TS3 Townie DecaDynasty Rules

The Townie DecaDynasty

Goal: Start with any pre-made townie family with no children. When the firstborn child (the heir) accomplishes the 10 moving requirements, the whole process begins again in the next townie home. Your DecaDynasty is finished when the 10th heir is in the 10th household and has accomplished all 10 moving requirements.

General Rules

  1. Always play with the most current EA patch.
  2. Choose a pre-made townie family with no children from any unaltered EA designed neighborhood or Union Cove. (List of eligible townies can be found here)
  3. Game Options: Length—Normal; Aging—On; ; Story Progression—On; Freewill—High; Lunar Cycle—Player’s Choice; Population Controls—Player’s Choice; Disabling Memories—Player’s Choice; Season Length & Weather—Player’s Choice.  These options cannot change at any point during the dynasty.
  4. The Edit Town screen is off limits with two exceptions:
  • Twinbrook, Bridgeport, and Hidden Springs players can add the Book Corral to the town library.
  • Anyone can use Edit Town to place EA-created buildings and lots.
  • All changes to Edit Town have to be made before you choose your founder’s home.  Additional changes are only allowed with permission due to game glitches or in the case of an expansion release.
    • For a thorough analysis of the ins and outs of what you can and cannot do in Edit Town please check out Rica’s post.
  • Players are given two chances to move towns after an heir moves if they need to due to technical glitches/file size issues.  These are to be used at the player’s discretion but when to use them can be part of the strategy.  Details
  1. You’re free to choose any traits and use Lifetime Happiness Rewards to change traits and Lifetime Wishes.
  2. All mods are banned.
  3. 3rd party custom content that alters appearance such as skin tone or hairstyles, etc. is not considered a modification of the game and can be used at the player’s own risk.
  4. All cheats are banned with the following exceptions:
  • unlock outfits
  • Moveobjects on
  • PlaceFriezes on
  • ResetSim Firstname Lastname (Use this in the event your Sim becomes “stuck.”)
  1. Exiting without saving for any reason is cheating.
  2. Intentionally killing Sims falls outside normal gameplay and is also considered cheating.

Adding to Your Household

  1. Heirs must be the result of two Townie Sims living in a household Trying For Baby and must be born within 10 days of starting in a new occupied Townie house. After the first generation, the former heir must be one of the parents.
  2. The first named child born into a new house is your DecaDynasty heir. The heir must be the firstborn child of both parents and there can be no other children within the household older than the heir.
  3. There following are restrictions for moving Sims in or out of the household:
  • Once a Sim leaves the household, he/she may never be invited back into the household of an active heir.
  • Sims from the previous household may not move in with a later heir, either when he/she moves or after the fact.
  • Children that are conceived in an active household and moved out prior to birth are considered having been a previous household member.
  • Any person who at anytime shows up on the portrait panel or takes a spot within the household is considered a household member.  This includes roommates who you don’t control but can restrict you from adding to the household.
  • The heir must remain within the household until they have completed the requirements to move.
  • The only items Heirs can move with are Career Rewards and Lifetime Happiness Rewards that they earn themselves. No other objects.
  • An heir may not have any children prior to their move into the next house.

