TS3 Life States Dynasty Rules

The Sims 3 Life States Dynasty

Goal: Begin your Dynasty with a Young Adult Sim. To make it into the Hall of Fame, you will need to have 7 unique life states accomplish 7 tasks and all living under one roof. So, what kind of state will this challenge put you in? ;)

Setting up Your File + General Rules
• Always play with the most current EA patch.
• Create a Young Adult Sim of any life state in Create-a-Sim (click the dice only once for random traits) and place him/her in any fresh EA designed neighborhood. The Forum’s Union Cove is also acceptable.
• You must start on an empty lot and have at least 7,000 simoleans remaining. Before you begin playing, use the family funds cheat to bring your funds to exactly 7,000 simoleans. You may never move.
○ Press Control+Shift+C (PC) or Command+Shift+C (Mac) to open to cheats panel (screen will gray)
○ Type testingcheatsenabled true, then Return/Enter
○ Type familyfunds [Nameofhousehold] 7000, then Return/Enter
○ Type testingcheatsenabled false, then Return/Enter
• Your Lifetime Wish for your founder must be selected from one of the five Lifetime Wishes initially offered. If you are going to change life state after rolling for traits, your LTW is to be the last thing chosen before leaving CAS.
• Game Options: Length—Normal; Aging—On; Story Progression—On; Freewill—High; Lunar Cycle—Player’s Choice; Population Controls—Player’s Choice; Disabling Memories—Player’s Choice; Season Length & Weather—Player’s Choice.
• All changes to Edit Town must be completed before you place your founder.  Additional changes can be made only if given permission due to game glitch or if a new expansion has been released.  See FAQ post for extensive coverage of the ins & outs of Edit Town.
• If any standard EA designed buildings are missing from your town you are free to use Edit Town to place these. You may also have some liberty with Edit Town by juggling empty lots — i.e. changing 2 small empty lots to 1 larger one, or vice versa.
• If your town library is missing the skill books, you may use Edit Town to place Book Corrals in the library.
• In general, all cheats are banned. If you have a stuck Sim and need to reset him/her, go ahead and use the cheat. Building cheats and ones used for screenshots are fine, too. Anything that does not give you some kind of advantage is probably going to be okay. If in doubt — ask. Be specific as to what the cheat is used for. Exiting without saving to avoid an unfortunate event is considered cheating.
• All mods are banned. The single exception would be a mod that allows you to turn off all mods for your Dynasty file. Occasionally a player’s file becomes so corrupt and bloated over time that a mod may be an answer, but do not ever assume you have the green light to use a mod as a fix. I need to know the situation before making the final call.
• Life state changing Elixirs are banned.
• The Wishing Well Sims 3 Store Item is banned.
• You may only kill to create a ghost and this is crucial — it has to be freewill on your Sim’s part that kills them. You cannot directly instruct them to do an action resulting in their death. Here’s an example: you can set up a situation where there is a puddle of water near a broken electrical appliance, BUT you cannot tell the Sim to fix the appliance. They have to do it themselves.
• SimBots may be obtained from a LTR or an Inventor can make them, however, they must immediately be released into the wild.
• Heirs cannot become PlantSims but spares can at anytime and spouses only after the next heir has been born.
• Children that result from your Sim being abducted must be returned to their homeworld at the end of the pregnancy and may not become a member of the household.
• Your heirs are allowed a maximum of 49 days vacation.  You gain 7 days at the birth of every new generation. Spouses & spares have no vacation restrictions.  For more information about this change see this post.

Your Life States Dynasty Household
Your ultimate goal is to have 7 unique life states in your household all of which have completed the 7 necessary requirements. So, when #7 has completed the 7 requirements, you are done.

All 7 generations must be unique life states at the end of the challenge. Here are the qualifying life states that may reside in your household:

• Normal Sim
• Grey Ghost (died of old age)
• Blue Ghost (died of drowning)
• Yellow Ghost (died of electrocution)
• Orange Ghost (died by fire)
• Magenta Ghost (died by starvation)
• Gray/Opaque Ghost (died from Mummy’s curse)
• Dark Orange Ghost (died from meteor)
• Dark Crimson Ghost (vampire dying from thirst)
• Smoky or Invisible Ghost (died during Buried Alive/Box of Danger trick)
• Cobalt Ghost (died during Watery Grave/Box of Danger trick)
• Gold/Gilded Ghost (died from Philosopher’s Stone)
• Green Ghost (died from the Haunting Curse)
• Glowing Purple Ghost (died from Jelly Bean Bush)
• White and Bright Blue Ghost (frozen to death)
• Neon Green Ghost (Death by ranting) restricted to only usable on a founder from CAS
• Muted Red Ghost (death by Blunt Force Trauma)
• Vampire
• Imaginary Friend
• Genie
• Werewolf
• Fairy
• Witch
• Alien

Adding to the Household
• Your founder must bring in a spouse/partner to Try for Baby (adoption is not allowed) resulting in a different life state child than the founder. Generation #2 would then eventually need to bring in a different life state spouse/partner after they reach marriageable age to Try for Baby and produce a different life state for generation #3. And on and on until generation #7 has finished his/her requirements. The heir has to come from the first birth that results in a life state that is different from previous heirs. In the case of twins/triplets of a different life state, you are free to choose the heir. You are also free to keep trying until you get an heir that is a different life state. No limit on the amount of spares allowed into the house as long as the current and former heirs never leave.  No other Sims are allowed to enter the house beyond spouses and spares.

