around, she will be working outside of the house also.

While Emma and Pierce are doing their thing, Danny takes a part time job as a Barista. He starts at level 2 and needs to know some mixology, so he practices at the bar. I don’t want him doing anything specific for his generation at this time, so he was looking for something on the side. Evie is working on mastering Gourmet Cooking. She is able to get to level 9 before leaving for work.

Pierce earns the expected promotion to level 5 and makes his way to bed. Everyone is coming home exhausted so there will be breath-holding to see if they can get to bed without passing out.

I’ll be damned. Now he comes out. I was hoping the ghosts of the Delgato pets would come out so Emma could adopt them, but they never did, so she adopted Rhea, Bacon, and Hazel. Now Barty Sr comes out to play.

Dammit. Now I am regretting having Emma get pregnant. Danny found the dog he wants to adopt and the freaking house is full.

The free period is coming to an end so I load up Evie’s queue with enough gourmet meals to push her over the top.

She quits for a shower and a nap at level 9 and 56%, and she left a partially prepared meal sitting out that Emma can’t finish.

Elsa comes by to visit but there isn’t anyone here to greet her.

Danny spent the day volunteering and came home exhausted, but instead of going to bed, he went to get on the computer.

Aww, Rhea has gotten old.

Since I still don’t want the pets to die before Danny moves out, Emma gives him one of the Age-down treats she made.

While she isn’t progressing in the aspiration any more, she does still get good increases in her aspiration points when she can “Feel the Love” with Bacon.

She invites Danny to dance with her. I am looking for points for mastering a skill, but they just aren’t cooperating. It is also New Skill Day.

At least everyone except Evie was able to do something on their own that made it a good holiday.

Emma spends the day trying to get to level 9 in Veterinarian. And thankfully, she does.

Pierce has a surprise birthday. I don’t even remember seeing the notifications.

David joins the family, and Emma begins spamming actions with him to improve her parenting skill. She is closing on mastery.

Pierce forgot to go to work when Emma went into labor, and he couldn’t call in for family leave. So his boss calls him and threatens his job performance. Pierce never did go to work.

And Parenting has been mastered.

And Evie earned what will probably be her last promotion.

I will probably never add a dumpster to a residential lot again.


Evie enjoys having the house to herself again. Day-drinking!

Hazel is running away again. This is the second time for him and he is the only one that has run away.

Emma receives her last promotion of the generation.

They just need one more point, which Danny should earn when he goes to work in the morning.

Gorgeous stray cat, with gunk dripping from his/her mouth.

Someone had fun setting that name as an option.

Hazel is back and Emma runs down to welcome him back.

She greets the pretty Cat. Cat apparently is looking for love along with all the other issues.

Yeah, so it is Winterfest which means Danny is not going to work today.

Emma makes the Grand Feast and they resolve to enjoy the day.

It is time for David’s birthday and it is time to open presents.

Emma gets David up on his feet and then she takes him downstairs to the tree.

Everyone gets to open presents although there is a little worry as Emma and Evie both have to pee and Emma is exhausted.

Emma heads to bed and leaves David to play in his room.

David is sad about peeing on the floor while potty training, but he loves Hazel.

Then he hates the dollhouse.

Now he regrets hating the dollhouse.

And Emma just went to work so can it get any worse?

I closed the game for lunch and came back to some freezing and glitches. Emma could not select David at all for a few minutes. David took advantage of that to use his diaper. Then he had several misses trying to eat.

Emma is still trying to get him to bed, but everyone else in the house wants to check on him.

Eventually, he will go to bed.

There we go. Emma gets him upstairs, into bed, and asleep before someone else can come check on him.

And Danny brings home a promotion and the last point needed. They will now have 24-hour free period and Danny will be taking over. His birthday is in two days. New Year’s Eve.


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