Moving Requirements

For the Heir to be Eligible to Move to the Next Townie House…

  1. The heir must get on the honor roll in grade school and high school. Staying on the honor roll is not required.(with the Seasons expansion pack children get an extra day off school it is the challange boards staff recomendation that you time pregnancies and birthdays so that the heir ages up on a Weekend so as to get more days at school)
  2. The household must have 10 different NPC friends (all must have different jobs) at moving time—Maid, Repair Technician, Repoman, Baby Sitter, Adoption Service/Child Protection Worker, Pet Adoption Worker, Pizza Delivery, Butler, Bartender, Bouncer, Pianist, Burglar, Police, Firefighter, Grim Reaper, Newspaper Delivery, Mail Delivery, Science Geek, Magician, Tourist, Explorer, Paparazzi, Tattoo Artist, male/female dancers, Venue Proprietor, DJ, Acrobat, Singer, Magician, Elixir Store Consignment Specialist, Barista Bartender, University Mascot.
  3. The household must have 10 different Best Friends at moving time. There can be overlap with other households’ Best Friends and the NPC requirement can serve double duty here if any are also Best Friends.
  4. Heirs must max a unique career (rabbit-hole, profession, or self-employed)—no other DecaDynasty heir can max the same career.
  5. Heirs must SuperMax a unique skill—no other heir can SuperMax the same skill. SuperMax means that not only is the skill maxed, but all related skill challenges have also been completed.
  6. Heirs must complete 10 unique Opportunities (BlackOps) that no other heir has completed. These can be Career, Skill, Special Opportunities and up to 3 adventures/day jobs/dares/social group opportunities per heir.
  7. Each heir needs to purchase one building and one property (2 separate ownerships). The property must be fully upgraded before the heir moves.
  8. The heir must be in the Adult life stage.
  9. Heirs must acquire a short, rounded tombstone or the larger obelisk resulting from the natural death of a household member. The ground plaque does not qualify (the smallest size). Tombstones must be placed on the lot before moving.
  10. Heirs must leave behind 10 items (no more) of a particular type in the house. No items left can be from previous households. These items must be a) created, b) found, or c) given to you as freebies/perks as part of a career or being a Celebrity. None of the 10 items can be purchased or made on the Display Table. Each house must have a unique item type. Qualified Item List — Criminal career objects taken home, Career reward objects (culinary career fridge, law enforcement squad car, Fox statue, etc), celebrity freebies in family inventory, wedding presents, field trip souvenirs, Stolen Items by a Sim (not rabbit hole steals), afterschool activity trophies, time travel items, paintings, photos, elixirs, sculptures, beetles, butterflies, turtles, lizards, rodents, birds, snakes, fireflies, gems, metals, spacerocks, fish, relics, inventions, nectar, wildflowers, books, spirits, Gnomes, Lifetime Happiness Reward objects (i.e. teleporter, collection helper), skill certificates, plants, fancy festival eggs, samples from the science skill, street art and any harvestables from Omni Plants. All household members from a given house can contribute towards this requirement.

Additional Restrictions and Info

  1. Anything that lengthens/shortens life for heirs is forbidden— eating Life Fruit, Ambrosia, make-overs, tattoos, plastic surgery, mud baths, elixirs and drinking from Leon’s Fountain of Youth (Hidden Springs). Non-heirs have no life-extending restrictions. Once your firstborn makes an appearance and becomes the active heir, you’re free to extend the life of the former heir.
  2. No household member can be a Vampire/Genie/Werewolf/Fairy. However, you are allowed to cure potential spouses and household members with a supernatural elixir prior to moving in.  Heirs are allowed to move into a house with Vampire/Genie/Werewolf/Fairies that have not been cured provided all Vampire/Genie/Werewolf/Fairies are moved out the same day the heir moves in.
  3. Household members cannot be a mummy, or SimBot. However, Imaginary Friends are allowed to become household members. You’re also allowed to have Ghosts, Witches and Aliens as household members.
  4. Birthday cakes are restricted to household members only and can only be used on actual birthdays.
  5. The Wishing Well Sim Store item is banned.
  6. Each household is allowed 10 days vacation. Vacation time includes time spent in China/France/Egypt and time spent at University.  Vacation can be accrued and passed on to the next household. So, if you never take a vacation in your starting house, when you begin playing your 2nd house, you then have 20 days vacation available. For every Sim that goes on vacation that counts against the vacation total—i.e. 3 Sims go on vacation for 3 days = 9 vacation days.
  7. Children that result from your Sim having been abducted and impregnated are not allowed to join the household.  When the child is born, the player must choose “Return to Homeworld”.
  8. Household members are allowed to become PlantSims but an heir and their spouse can only become a PlantSim after the next heir has been born.  Heirs can never be PlantSims.

The End of Your Dynasty

Your DecaDynasty concludes when your 10th heir is living in the 10th house and has completed all 10 moving requirements. Congratulations! However, if any of the 10 moving requirements cannot be accomplished resulting in an heir unable to move, then your DecaDynasty attempt comes to an end.


The Townie DecaDynasty Challenge is a stand-alone event and not connected with the 13-event Challenge Tournament or world ranking, but you can still keep score.  Scoring is based on the value of the 10 items you leave behind in each house. Before an heir moves, find the value of the 10 items in Buy Mode. When you’re done, you can post the total value of all 100 items in this thread, or feel free to PM me the information. Please take a picture of your 10th heir with the 10 objects in the picture as well.

My thanks to Hosfac and Pam for their editing chops on this rule set. Gheez also deserves a round of applause as she was kind enough to work up a nice spreadsheet for everyone’s benefit. Kudos, guys.

Townie DecaDynasty Spreadsheet.

Have fun and get moving everyone! ;)

Please be aware that the game is constantly changing.  All Dynasty rules are subject to change and clarifications made as information is gathered over time.  All changes to the rules will be noted with a date change at the bottom of the rules page as well as details given within the dynasty thread.   Dynasty players are expected to keep up with these changes on their own as part of playing the challenge.  If there is a rule clarification and you break that rule, there is no guarantee a second chance will be given by the Challenge Board team.
Updated 4/06/2013


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