Townie Tales Dynasty, Generation 3.2

Cora is addicted to the coffee. She hasn’t been to bed yet and is always grabbing another cup. The coffee maker might disappear if she keeps this up.

She eventually realizes that she is pregnant and she lets Danny know the good news. The baby should be born on Friday, which will be seven days from when Danny became a young adult.

Danny heads off to work at his Barista job. Hopefully when he gets home from work he will have an update on his applications. Joey has finally learned to pee outside.

Danny has received his acceptance letter and quickly enrolls at Foxbury. He was accepted into the Distinguished Psychology program and plans on becoming a Professor once he is done with school. Even better are the scholarships. He received enough to cover his tuition completely. He checks out his classes and will have to write two term papers, make one presentation, and take one final exam. And he has one class on M-W-F and three classes on T-T. Fun.

This is the closest she has come so far. She will nap but has yet to sleep.

Cora encourages Joey to bark. This is not the direction we want the noise level to go.

And then, for Joey, the time has come to cross the rainbow bridge.

Aww, matching pajamas.

Danny is trying hard to get his schoolwork complete. Apparently this generation is going to suck because he is the only one gaining points, and it isn’t happening quickly.

He is able to get his presentation completed.

Then he takes time off from his barista job in order to make the presentation.

Exhausted and it is only the first day of classes.

Emma stops by to give him a present. I was hoping for a moodlet solver, but it was a MySim trophy. Thanks bunches.

She cooks, then cooks more. Never eating her own cooking.

It is baby time.

I placed two bassinets just in case, since I want matching and I love this style…

And the game gave me twins. Two boys – Antony and Melvin.

Danny is so over all this crap. But he submitted both term papers and made his presentation. His homework is caught up, so he just has to show up for class and sit for one final. It will probably help if he is in a good mood, but thankfully today is Friday so he has two days to catch up on his hygiene.


And I just lost the thread on this challenge. This generation has been a struggle and especially since Danny is the only one in any position to earn points. I really like Christie, and Emma was great. But just not connecting with Danny. And the first house with Mark, Alice, and Leslie spoiled me for having housemates that were actually productive.
So, I am archiving this challenge. It will be saved and maybe one day it will return.


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