Lifetime Wishes

Become a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder
Goal: Level 9 in the Science career track

Become a Master Thief
Goal: Ascend to level 10 in the criminal career track (thief path)

Become an Astronaut – Celeste Gamble
Goal: Get promoted to 10th level in the military career track

Become a Superstar Athlete
Goal: Get to the 9th level of the Sports career track.

Bottomless Nectar Cellar – Smirnoff Gamble
Goal: Have at least 50 bottles in your nectar cellar totaling $50,000 Simoleons in value.

Celebrated Five-Star Chef – Deena Gamble
Goal: Make it to level 10 in the culinary career track.

CEO of a Mega-Corporation
Goal: Make it to 8th (not max) level in the Business career track.

Chess Legend
Goal: Max Logic and reach the 5th level in pro chess (Grand Master)

Descendant of Da Vinci
Goal: Max Painting, Sculpting, and Inventing Skills

Distinguished Director
Goal: Reach level 10 in the film career track (director branch)

Emperor of Evil
Goal: Get to the 10th level in the criminal career track (evil path)

Fashion Phenomenon
Goal: Make it to level 10 in the Stylist Profession

Firefighter Super Hero
Goal: Save 30 Lives on the Job as a Firefighter

Forensics Specialist – Dynamic DNA Profiler
Goal: Reach level 10 in the law career track (forensics path)

Gold Digger
Goal: See the ghost of a rich dead spouse

Golden Tongue/Golden Fingers
Goal: Max both Charisma and Guitar

Great Explorer
Goal: Fully Explore 6 tombs in each travel destination

Goal: Sim must have 10 boyfriends or girlfriends.

Hit Movie Composer
Goal: Get to level 10 in the music career track (symphonic path)

Home Design Hotshot:
Goal: Achieve 100 top reviews as an Architectural Designer

Illustrious Author
Goal: Master both painting and writing skills

International Super Spy
Goal: Get promoted to level 10 in the Law career track (special agent path)

Jack of All Trades
Goal: Get to level 5 in four different career tracks.

Leader of the Free World
Goal: Get elected level 10 in the political career track.

Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous
Goal: Raise 100,000 Simoleons and Gain Celebrity Rank 5

Living in the Lap of Luxury
Goal: Family net worth of $100,000 simoleons.

Martial Arts Master – Basil Gamble
Goal: Reach level 10 in Martial Arts and become a Grand Master

Master Acrobat
Goal: Reach level 10 in the Acrobat Profession.

Master of the Arts
Goal: Max both the Painting and Guitar skills.

Master Magician
Goal: Reach level 10 in the Magician Profession.

Master Mixologist
Goal: Reach level 10 in Mixology and own a bar

Master Romancer
Goal: Woohoo with 5 different Sims in 5 different places

Monster Maker
Goal: Create 3 Monsters

One Sim Band
Goal: Max the Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Piano Skills

Paranormal Profiteer – Sonia Gamble
Goal: Reach level 10 in the Ghost Hunter Profession

Perfect Mind, Perfect Body
Goal: Get to the 10th level in both Logic and Athletic Skills

Pervasive Private Eye
Goal: Solve 35 Cases as a Private Investigator

Physical Perfection:
Goal: Max both Athletics and Martial Arts skill levels

Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium
Goal: Have 13 Perfect fish in fish bowls around the house

Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law
Goal: Possess 50,000 Simoleons worth of stolen goods.

Private Museum
Goal: Have a current relic collection worth at least $20,000 Simoleons.

Professional Author
Goal: Make $4,000 simoleons a week in royalties from the writing skill.

Renaissance Sim
Goal: Get 3 skills to level 10

Rock Star
Goal: Get promoted to level 10 in the music career track (rock path)

Seasoned Traveler
Goal: VISA level 3 in all destinations.

Star News Anchor
Goal: Reach the 10th level in the Journalism Career Track

Super Popular
Goal: 20 friends

Superstar Actor
Goal: Reach level 10 in the Film Career Track (Acting Branch)

Surrounded by Family – Gobias Gamble
Goal: Raise 5 babies from infant to teen

Swimming in Cash
Goal: Have $50,000 simoleons on hand.

The Animal Rescuer
Goal: Adopt 6 strays.

The Ark Builder
Goal: Have 2 each of cats, dogs, horses, birds, lizards, turtles, rodents, snakes, butterflies, and beetles.

The Canine Companion
Goal:Befriend 15 dogs.

The Cat Herder
Goal: Become friends with 15 cats.

The Culinary Librarian:
Goal: Sim must learn all cooking recipes (or 28 total with expansions installed)

The Fairy Tale Finder
Goal: Adopt a Unicorn.

The Jockey
Goal: Reach level 10 in the Riding Skill, Earn 40,000 using horses.

The Zoologist
Goal: Collect 20 minor animals.

The Perfect Garden
Goal: Grow eight different kinds of perfect plants on your lot at once.

The Tinkerer
Goal: Max both the Logic and Handiness skills.

Goal: Level 10 in Painting and Photography.

Vocal Legend
Goal: Reach level 10 in the Singing Profession.

World Class Gallery
Goal: At least 10 Photos each from China, Egypt, and France, with a collection worth at least 25,000 hanging in your home.

World-Reknowned Surgeon
Goal:Get promoted to level 10 in the medical career track.


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