Townie Tales Dynasty, Generation 3.1

Danny takes over the challenge while they also have their last 24-hour free period. It is time to get some stuff done, although there are no more points to be earned or lost until Danny moves out.

10 Points Earned, 24 Free Hours starting Thursday 7:01 am

Pierce is on a mission to find a toilet, so he will be allowed to continue.

Evie never did master Gourmet Cooking, and she is soon to become an elder.

Emma just wants to sleep.

David needs his sleep also.


So much crashing and freezing so I am having to replay the same few hours over and over and over again. There is supposed to be a hotfix coming in a few days, but I am going to keep trying.

Danny needs to begin working on his requirements to move out, especially the part of finding someone to marry and move in with.

Back to the house after they have their portraits taken, and Evie helps David back up the stairs.

I forgot to cancel the TV season premiere holiday so they are watching the show while David works on movement. He still can’t do the stairs by himself.

Christie invites herself over and offers to repair things. Okay then. The show is over and Emma is going to put David to bed.

Before the game started crashing, Danny had opened 39 presents collected from the pets. He had enough crystals to use for his ten items. Then the crashing started. When he opened the presents this time, he did not have enough for any one collection. So he is out scouring the dig piles for presents, gaining mostly pet toys and a wide mix of collections, but he still doesn’t get ten of any one collection. Oh, and it is a blizzard out.

David did stay in bed long because he was hungry and stinky. Pierce brought him down to eat and as soon as the tantrum is over, he will change David’s diaper and put him back to bed.

Come on Danny, find something in enough numbers to qualify.

Fine, whatever.

Apparently David didn’t sleep for very long and then he woke up both Emma and Pierce while I was trying to get Danny back to the house.

Aww so sweet.

Pierce gives David another potty lesson and hopefully he will use the potty more than his diaper now.

One of the last things I will get to tell Emma to do is to reverse the sterilization for both Bacon and Hazel. The household is full so they can’t be encouraged to mate, but there is the possibility.

Danny grabs some sleep before heading back out to find more collectibles. He also is hoping the weather will improve.

Much better although he didn’t get ten of anything. His biggest collection is eight elements. That is a stray, Belle. She was helping by uncovering presents so thanks for that Belle.

Danny needs some sleep but more importantly is that David needed some attention.

I might just shoot a cat. Bacon went in and woke up David, so now David is going to wake up Danny.

It is finally Zero-day and Danny is blowing out those candles. He has a few more items to collect and then he is going to start looking for a place to move.

Danny Delgato. Loves Dogs, Genius, and Kleptomaniac. His aspiration is Academic and he is working as a part time Barista until he finishes university.

Cat is looking much better this time. They are still rocking a full house and can’t adopt her though.

While Danny wanders around trying to find collectibles, I ignore the house. Apparently, they are doing okay taking care of David, although he is not learning any skills.

Eddy, Emma’s brother, stops by. He judges their messes so Emma leaves him outside on the porch.

Danny turns on New Year’s Eve TV and everyone comes to watch.

David wakes up and decides to not join the rest of the family watching television. He is celebrating the New Year in his own way.

Danny tried, but Pierce and Emma both leave before the midnight chime, so basically the holiday sucked for everyone that wasn’t Danny.

After midnight, the holiday ended, and Danny got some sleep and then a shower. He went out and finally reached ten items in the fossils collection. So, fossils it is. He adds them to the museum and hangs the portraits and he is ready to find a new place to live.

My plan is to only live in a neighborhood once. And I am tired of the snow, so he is looking at the warmer places. Unmarried and childless sims are hard to find. But he sees Cora Mullin, living alone in Yuma Heights. And, she is a young adult, but probably still older than he is.

He makes his moves and she is open for the possibilities.

She agrees to be his girlfriend and they will be planning the wedding shortly.

Danny begins the process of wooing Cora, even following her into the bathroom. Because, of course.

She rejects his first proposal. He really did jump the gun and was he ever embarrassed.

They did become best friends and Danny continued with his romantic campaign.

Once his embarrassment had let up, he tried again.

This time she accepted. Maybe she just didn’t want it to be in the bathroom.

Danny heads home to tie up some loose ends. He spends some time with David, and gets some pictures of himself with each of his parents and his aunt. He even gets some pictures of David to take along.

He schedules a wedding event and invites his family. While I did plan Danny’s formal attire, I did not plan Cora’s. And they look great together.

Cora and Danny get right to the babymaking. Time to get the next heir on the way.

Cora Mullin: Green Fiend, Dog Lover, Perfectionist. Her aspiration is Musical Genius and she is unemployed currently. She is a Young Adult with 11 days remaining until her next birthday.

Living with Cora is her elderly pup Joey.

This is going to be fun. Joey is Vocal, Aggressive, and a Glutton.

Cora lives in Yuma Heights which is where Danny will join her.

Danny makes sure that Cora gets a makeover and she is not looking quite as severe any longer. Although she has the thinnest lips, so their kids have some interesting genetics contributing.

I prefer to have them apply for university on Friday or Saturday so that the semester will run Monday through Friday. But today is Monday and he doesn’t want to wait a week to start, so he will have a cockeyed semester. He sends in his application for both university and all four scholarships that are available to him.

Just showing off Cora’s hairstyle. From Snowy Escape I believe.

Joey is shitting rainbow poop all around the house.

Apparently he has either never been trained to go outside, or he is just getting too old to remember.

Danny begin sending Joey outside to potty. Maybe it isn’t too late for an old dog to learn a new trick.

Danny is anxious to start university and he is constantly refreshing the page to see if he has been accepted.

Danny invites Horchata over to visit. He is considering adopting her, but her traits are Active, Playful, and Troublemaker. She is also doing that thing where she doesn’t show as a stray on the home lot, and therefore isn’t adoptable. But Danny is planning on taking her to a community lot to see if the option comes back. Tomorrow. By the time I make the decision, it is bedtime and he is sleepy.


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