• Spouses/partners’ traits must be taken as is. In other words, if you bring Grumpy old Gunther Goth into your household, his traits stay as is, as well as his lifetime wish. Each heir is only allowed one spouse/partner to live in the house with them. Once you’ve made your choice, that spouse is the one the heir needs to come from. For heirs raised from birth where you have the option to pick traits and a Lifetime Wish, everything must be random.  All infants born into your game must be given two random traits at birth until the heir is born.  You must accept the first dice roll and you can only choose a Lifetime Wish from whatever the game offers you. No Mid-Life Crisis LTR, no trait-changing elixirs and no Change Lifetime Wish for heirs and spouses only.  Spares can have any traits or Lifetime Wish that the player chooses past the infant stage.  Extra traits gained from social groups & degrees must be randomly rolled for heirs & spouses with no restrictions for spares.

Heirs #2-#7 have 7 childhood goals they must attain. Important: After achieving ALL tasks in a given stage, you are allowed to use a birthday cake to age up a child.

** Reach level 3 in two skills through the use of books, peg box, or xylophone (xylophone only counts for one skill)
** Be Best Friends with both parents

** Get on the Honor Roll,1. The heir must get on the honor roll in grade school and high school.(with the Seasons expansion pack children get an extra day off school it is the challenge boards staff recommendation that you time pregnancies and birthdays so that the heir ages up on a Weekend so as to get more days at school)
** Complete 1 opportunity (does not need to be unique)

** Get on the Honor Roll
** Have 1 Romantic Interest
** Reach level 3 in the Cemetery Worker part-time job

Spouses/partners of heirs are free to come and go in the Dynasty house, as well as spares that did not turn out to be a different life state. However, heirs cannot be moved out. You may not bring in a new heir until the current heir accomplishes the 7 key things listed below. Important: these must all be in place concurrently when it’s time to add an heir.

7 Requirements for Adding an Heir:

1). Have 1 Best Friend that is not a household member and is a non-Normal life state (i.e. vampire, stray animal, ghost). This Best Friend must be unique to the qualifying heir and not a Best Friend to any other household member.
2). Attain 2 different career/profession placeable reward objects. These can be from a rabbit-hole career, a self-employment career, or a profession. Qualifying objects would be things like skill certificates directly tied to a career/profession, objects like the Police Cruiser, Director’s Chair, and Uber Fridge from the Culinary Career; and Service Rewards. These 2 career/profession rewards must be unique to the qualifying heir.  (MarianT provides an excellent list of careers and their rewards here)
3). Complete 3 unique opportunities. As long as one word in the title of an opportunity is different, then it qualifies as unique. These cannot be opportunities from school or after-school activities.
4). Purchase 4 unique Lifetime Happiness Rewards. No other heirs may purchase these.
5). Fulfill 5 unique regular wishes. These wishes need to award at least 5,000 happiness points each. Like the opportunities, as long as one word in the title of the wish is different, then you’re fine. (Member hazelnut has given a great list of these types of wishes here)
6). Complete 6 unique Skill Challenges. All skill challenges qualify. Some skills, such as painting and writing, only have 3 skill challenges available, so for some heirs you will probably need to develop 2 different skills to accomplish 6 skill challenges. (Big Thanks to Odie for giving us a skill challenge list here)
7). Add 7 items of a given type (i.e. all photos or all paintings) to the Family Mausoleum. These 7 items must be the product of a skill of the current heir (i.e. a painting, sculpture, photograph, invention, nectar bottle). Each generation’s objects must be a different type than other generations’ type of objects. (List of items – thank you to Ratchie and Teresa for helping get all the items together)

Extending Life You may not use any method to extend an heir’s life until they have completed all their requirements. Once all requirements are completed, then you are free to use whatever methods you wish to extend an heir’s life. All 7 life states must be alive at the end of the dynasty. Non-heir household members are not tied to these restrictions.

Finishing Up
You’re done when your 7th Life State has accomplished all 7 child requirements and all 7 heir addition requirements. Congratulations! You made it into the Dynasty Hall of Fame. Send me a private message with a screenshot of all 7 life states, and the finishing Week/Day on the game clock.

Here’s a helpful spreadsheet from Pam to keep everyone organized:

Life State Dynasty Spreadsheet

Good luck, everyone.

Please be aware that the game is constantly changing.  All Dynasty rules are subject to change and  have clarifications made as information is gathered over time.  All changes to the rules will be noted with a date change at the bottom of the rules page as well as details given within the dynasty thread.   Dynasty players are expected to keep up with these changes on their own as part of playing the challenge.  If there is a rule clarification and you break that rule, there is no guarantee a second chance will be given by the Challenge Board team.
Rules Last Edited on: 3/12/2013


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