Yuma’s Epilogue

With the challenge officially over, it is time for Yuma to begin making her plans for her retirement.  The best part of this is the fact that she is not an elder. In fact, she is 16 days from her birthday.  The first thing she needed to do was make sure she had the Potion of Youth in her possession, so she looked at the aspirations that were stopped at needing a career, and she began taking jobs to check off aspirations.

Once she had the Potion of Youth, she was ready for the next part of her plan.  She calls for Clyde to come over, and then she drinks the potion.

She can’t go back to a previous age, but she can definitely go back to the beginning of this age.  Of course, she is going to become a vampire – was there ever any doubt?  After the turning is set into motion, she and Clyde head into the bedroom to celebrate.

Altair… Altair is out in the freezing weather wandering around.  Freezing to death if he doesn’t get his ass back into the house.  I tried to follow his tracks backwards and he was either fishing or napping on a bench or making a snowpal.

Yuma spends a little more time with Clyde before WinterFest begins.

Even though their birthday is not officially until Thursday, since this is the last one of the challenge, Yuma lets them age up early so they can enjoy the holiday.  Nova goes first and is Silly.

Luna goes last, and is officially the last of the challenge, and she is Clingy.

Toddler training begins while Yuma puts the tree up.

Nova and Luna are put down for naps so that they will be in a good mood to open presents later.

The tree is almost done and the older kids are enjoying the holiday music while Yuma finishes up.

It wouldn’t be a holiday without a mess of some kind.  Draco is in timeout and then he will be cleaning it up.

I tried to get at least one picture of everyone opening a gift for their last WinterFest.

After decorating the house and opening presents, I will generally check to see who is left to get gold.  Most of the time it will be the children who want to ask for a present from Father Winter.  This year it was Draco and Altair and Luna.

Because his time is limited and it is hard to get all eight sims asked and received in the time he spends at the house, only those not already in gold go first.  Then others can ask if he is still around.  Just saying.  Nova comes over, and she is angry because she is starving.  Luna is dealing with stranger danger from having to talk to Father Winter.

When Nova starts yelling at the others, she is sent off to find food.  No more presents for her.

Luna receives her present from Father Winter but it doesn’t update her into gold.  It didn’t even check off that she asked for the gift.

Yeah, I feel ya.  So everyone had a successful holiday except Luna.

This is the holiday season – the day after WinterFest is TV Season Premiere.  I don’t know what the show was, because it didn’t say.  they were all able to watch it before school started so that holiday was checked off and ended early.

Yuma’s transformation takes place after the kids leave for school.

Yeah… this is going to need a makeover… once the kids come home from school.

Yuma begins the process of earning power points so that she can be a stronger vampire like Merry.  Can’t risk burning up in the sun like Layne.

Nova and Luna spend the day working on thinking and movement, swapping off using the slide once Nova gets to level 3.

The kids come home from school and as I go out to take a picture, Merry pops in, changes clothes, and pops out.

All of the teens brought home an “A”, so there are birthdays and moving out coming up.




With the three teens moving out, it was time for Clyde to move in.  He is a Grand Master Vampire and had almost all of his points to spend.  He already had Bat Form, Eternally Welcome, and Vampire Creation powers with the Withered Stomach weakness.  He spent the rest of his points:

  • Detect Personality
  • Occult Master (3 levels)
  • Vampiric Might (3 levels)
  • Garlic Immunity
  • Perfect Sun Resistance

His weakness are Sleep of the Undead, Nightmarish Sleep, and Eternal Sadness.

Who made a snow-angel in the house?

Clyde also has a career – he is a Doctor, level 8 Medical Specialist.

Yuma’s intense study has allowed her to become a Grand Master Vampire.  She has spent her points on a variety of powers at random:

  • Detect Personality
  • Bat Form
  • Eternally Welcome
  • Occult Master (3 levels)
  • Vampiric Fascination (3 levels)
  • Garlic Immunity
  • Vampire Creation
  • Perfect Sun Resistance
  • Tamed Thirst

Her weaknesses:

  • Withered Stomach
  • Guilty Drinker
  • Sleep of the Undead
  • Nightmarish Sleep (2 levels)

Now she needs to spend time with Luna and Nova because they are very lonely.

Because Clyde is a doctor and Yuma is who she is, they will both be taking the Good Vampire aspiration.

Yuma gathers up the girls and she reads them several books.  This helps their imagination, their fun, and their attention all in one.

Then she begs to give them baths.

Baths it is.  The only skill they are lacking for their birthday is the potty and they should have that shortly.

The boys came home with “B”s today, which is an improvement from the “C”, but they sure don’t seem to be in a rush to grow up.

These are two Happy Toddlers with Luna edging Nova out by seconds.

Luna doesn’t understand why Nova gets to blow out the candles first.  She wasn’t the first one to finish her skills.  Being the youngest sucks.

Nova is a Perfectionist.

Luna is a Genius.

One last makeover for Yuma as she prepares for her retirement from this baby-making challenge.

Clyde comes home from work in tears.  His job is boring, he needs some excitement.  Don’t we all.

Yuma knows just what will cheer him up.

Yuma has taken a job in the Social Media career since she can work from home until the last of the kids have moved out.  But, she needed to make a trip to the city so Clyde tagged along with her.

Yuma needed to get to know three sims, which she did – then they went home.  It was a quick trip.

