Ultimate Skill-o-Rama

The next challenge in the tournament at Carl’s is an Ultimate Skill-o-Rama. This is all about mastering unique skills in two weeks.

Ultimate Skill-o-Rama

Starting off the challenge is Kiera Hobbs. She is a Cheerful, Genius, Bookworm. She moves into the large empty lot in Oasis Springs.

To start things off, she takes photos until she masters photography. The challenge rules originally required a skill to be mastered before moving in a new sim. I think that changed to remove restrictions on moving sims in, but I kept with it since I was going to be able to master skills fast enough to move everyone in by the end of the day.

With photography mastered, Keira moves Evie Delgato in. Evie is not impressed with the water falling from the sky. She will be making this face a lot today.

Evie comes with the Potty skill mastered.

That means it is time to bring Elsa Bjergsen into the household. Elsa brings the mastered Mental skill with her.

Raj is quickly added to the household. He comes with a mastered skill in Cooking.

Megumi Ito joins the household with the mastered skill of Skiing.

And then there is Father Winter. He is the last one coming in with mastered skills – and he has five of them: Baking, Charisma, Handiness, Parenting, and Singing.

Father Winter brings §500,000 in funds with him, so they finally are able to get a house. With the house in place, it is time for everyone to get started on their next skill.

Father Winter is sent out to build a rocket for Rocket Science.

Megumi is sent to the treadmill for Fitness.

Raj is tossing knives in the kitchen as he works on Gourmet Cooking.

Kiera is learning about Vampire Lore.

Elsa begins working on Creativity. She will be completing all four child skills.

And Evie starts with Communications. She will only be a toddler for the first week and will be completing all five toddler skills. Her week as a child will be focused on the adult skills that children can learn.

When Evie masters Communication, they have Simeon join the household. Simeon doesn’t have anything mastered but he is at level 8 in three different skills.

Evie masters Movement next.

And the last sim joins the household. Jing Fen is one of the university professors and he comes with three high level skills – one at level 7 and two at level 8. The household is full now. No one can be moved out or replaced if they die.

Evie makes lots of messes until she masters Imagination. That just leaves Thinking and it is just now Monday morning.

Jing takes up the violin.

Raj has mastered Gourmet Cooking.

Mixology will be his next skill. And he is now starting from scratch, from the bottom, level 1.

Since Evie has several days until her birthday, she will be learning Thinking a little slower by playing with blocks and most likely getting a tablet. I don’t normally use tablets and blocks as watching sims is a lot faster, but this way I won’t have to monitor her as closely.

Keira masters Vampire Lore and moves to Floral Arranging. This is such a micromanaging skill, but whatever. With the cash left over from everyone moving in, she can afford to buy the flowers as she goes.

Simeon started with Video Gaming but he got burned out so he switched to Programming until he was sick of the computer. Logic is his third skill, so he will be moving between the three skills until he masters each one.

Megumi keeps running into a pulled muscle so she gets a lot of muscle relaxing baths.

She also hires a one time maid to come and clean up the messes made by Evie.

The maid does a good job but when a plate is pulled out for Evie to get something to eat, she keeps putting it up before Evie can get there. Finally she finishes and leaves.

Evie is making good progress and she is doing a good job of taking care of her needs.

Elsa masters creativity.

She will be working on Motor skills next and then Social skills last.

Simeon masters logic. Now he has to switch between programming, which fries his brain, and video gaming, which burns him out.

Jing masters the violin. He will now be switching between writing and practicing debates.

I got tired of having to chase Kiera down after every flower arrangement, so she will be switching back and forth with painting.

Evie finally manages to grab a plate, or maybe this is breakfast the next morning. She has definitely been to bed.

Megumi masters fitness so she can finally break the chains tying her to the treadmill. She is moving on to Wellness next.

Evie masters thinking and completes all five toddler skills. She will now be doing her own thing until she grows up.

I read back through the rules and comments and there is no restrictions on aging up early, so Raj takes the time to make Evie a cake and helps her blow out her candles. Evie is now a child.

She takes on the Bowling skill, which she masters with just over two 10-frame games.

After mastering bowling, I realize there is no reason to keep Evie as a child. Elsa will be finishing up the child skills, so Evie pulls out the cake and blows out the candles again.

As a teen, Evie jumps right into knitting.

Clement masters the Rocket Science skill and heads inside to begin the Veterinarian skill.

Elsa masters Motor and begins working on Social.

Raj masters mixology and he will begin working as a Medium.

This is not a skill I have played with yet.

Elsa invites over Lucas to be her foil as she learns Social. He tries to leave several times before actually making his escape.

Raj summons Bonehilda. Okay.

And then there are these things floating around.

He even summons a ghost.

Which gives Elsa someone to talk with that won’t distract the household members from their own skills.

Okay, I definitely have to play this skill. Raj is a ghost for several hours before it wears off.

Elsa masters Social and is ready to blow out some candles. Except that Lucas managed to take a piece of cake before he left. So, Raj will take a moment and make her a new cake. I also just realized that Medium is only five levels and Raj has mastered it. After making the cake, he will move to pipe organ.

Elsa blows out her candles once the new cake is made.

Jing masters Research and Debate.

Simeon masters Programming and Video gaming.

Elsa heads off to the bedroom to work on her Piano.

Jing masters Writing.

I send Jing off to fish with the hope that he can master it before he dies.

Evie masters DJ Mixing and goes back to Knitting.

I hate Flower Arranging, but Kiera finally masters both Flower Arranging and Painting.

And the last mastered skill of the challenge will be Clement mastering Veterinarian. I am out of time and will have to quit before the two weeks are up. We are leaving on vacation and I won’t have time to finish before the deadline.

They had a total of 35 mastered skills and partial points for every other skill. They end the challenge with 38,350 points.


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