TS3 Immortal Dynasty Rules

The Sims 3 Immortal Dynasty Challenge


Start with one Sim. Only by accomplishing key tasks is your Founder granted the power of immortality upon reaching Elder status. The firstborn of every generation must also complete the same tasks to achieve their immortality. Your ultimate goal is 8 immortal Sims under one roof and to preserve their Dynasty forever with a valuable museum.


Setting up Your Dynasty Game

  • Before creating your Founder, make sure you are patched up to the most current EA patch.
  • Create 1 Young Adult. Traits and LTW are unrestricted.
  • Game Options: Length—Normal; Aging—On; Freewill—High.
  • You may choose any town, but it must be a brand new, unaltered town.
  • Purchase either 15 Summerhill Ct (Sunset Valley), 345 Riverblossom Hills Dr (Riverview), 16 Puddlewick Dr (Twinbrook*), 432 Tidal Terrace (Barnacle Bay**), or 64 Applewood Lane (Bridgeport***).
  • *With the Twinbrook lot, you’ll also need to purchase the Stately Statue by Big Yard Dudes, Inc (Decor > Sculptures), and 3 Bouquet in Repose (Decor > Wall Decorations). Place these 4 items in family inventory and leave them there for the duration of the Dynasty Challenge. This is for Twinbrook only and is necessary to make the beginning family funds equivalent to Sunset Valley and Riverview.
  • **With the Barnacle Bay lot, you’ll also need to purchase 1 Channel Trowler 27″ Deluxe TV and 2 36″ HiFi Plasmondo TVs from Landgraab Industries (Electronics > TVs). Place these 3 items in family inventory and leave them there for the duration of the Dynasty Challenge. This is for Barnacle Bay only and is necessary to make the beginning family funds equivalent to Sunset Valley and Riverview.
  • **With the Bridgeport lot, you’ll also need to purchase 1 WallVuu TV (Electronics > TVs) and 1 Mission at Noon, Lance Ng painting (Decor > Wall Decorations). Place these 2 items in family inventory and leave them there for the duration of the Dynasty Challenge. This is for Bridgeport only and is necessary to make the beginning family funds equivalent to Sunset Valley and Riverview.
  • The Edit Town screen is off limits with three exceptions:
  • Twinbrook and Bridgeport players can add the Book Corral to the town library, and
  • Barnacle Bay players can use Edit Town features to place a Salon, Firehouse, Consignment Store, and Junkyard.
  • Anyone is free to use Edit Town to place bars, lounges, and the studio to take advantage of Late Night’s new content.
  • You are never allowed to move from your Dynasty lot.
  • Pre-built houses are not allowed. You must take care of all building and expansion yourself. Opting for the “no build/outdoors” route is also fine.
  • No cheats or modifications* are allowed.
  • *Modifications are patches that alter some component of gameplay.
  • 3rd party Custom Content that alters appearance such as skin tone or hairstyles, etc. is not considered a modification of the game and can be used at the player’s own risk.
  • Exiting without saving to avoid a mistake or an unfortunate occurrence (i.e. burglar or fire) is cheating.

Adding to Your Household

  • Spouses and spare children are not tied to the same restrictions as immortals. They are free to choose any LTW, career, skills, etc.
  • The firstborn child of any generation is targeted as an immortal and has restrictions: Their LTW must be different than other immortals, their career must be different than other immortals, and the skill requirement before eating Ambrosia as an Elder must be a different maxed skill than other maxed skills of immortals.
  • All offspring must result from natural pregnancies of Sims living in the Dynasty house.
  • SimBots may be obtained from a LTR or an Inventor can make them. However they must immediately be released into the wild.
  • You may choose all traits of offspring.
  • No Sim may ever be moved out of the household by any means. Spouses and non-immortal offspring are to live a full and natural life and their eventual death can never be expedited in any way.
  • Your first 6 immortals can be male or female and their spouses must live in the Dynasty house until their death.
  • Your 7th generation firstborn must be a female. She will need to become pregnant without adding a spouse to the household to bring in the 8th and final immortal.

