Tribbles: A Legacy: James Kirk

Generation (0) Location


  • Completed the Location Aspiration (City Native)
  • Join the Social Media (Internet Personality) – reached level 9, Reality Show Contestant
  • Mastered the Singing Skill
  • Mastered the Video Gaming skill
  • Reached level 8 in the Charisma Skill
  • Reached level 9 in the Comedy Skill

Founder: James Kirk


  • Starting Traits:
    • Geek, Goofball, Outgoing
    • Home Turf (Location aspiration)
  • Reward Traits Earned:
    • In the Know (City Native aspiration)
    • Spice Hound (Mastering Spicy Food)
    • Chopstick Savvy (Mastering Chopsticks)
  • Satisfaction Traits Purchased:
    • Frugal (2000)
    • Free Services (1500)

Starting Apartment:

  • Location: Arts Quarter
    • 930 Medina Studios (3 bed, 1 bath)
    • Traits: Gnomes, Penny Pixies, Fast Internet
  • Costs: Deposit 1,000 + Furnished 17,545

Final Apartment:

  • Location: Fashion District
    • 1 Torendi Tower (3 bed, 3 bath)
      • Replaced with Attico Torre Torendi 2
    • Traits: Sunny Aspect, Convivial, Good Schools
  • Value: 239,669

Spouse: Summer Holiday


  • Starting Traits:
    • Cheerful, Active, Outgoing
    • Gregarious (Popularity Aspiration)
  • Reward Traits:
    • Beloved (Friend of the World aspiration)
    • Spice Hound (Mastering Spicy Food)
    • Chopstick Savvy (Mastering Chopsticks)
  • Satisfaction Traits:
    • Incredibly Friendly (2000)
    • Great Storyteller (500)
    • Observant (500)


  • Completed Popularity, Friend of the World aspiration
  • Politician, reached level 8 Representative
  • Mastered Charisma


Deanna Kirk

  • Toddler Trait: Inquisitive
  • Child Trait: Genius
  • Teen Trait: Geek

Torendi Penthouse (downloaded)

Family Picture



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