TS4 Ten-Gen Dynasty Rules

The Ten-Gen Townie Dynasty Challenge

Your goal is to produce a Sim who is the descendant of 10 different families living in Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, and other Sim towns. You’ll start with a childless premade YA townie (or teen immediately aged up to YA). Your founder will have 10 days in which to marry and move in with an unmarried childless townie and produce an heir. (Note: if you choose one of the Pancakes, they may stay in their house.) Before moving your Sim out, he or she must put together a 10-item unique collection and paint or photograph each of the Sims in the household. Each YA heir thereafter will also have 10 days in which to marry and move in with an unmarried childless townie and produce an heir, after amassing a 10-item unique collection and painting or photographing every member of the household.

One other thing — 95% of the time, the only Sim you are allowed to control is your founder or heir. Exceptions will be listed below. You will switch control to the next heir when your founder or previous heir has accumulated 50 points (point system listed below).

To recap: within 10 days after becoming a YA and becoming the controlled Sim, the founder or heir must:
1. Either photograph or paint the portrait of every household member and place them in the family museum.
2. Amass a unique 10-item collection and place it in the family museum. Collection items must be made or found by the heir.
3. Marry and move in with a childless, unmarried Sim living in one of the towns.
4. Produce the next heir, either through childbirth, alien abduction, or adoption.

Once the founder or heir moves in with the spouse, points (both positive and negative — see below) begin to accumulate. 50 points must be accumulated before the player can begin controlling the next heir.

You’ll start with a completely new file. This means you’ll have to start in CAS. Create an Elder Sim and move him or her into Crick Cabana. Before starting to play with your chosen founder, you’ll need to do some work on your town.

The following options should be chosen: Autonomy — Full; Aging — Normal; Fill Empty Houses — Checked.

You MUST set up a Museum for your family. This will be where your Sims place their collections and portraits. This Museum must meet the lot requirements for a museum. You may also set up a cemetery on this lot. You can build your own or use the Willow Museum of Fine Arts or any other museum in My Library on the Gallery.

You MAY NOT bulldoze the Willow Creek Archives or the large parks in Willow Creek, Oasis Springs and San Myshuno. You may bulldoze other community lots provided that at least one of each type remains, i.e, you’ll have to keep one gym, one nightclub, one bar, etc. You may place any Maxis-made venues (spa, restaurant, retail store, etc.), and you may place up to 5 houses. These may come from #carlsguiderdc or EAaccountID MaxisCreator_01 on the Gallery. You may not bulldoze any houses.

You may place the following on any community lot: rocket ship kit, telescope, microscope, cupcake machine, wedding arch with seating, movie screen with seating, wishing well, horseshoe court, garden planters, buffet table, drinks fountain, popcorn machine and counter, hot tub, puppet theater, battle station(s), water slide, basketball court, busker station, bowling alley, climbing wall, and photography studio.
Once you’ve set up your town, you may alter only your family museum and retail stores and restaurants owned by your Sims. You may add new venues and objects that come with new packs.

You may give lot traits to the community lots but not to any residential lots that you add.

Once you’ve finished setting up your towns, you may make a template by doing a Save As. If you run into a problem or fail to follow the rules by controlling a Sim other than your founder, you may return to this template to start over.

General Rules
An heir can be any of the following: the firstborn child of the founder or previous heir; the alien offspring of the same; or an infant adopted after the marriage of the founder or previous heir.
The founder and heirs must marry unmarried childless Sims living in houses or apartments. Heirs may not move into houses that their ancestors previously lived in.
The founder and heirs may take only items they have made or found when they move.
You may add homeless Sims to your household but not Sims from families in town. Only heirs are allowed to move out, and they can only move out when they marry.
Gender customization can be done only to the heir and only once when he or she is a teen.
Alien babies must be kept.
A nanny must be hired if there are toddlers or babies on the lot when the last teen or adult leaves the house.
Aspirations can be changed only when an aspiration has been completed.
Traits for children born into the household must be randomized, but you may choose their aspirations. Your heirs must choose unique aspirations, i.e. aspirations that have not been completed by a previous heir.
Your controlled Sim may not be in a club with other household members. Your Sims may join clubs but not form them.
The interior of a house may be changed but not the footprint, i.e., the shape of the house. You may add basements if you need more room. You may make changes to the landscaping and add a pool.
Upon moving into a house, you may add only one skill-boosting trait and up to 2 others. You may not change lot traits once you’ve added them.
Life extension is not allowed for founders and heirs, except for the Body Builder aspiration, which affects only elders. No one may be given ambrosia, but it may be used in collections.