The Gift of Immortality

  • As most Sims 3 players know, eating Ambrosia will reset a Sim’s life stage to the beginning of their current life stage. So, eating Ambrosia on a regular basis will keep any Sim immortal.
  • In addition to eating Ambrosia, a deathflower placed in personal inventory will prevent any accidents from taking the life of a Sim, truly making them immortal.
  • In this Dynasty Challenge, the act of eating Ambrosia and placing a deathflower in personal inventory is a reward reserved only for your Founder and each generation’s firstborn child upon reaching Elder status (no immortal can eat Ambrosia and place deathflowers in inventory before that). The following tasks must be completed before Ambrosia can be eaten and deathflowers placed in inventory:
  • 1. Accomplish a Lifetime Wish that’s different from the other immortals’ Lifetime Wishes.
  • 2. Max a career (rabbit-hole, profession, or self-employed). All immortals’ careers must be different from each other.
  • 3. Max a skill not maxed by other immortals. All related skill challenges from the Skill Journal must also be accomplished for the skill. This is the single “SuperMax” skill that must be unique to each immortal.
  • 4. Each generation needs to use a computer to purchase one building and one property (2 separate ownerships). The property purchased by each generation must be fully upgraded before Ambrosia can be eaten.
  • 5. Purchase 3 Lifetime Rewards not purchased by other immortals.
  • 6. Have 6 different Best Friends (must be different Best Friends of other immortals) before eating Ambrosia for the first time.
  • 7. Complete 6 Opportunities no other immortal has completed. These can be Career, Skill, or Special Opportunities. These are your BlackOps.
  • 8. With the exception of your Founder, each immortal needs to have 6 portraits painted of themselves — one for each of the following life stages: Toddler, Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, and Elder. These are the sole items for your Immortals’ Museum. Your Founder needs to have Young Adult, Adult, and Elder portraits added to the museum before eating Ambrosia. Once placed in the museum, paintings cannot be replaced with new paintings of the same immortal.  Optional: Photographs and/or ice sculptures of each immortal at the same life stages may be included in the museum if expansion packs are being used.

Additional Restrictions and Info

  • Traveling is banned until the 2nd generation becomes Young Adult.*
  • *Due to some really major traveling bugs it is highly recommended you do not travel with any unmarried Sims.
  • Vampires are banned in all towns.
  • Getting a tattoo is banned because of its reduction to a life stage.** (Subject to change if EA fixes the bug.)
  • Getting a makeover is banned because of its possible reduction to a life stage.** (Also subject to change if EA fixes the bug.)
  • No drinks (Late Night content, not nectar) may be made with life fruit because of its reduction to the life stage.**
  • **All of the above life-extending tricks are available to an immortal after an immortal has eaten Ambrosia.
  • Ambrosia must be made from homegrown Life Fruit.
  • Non-immortals are banned from eating life fruit and ambrosia.
  • Deathflowers in inventory are banned for non-immortal Sims.
  • Mid-Life Crisis reward is banned for immortals.
  • Birthday cakes can only be used on a Sim’s actual birthday.

A Very Grave Matter

  • So, what to do with all of the graves of your non-immortals that pass away? You have many options:
  • 1. You can keep them on your lot and deal with the ghosts.
  • 2. You can place them in the public cemetery.
  • 3. You can make a private family cemetery on a lot that you’ve purchased via the computer.
  • 4. You can carry around the grave in inventory and essentially never deal with it at all.

The End of the Dynasty

  • Your Dynasty comes to an end when your 8th generation firstborn attains Elder status and eats Ambrosia for the first time. Congratulations!
  • If your Founder or any generation’s firstborn dies before they become an Elder and eat Ambrosia/place the deathflower, then your Dynasty attempt comes to an end.


Just to remind everyone — this Dynasty Challenge is not part of the regular Tournament where scoring and ranking are paramount for the serious competitive player. As such, fun and a leisurely pace that you set for yourself are the most important things. However, you can steadily work towards a score with your Immortals’ Museum. The Museum can be built on your lot or a lot purchased via the computer. The Museum’s value is based on its contents, so, when you’re done, you can post the total value of all items in your Immortals’ Museum and your name can be added to the Dynasty Hall of Fame. Make sure to also post your finishing date, your Dynasty’s name, if you played under expansions* as well as a screenshot of all 8 immortals with the museum nearby.

Here is a helpful spreadsheet that Pam created to keep you organized: Immortal Dynasty Spreadsheet. You can download this to Excel and other programs by clicking on “File” in the upper right corner.

*World Adventures and Ambitions owners may add photographs and/or ice sculptures of their immortals for a little more Museum value.

Have fun everyone!


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