Treasa Montrose

Treasa Montrose (tray-sa)

  • Traits: Good, Cat Lover, Dog Lover (Inquisitive)
  • Spouse: Dante Roach

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Treasa purchases an empty lot and builds herself a vet clinic (actually she downloads one from the gallery because I suck at building).  She begins by adopting pets, Simon and Biddy.  Simon and Biddy soon had three puppies named Paddy, Guinness, and Whiskey.   Following suit Treasa and Dante had their own addition, Deirdre.  As the puppers started to pass (yes, I had pictures of all the pups dying also), Treasa started adopting cats.  She adopts three cats, Stella, Luke, and Leah.  Those were their names, I promise – I couldn’t resist them but those were their names.  She even bought the guinea rat pig thing.  And following in her mom’s footsteps, she woohooed Dante to death.  Seriously, it is an easy way to get the elders out of the house without actually moving them out of the house.  Oh yeah, then Luke and Leia had kittens, Shamrock and Clover.  Because I was a glutton for punishment.  Treasa did get bit by the guinea-whatever but never contracted rabies, which is good since I didn’t want her to die.  Dante could have died from that but he never went near the cage.  This felt like a long generation because of the pets.


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