Point System
Your Sims start accumulating points when the founder or heir moves into a new house and stop getting points when control has shifted to the next generation. They also do not get or lose points on “free” days.

1 point for each level gained in a unique designated skill (cooking and handiness not allowed) by the controlled Sim. 20 points maximum. Your Sim must max this skill before gaining points from another skill, and no other controlled Sim may choose this as the skill to gain points from.
1 point for each job or school promotion earned by any household member.
1 point for each 1000 satisfaction points gained by the controlled Sim. Note # of satisfaction points immediately upon moving in.
1 point for each good friend made by the controlled Sim. 10 points maximum, and you can count a friend only once.
1 point for each enemy made by the controlled Sim. 5 points maximum, and you can count an enemy only once.
1 point for each different gold party (a date can count) thrown by the controlled Sim. 5 points maximum. (A gold medal wedding for the controlled Sim can also count even though it happens before the Sim moves in with the spouse.)
1 point for each $10,000 in profit (household funds excluded) earned by a retail store or restaurant. 10 points maximum.
2 points for every $30,000 added to the initial household fund. 10 points maximum. Note household income immediately upon moving in.
1 point for every wish made by the controlled Sim at the Wishing Well. 3 points maximum.
1 point for each character trait achieved by a Sim aging up from teen to YA.
2 points for every skill or job maxed or aspiration completed by any Sim in the household. Child aspirations and skills can count and so can toddler skills.

-1 point for every bladder failure.
-1 point for every pass out.
-1 point for every demotion or job firing.
-1 point for every NPC hire. (Each day that a maid works is counted as a separate NPC hire.)
-1 point for every Satisfaction Reward bought.
-2 points for every club perk.
-2 points for every fire.
-2 points for every fight between household members.
-5 points for every child taken by the Social Worker (automatic fail if the child is the heir).
-5 points for every death from anything other than old age.
-10 points for controlled Sim that is a vampire.

You’ll get a free day every 10 points. If your Sim is at 9 points and gets awarded 2 points, you can carry the 11th point over. If your Sim takes the free day at 10 points and then loses a point or two the next day, you’ll have to wait till you get to 20 points before taking another free day.

Times When You Can Control Other Sims
Any Sim in labor may be given the order “Have Baby.”
Sims may be told to blow out candles on their birthday cakes, when it’s their birthday (0 days left).
Aliens may be told to put on their disguise when aging up from babies to children.
Whenever your Sim accumulates 10 points, the household gets a mandatory “free day.” For 24 Sim hours, you may control any Sim in the household for any period of time. You will not accumulate or lose points during this day.
Non-controlled Sims may respond to chance cards from work and school. Non-controlled Sims in an active career must choose “go to work alone” for the careers from Get to Work, and “go to work” for the careers from City Living.
You may change the clothing and hair of any Sim in the household by sending your controlled Sim to CAS.
You may bring household members with your Sim to a community lot, and you may have them do things together there. You may not use the “group” function on the home lot.

Except for the above cases, you may not give directions or cancel actions for non-controlled Sims. When your controlled Sim is away from the lot, you may not choose actions for Sims at home, nor may you choose among the options they get at work (normal, work hard, socialize with co-workers, etc.). 

Mods, Cheats, Custom Content, and Manage Households
Custom Content items are fine and are to be used at your own risk. No mods or cheats are allowed with a few exceptions: lighting mods that change the look of the game are fine; Moveobjects is fine; some bugs may creep up that a mod could fix, but team permission is always necessary in these cases. Quitting a game without saving to avoid a disaster like a fire or sudden death is considered cheating; quitting without saving because you’ve experienced a bug is not.

ResetSim Firstname Lastname. You may only use this cheat in the event of a stuck Sim.
Moveobjects. You are allowed to use this cheat at your discretion.
Buydebug cheat (bb.showhiddenobjects) is banned.

Whenever your heir’s world has fewer than 8 occupied houses or apartments, you may move in Sims from the Unplayed Households bin to bring the total to 8. You may use the freerealestate cheat to move them into a house, and you may select any house that has not been occupied by your dynasty. You may evict ghosts from households at any time.


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