Why is everyone standing outside in the middle of the night?  It can mean only one thing.

Yep I downloaded them a new house.  The idea was to downsize but I am not sure it got any smaller.  This house was uploaded by LilLezlie150.

It is still nighttime and it is winter so this isn’t a really clear shot, but you get the picture

With the move, Layne was uprooted also so he came into the house to watch TV with Yuma and Clyde.

Well, it is a new house so guess what I forgot to add to the bedrooms.  Two guesses…

With Layne finally showing up, Yuma is able to check another item off of her list…

Layne uses up all 79 of his accumulated power points and then he moves out to live his life, safe from the sun.  I don’t know if ghost vampires can be harmed by the sun, but not taking any chances.

Bye, bye Layne…  Have a good, life?

Maybe there is not enough to do in this house for the kids on free willy.

Yuma has been making, but not drinking, drinks. We are proud of her.

The house now has things to do that don’t include making messes.

Nova and Luna are working on the skills for school – this has been a long weekend and I am hoping to get everyone out of the house by the end of the week.

Draco is getting to know Clyde.

This is so cool – a digital sketchpad.  I just found it because the house I had downloaded had it on the desks.

It is New Year’s Eve and everyone is watching TV.  I wish I had been ready to take pictures but at midnight, Clyde walked over and hugged Yuma.  Then they both pulled out a plasma pack and drank plasma like they were toasting the New Year.

Clyde went and took a bubble bath, then he played a game.  I wasn’t watching and had Yuma ask him to woohoo.  At the last moment, I realized he wasn’t flirty, he was hysterical.  Calm yourself, please.


Free willy time is over – everyone now has to build something.

When they finished they were all sent outside.  If this was Sims 3, I would have sent them to the park on the farthest side of town.

Ariel died + two more friends of Yuma died + Miranda died.  These came within minutes of each other.

All of the death notifications woke up Yuma and Clyde.

With the kids finally at school, Yuma headed into town.  This cluster fuck at the portal noped her right on out of there.  I am still waiting on my game to load back up at her house.

so, I had to close without saving and lost back to right when Ariel and Miranda died.  Moving forward, Ariel and Miranda still died.  The only thing different about this time is all the kids got a moodlet solver before school.  It is time for them to get their grades up.

Not quite, but everyone it on track to get their improvement tomorrow.  The boys have a “B” and the girls have a “C”.

Today’s homecoming brings the results we are looking for two “A”s and two “B”s.

Draco rolls Vegetarian and Creative with the Master Chef aspiration.

Altair rolls Bookworm and Dog Lover with the Mansion Baron aspiration, which he completes immediately.  That is good because someone is going to need to buy the moodlet solvers for tomorrow.

Clyde and Yuma are taking a hibernation vacation.

Draco and Altair spent that evening doing their homework, extra credit, and project and then they studied hard at school and brought home an “A” in one day.  They are out of here.



I didn’t think and moved the boys out while Clyde was still at work so he spent the rest of his shift marked at work but standing at home.  He is never going to get promoted but that’s okay.

This section has all been about growing the kids up and moving them out so that Clyde and Yuma can retire officially.  to that end, Nova and Luna have brought home their “A”s and are ready for their birthday cake.

Nova rolls Perfectionist and Genius with Master Chef.  Since I am hoping they will only be teens for a short time, I am skipping the makeovers until I move them out as Young Adults.

Luna rolls Genius and Materialist with Leader of the Pack

During this time, Yuma is still suffering from the celebrity quirk that won’t go away – juice enthusiast.  It makes her sad and then angry unless she has a bar drink.  Since I refuse to take out the drunk mod, she has been having to deal with that.  In the other house, there were enough passive moods to keep the juice mood buried.  In this house, not so much.  So she spends a lot of time hibernating, angry, sad, or drinking to resolve it.  I am hoping when I move them into a new save that the bug doesn’t move with her.

Nova and Luna work on their homework.  This could be, should be their last night.

While the girls are doing their part to bring this challenge to an end, Clyde and Yuma are just having fun.

It. Is. Over.  Both girls brought home an “A”.  All that remains is blowing out their candles and giving them the makeover they need.

And they are getting a moodlet solver because Nova is enraged and I don’t feel like dealing with it.  Plus they each still had one remaining in their inventory.

Here we go as the last two kids move out:  Nova goes first:

Luna is the last kid out of the house.

It is hard to believe this challenge is coming to an end.  But here we are.  The final update in their story.  By the numbers: Merry and Yuma both had 35 children for a total of 70 children total.

  • 70 children
    • Merry had 35 children
    • Yuma had 35 children
  • 49 pregnancies
    • 30 single births
    • 17 sets of twins
    • 2 sets of triplets
  • 30 vampire/alien children *I did not track vampire vs alien, only occult
  • and the most surprisingly statistic of all, which I just noticed:
    • 35 girls
    • 35 boys

All of the kids can be found as Young Adults under the hashtag #grace100.  The filter probably needs to be set to Newest for them to all show up.  Merry’s kids from Tahiti to Yuma, and Yuma’s kids run from Solar to Luna.

As for Clyde and Yuma, they moved into the mansion with Merry and Wolfgang and they are talking about retiring to an adult-only island resort somewhere quiet.  I just realized that not one of them had their eyes open for this picture.  I had to turn autonomy off because they kept batting off.

And, that is all for this challenge!  If you made it this far, thanks for reading!


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