This legacy challenge was originally written by Pinstar for The Sims 2 ( Pinstar’s Original Apocalypse Challenge for Sims 2 and his updated rules for all Sims 2 content.).  Then, Ashleigh825 updated the rules to reflect The Sims 3 (Ashleigh’s Apocalypse Challenge Thread).  Finally, Mikitta took Ashleigh’s rules and continued expanding them to include all new expansions (mikitta’s Apocalypse wiki).

I have taken mikitta’s most current ruleset and have dropped it in here in pieces, adjusted the parts slightly hopefully without taking away from the spirit of the challenge.  I have been trying to complete this challenge since Pinstar’s Sims 2 version and have not yet made it past the 2nd generation.  I am hoping this time will be different. 🙂

“The Rules”

“The Story”

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